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What is it about nice people that attract total idiots?Nice people are martyrs. Idiots are evangelists.


Friday, September 21, 2012

Opinion, judgement, and trolls.

I've just come from a blog wherein a mighty firestorm is raging, because the blogger dared to ask the question, "How can you be a Christian and a democrat?"  Based on not only the platform of the party but also the responses of delegates at that convention.  YES, MORE POLITICS.  I'm sorry, but it is important and especially now!  Those that wish to skip on can scroll down because I have pictures that I intend to put up when I'm done unless I get too long winded.

This blogger has been accused of being judgemental, along with those who have supported her.  Don't speak evil of others, they say.  Judge not lest ye be judged.  Funny how they can pretend that they live their lives according to that Biblical tenet and ignore such as, "Thou shalt not kill," and "Before you were formed in your mother's womb, I knew you."  But here's the point.  The question was a valid one, and not "judgemental".  If you are a Christian that believes the Bible to be the inerrant Word Of God, then the democratic party supports a plethora of ideas that are against your faith. (Not to mention that Obama's lackeys have told approximately 5% of the lies ever told by mankind in the last two weeks {the following was a made up statistic, meant to inject humor while pointing out a severe liability of the Obama administration})  If you are a "pick and choose Christian" then by all means, disagree.  Just be prepared to give an accounting in the next life why you didn't follow the playbook.  If you are a non-believer, then the whole thing never applied to you, so why get involved?

Which is a nice segue into my next point.  Among the commentors was someone who fits my definition of a troll.  I'm going to put up some of his and my exchange (with the understanding that other people said things within this but I am respectfully leaving them out).  So without further ado, let's play, "You Might Be A Troll If..."

Anonymous (date/time link redacted) Sorry, you must watch too much Faux News. No one cheered 'abortion any time, any age, etc.) and no one booed God. Time for you to get into the 21st century and turn off Rush Limbaugh and his hate-filled propaganda. No one is forcing you to have an abortion. I am personally against it, except for rape and incest. Tell me you would carry a rapist's child and raise him/her and I know you are the misguided one. Four More Years! First clue that you are dealing with a troll- "anonymous".  Not every anonymous is a troll.  Some have legitimate phobias about putting themselves out there.  This person, however, clearly has not ever been a follower of the blogger, was "trolling along" for political/religious discussions  to invigle themselves into, and has not the courage to self identify.

Second, lead with an insult, even if it is a sideways one (Fox News is false news, therefore you are deluded.) Follow with more insults ("get into the 21st century", "hate-filled propaganda", "you are the misguided one".)  This way, as you'll soon see, you can get all self righteous and claim that the other person isn't being a good Christian if and when they snark back.

Third, bring up Rush Limbaugh/Glenn Beck/ Bill O'Reilly.  Even though you've probably never listened to any of them- at least, not long enough to hear anything except you don't agree with them.

Four, stupidly declare your true agenda ("Four more years!"). This way, we'll know how to respond to you in a way that you can bring out the rest of your sound-bytes (in this case, generated by in following posts.

Okay, here's my rejoinder, and his next response.

                                           CW Martin Then how about not voting democrat because they booed including God in their platform? Or that they rejected gift baskets from the local Christian Churches because "You don't believe in abortion"? THESE THINGS HAPPENED. I don't need to listen to any radio guy to recognize the many lies this President has told, and he's probably doubled that amount in just the last two weeks! Perhaps you listen to too much of the news-from-the-left on CNN and MSNBC. You might want to dig into a few of the things your guy has gotten caught in- particularly the Libya thing- and maybe instead of saying 4 more years, you'll sing a different tune.

Come on over to my blog, anonymous, and read my post on the Libya mess. I'm not afraid of trolls.

CNN is in the middle...first thing propaganda does is marginalize other news sources. You are too ignorant to figure this out. As a Christian, you are OK with the hate spewed from Faux News and Rush. The churches I grew up in preached compassion for your fellow man/woman. By voting Republican, you must have skipped that part...Good luck reconciling your faith and all the hate from the far, far, right...

Notice how it was alright to put "Rush Limbaugh and his hate-filled propaganda" and "Faux News" on HIS post, but attacks me for saying something about CNN and MSNBC by accusing the Great Destroyer of "marginalizing other news sources".  Can you repeat after me:  "What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander..."

Then, I am ignorant.  Why?  Because I don't bow to his superior wisdom, of course!

Next, to be a troll in a religious discussion, you HAVE to say you were raised in a church.  Perhaps he was, but if it was any Church I went to- or would go to- I obviously missed the part about Republicans having no compassion for their fellow man.  I guess I should go back in the Bible and look up the parts where compassion equals enslaving people to a welfare system too insidious to easily escape, or the part where compassion means killing babies seconds before their first breath.  {The preceeding was a reference to partial-birth abortions, and not an attack on a woman's right to choose.  I have no problems condemning doctors for skipping the Hippocratic oath to do this abomination; other abortions, the woman will have to weigh her conscience on her own.}

Oh, and don't forget to throw in the "attempt to guilt" ("Good luck reconciling your faith...").  Easy to add this when faith is just a thing to be mocked, isn't it?  But, I digress.

CW Martin (First part a reference to another comment and thus removed) ... but what do you expect from a troll. Frankly, the lamestream media does enough to marginalize itself. Trolls like anonymous help that out, and if he/she were as intelligent as they think, they'd see how everything they say is a contradiction. BTW, troll, the invite's still open.

Anonymous (after other pro and con comments by others) Pitiful Rush tomorrow and he'll tell you how to think... And the number one rule of being a troll- Don't be original!  Repeat worn out lines as often as possible!

So let's review the rules for being a troll:

Always post anonymously.

Be sure to insult early and often, so that you can be self-righteous later.

Third, bring up sources that oppose you and use them derogatorially.

Fourth, slip in a nugget that lets everyone know where you came from and how you got there.

Five, set up rules that must be followed by your opponant and flagrantly disregard them yourself.

Sixth, remind opponant that they are ignorant for not agreeing with you.

Seventh, claim a background of having been raised in the environment which you now oppose.  That way you have more ammunition for being self-righteous.

Eighth, Use that supposed background to shame opponant for not being a very good whatever.

Ninth, sum up by repeating earlier "arguments".

If you can do all that, then you, too, might be a Troll!  Good luck with that!

And now, pictures!

Later in the evening...

Oh, say, does that Star-Spangled Banner yet wave..

In my continuing effort to bring you the finest in odd fungi...

Faerie toilet?

A little blue jay colony is forming on the woods beside "fields 15-17".

Here began our journey exploring the ravines to the north of the trail.  This moust be the low spot of the woods.

Mostly it was more like this.

Footholds to an ancient tree house...

..and by the looks of the tree, I mean ancient!

You tell me, we'll both know.

I don't know what the heck he was, but I sure had a hard time evicting him!

Finish with a stop at The Spot.

This morning, it was the all-chipmunk revue...

Then we stumbled onto the lame-legged doe and her chillun.  They weren't of a mood to pose, despite appearances.

This was the doe that was stomping me in the video.  Didn't see her kids until they took off.

Oh, and chipmunks.


  1. Great post! Cool pic's too! Keep fighting the good fight..

    1. I have a friend who had a comment stupid beyond words drive him into seclusion. Just learned on FB he's shut down his twitter account as well. I cannot stop fighting the good fight, we're losing too many good people to trolls who think that "death to America" is a proper line to use in a joke. And I fear for this blogger who may change her outlook because of a troll. That's why I invited the moron here. I doubt he'll come; most trolls have already learned that I can out-troll them if I choose to.

  2. Well, I am not a troll. :) Thanks. I actually saw that comment over there and thought "how rude and arrogant."

    Here's the thing though, a long LONG time ago the forefathers had this idea called separation of church and state. The abortion issue is one of religion and personal beliefs. If there is a true separation, then political party shouldn't even be connected to it. If I lean to the left it does not mean that I would EVER have an abortion myself, just as if I leaned to the right and became suddenly in favor of the death penalty. It's today's politicians that have combined these two things, religion and politics. They keep us divided as a country so we can NEVER prosper fully. After all, the easiest way to remain in control is to deflect the real issues.

    And I have said before... Romney is no better than Obama on the morality front. I just wish there were two better candidates.

    1. Juli, you know I disagree on the "morality" issue. I was just reading a well researched article on the Washington examiner about Obama's climb to the top. If I gave it to you and redacted names, you'd say, "This guy is nothing but a glorified slumlord." While Mitt was trying to build companies, he was making money off men who put poor tenants out of their homes in below zero weather. And you know how I feel about Obama's lies about Libya- I think that is blood that he'll have to explain to his creator.

      And while I do agree that religion should never have become an issue, for now, we gotta play the cards we're dealt. Thats why I tried to frame the troll thing in such a way that you can apply it to any subject a troll wanders into.

      And, yeah, you're too cute to be a troll.

  3. I actually just read an emailed article very similar in subject to this post. If I can find a link I'll share it with you. :)

    1. Thank you ma'am. I'm just surprised today: usually when I do a post with a serious subject AND pictures, all I get is picture comments. Glad to see that you guys do read ;)

  4. First up loved all the photos next up trolls should be shot they really piss me off and I agree posting as Anonymous doesn't make someone a troll but you can tell one by the comment........I will not get into politics and religion such a dangerous zone to be in.......

    1. Thank you. I agree. I agree. And I don't blame you.

  5. Update: The troll has officially declined my invite, claiming "that while I enjoyed coming here and stirring up the pot, the relligious right bores me. I am not interested in your nonsense." He then asked the typ[ical atheist question about the Easter Bunny.

    So, it makes you wonder, why just go somewhere to cause trouble? Is that all your life is good for? I replied to him, that's all right, sorry he couldn't overcome his chicken-shit-ness long enough to see himself defined here.

  6. Your pictures keep getting better and better that first shot is simply beautiful. Keep sharing them please.

    1. I knew you'd like that one. And I'm not so sure if it's the shots getting better or just deleting the ones that suck, but thank you.

  7. Trolls are bottom-feeding scum! And when they are not slithering on the bottom of the dirty, filthy waters in which they thrive, they are gutless piranha jumping out to bite and chew the life out of honest people.

    To those who may be reading this:
    As is the case with most of my internet friends, CW Martin and I are of different political perspectives and different religions. And, also as is the case with most my internet friends, we disagree on many things; however, we do so with respect for one another with courtesy and with a deep desire of understanding. I have often stated that I wish my "so-called" liberal friends would be as open, honest, and understanding as is CW Martin, Timothy Higgins, David McKay, Dave Zawodny, and a few others. I firmly believe people can have different perspectives and opinions (including strongly held passionate ones) and remain friends who are mutually respective of one another.

    1. Ditto here. We can learn a lot more from thoughtful and reflective people like Roland and Juli than from any talking head whose agenda is an unholy marriage of party alignment and ratings. The first mistake we made that created the current American political system was telvising Kennedy vs Nixon in 1960. From there, the slide into partisanship has been steady and nearly irreversable.