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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Pictures from a walk.

So, what does an inch of rain yesterday do for things?  Well, the normally dry beds in the woods are full... well as the more well-known puddles.

They've been setting the trails up for cross country.  However, I think orange paint on every possible tripping hazard was a bit much.

The two does stopped for a few down the back trail.  We caught a glimpse of the rest of the gang bedded down on the other side of the ravine later, but couldn't get a good shot.

A mushroom as a tripping hazard?  Actually, there was a nearby root that ended up smile-shaped, and the shroom was in the middle of one of the eyes they decided to tack on.

Stony Run was running a little faster for the water influx.

Thought we'd go over and see who was hanging out at the pond by the Alumni Center.  Which reminds me, I'm going to put a map page on the blog so you can refer if you desire.  You'll find the AC right about where the ball diamond shows up on the bottom of the map (Google Earth isn't quite up-to-date yet.)

Considering that Purdue is an agricultural and engineering university, I shake my head at the pitiful job they set up for drainage at both the AC and the two new soccer fields.

Considering they sit on the high ground and have a pond just downhill, you'd think that the AC would dry pretty quick.  Still need to put in tiling, people.  I'm not an engineer, landscaper, or even a farmer, and I could figure that out.

The white line of current is where Stony Run joins the river.

Scrappy must have found the water too cold today.  He was content to nose around the beach.

This here is the last bend in Stony Run before it joins the river.

Did you know sports tourism is big in Ft. Wayne?  So is putting up colorful mastodons and giant shoes.  Sometimes, Fort Wayne is a strange town...

We had at least five helicopter flyovers (real choppers, not NASCAR Nationwide driver Brian Scott, whom we call Chopper because he spins out at least once every race).  Not sure what was up with that.


  1. I agree with the marking orange paint on the trip hazards...if anything, it makes me think that one would tend to look more at the ground instead of where they're going - and possibly trip over someone!

    Rained here, too. We went from a brown crispy don't-need-to-mow lawn to lush green and having to mow every 4 or 5 days.

  2. CWM:
    I do so enjoy your nature walks...makes me feel that Ft. Wayne is NOT as strange a city as it is trying to

    (well it's strange down where I live, but we can blame that on HUD and Section 8 entitlements, can;t we?)

    I;d like to do a walkabout and showe everyone OUR area, but after my camera gets stolen and I get out of the hospital from the assault (or out of custody from shooting those that DID steal my camera) it just wouldn't be the same, if you know what I mean.

    In any event, you all stay safe up there in (and near) "God's country".