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Monday, September 24, 2012

Just pictures- and a video.

Last night's twi-night walk led us to a buck and his two friends.

Don't let the light fool you.  It was getting dark, and I was playing with the various functions of the camera to get these.  How dark was it?  Well, by the time we entered the woods less than five minutes later...

I tried mightily to take a good moon picture. This was the best of them.

If you zoom on that little blue dot, it's Vega.

Today, the first part of our walk was a blur.  Without TMI, let's just say the one thing I like about all the socceristas is they require port-a-johns.  Afterwords, we played Scrappy's choice...

...and naturally, he chose to go down to the creek.

His next choice was to have me cross the creek on those stones.  Really?

Hey!  Don't be yanking me now!

Safe on the other side!  See what I walked across?

The first thing you run into on the far side is this enormous dirt mound...

...and you have to cross in this gap between it and a smaller mound.

A mainly-dry stream bed winds its way around the big mound to the creek.

Scrappy finds the deer's path into the retirement community yard.

After that, a rise takes you up into the remaining woods on the south-west side of the bridge.  As you can see, it's a little barren.

Today, like most of the weekend, I'm feeling my years.  Emotionally, not so much physically.  A line from a song on the Beach Boys That's Why God Made The Radio hit me hard today:

You've been thinking 'bout some things we used to do
Thinking 'bout when life was still in front of you...

Of course I know you are getting sick of me talking about this album.  But where Pet Sounds incapsulated life coming out of teen age, this lp showcases life now that it's all behind you, desperately trying to hang on, to go back to a younger day, and at last releasing the old dreams to the sunset that is reality.  The last song captures where my soul is today.  I hope you will bear with me and listen...

Summer’s gone
Summer’s gone away
Gone away
With yesterday

Old friends have gone
They’ve gone their separate ways
Our dreams hold on
For those who still have more to say

Summer’s gone
Gone like yesterday
The nights grow cold
It’s time to go
I’m thinking maybe I’ll just stay

Another summer gone

Summer’s gone
It’s finally sinking in
One day begins
Another ends
I live them all and back again

Summer’s gone
I’m gonna sit and watch the waves
We laugh, we cry
We live then die
And dream about our yesterday....


  1. Oh, my. What a sad video that encapsulates what eventually comes to us all.
    Time to go take my fish oil pill and hypertension medicine before I sit in my Shiatsu massage chair.
    Until it's time to go to bed at nine.
    I may be looking over my shoulder at the top of the hill, but I'm not done yet.

  2. Told you I wasn't done. ;-)
    I saw my college-age daughter this weekend. She said that she was "studying" (how naive does she think I am?) until 5 am. I remember when I used to be able to do that. Maybe I still can. But, I don't want to anymore.
    As of Saturday, Summer was gone.
    Okay, NOW I'm done.

    1. Summer being gone always has symbolized something deeper to me. This summer more than most, because more than most has ended this year.

  3. I don't often feel my years. But today at work... after running another 5k over the weekend and hauling an entire mail truck full (to the top mind you) of mail and packages around, then battling over homework, dinner, and dishes.

    Yeah... totally feeling 37.

    1. 37? I was just coming out of my former marriage and taking St. John Wort to ward off mild depression. And had a LOT to learn. Most of which you've already done through hard experience, but I was a slow learner.

      Now, I do have aches and pains, but that's okay. Looking for a job at fifty and not especially fit, and that's okay. It's the feeling that the boat has come untied and is drifting away from the pier is what gets to me...

  4. CWM:
    Well things could always be worse...and by that I mean when you're at the dock waiting for the boat, you were SUPPOSED to be at the AIRPORT to catch that outbound flight...!

    Been there, still doing that.
    Got the aches things too...and losing people in my life never seems to get easier.
    But, I have discovered that with creating things to occupy one's mind, you don't have the time to ponder much of what you shouldn't be pondering.

    Now, when THAT reached an empass, I suppose I will be very screwed, so I try and make sure that doesn't occur.
    (talk about "work" it's a bloody career at this point)

    Good post and comments.
    Fight the good fight.
    Stay safe up there.

  5. Not entering the age debate. Coming off an awesome holiday and back at work dealing with a pile of crap has left me a little drained.
    But I have my feet up, a long weekend about to start and a big glass of red so all is right with the world.
    Love the pics of the wildflowers and deer. So pretty

    1. Thank you, Ma'am. It ain't Thailand, but they'll do on my budget!