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Monday, September 17, 2012

The innocence of islam and the guilt of Obama.

All right, time for me to weigh in on this damn movie and the literal and figurative firestorm surrounding it.  First of all, I cannot blame any Muslim for being offended by it.  It was intended that way, and apparently crafted that way on the sly so that even the actors had no idea what they were going to be in.  On the other hand, I was offended by The Last Temptation Of Christ.  I was offended by the jerkwad years ago who put a crucifix in a cup of urine and called it art.  And I was offended by the billboards that the atheists put up around convention time.  It seems odd, but nobody rushed to apologize to me.  Nobody rushed to excuse the majority of atheists and various other Christianity haters, who are gentle and kind souls, and do not represent the ones who do such heinous things.

And despite that, I didn't hold up a sign at any protest rally.  I didn't burn the flag of Egypt, or throw rocks at the FFRC offices. I didn't kill anyone who had nothing to do with those actions.  And before you on Facebook decide to give me the litany of the horrible things that Christians have done, go read a book on how the Muslims back then filled the ranks of the Janizzaries.

Okay, so we are all agreed on that the movie was horrible and the producer is a class- A nutjob.  Now let's move on to the reaction.  This damn thing has been out since June- math majors, that means it was four months before this so-called "spontaneous" reaction.  And the producer ran ads in the "Arab World Newspaper" a month before that.  We have a well-coordinated attack with military weapons, pictures of the "compound" (a private house in a terrorist zone) being taken by the "guards" within HOURS of the attack, and a safe house being compromised.  And what does our President say?

"We have no intelligence to indicate that this was anything but a spontaneous attack."  Emphasis on the first four words, apparently.

The Israelis have told everyone they had fed us info on a possible attack for a month.  The Libyan president calls the theory of it being a spontaneous attack "preposterous".  Suddenly embassies around the world have "spontaneous" outbreaks of violence about a movie they knew about for 5 fricking months.

And it happened on 9/11.  What a coincidence.

So, if we are to believe the President, who had the UN ambassador hitting the Sunday news shows beating the drum for "spontanaity" all day yesterday, how is it that you square his "lack of intelligence" with the body of intelligence that was out there?

According to, you can look at the President's activity logs and find out it had been six days since he had attended the "president's daily security briefing."  Nor did he attend the one on 9/12.  Let me ask you:
- what do you think of a President who cannot find the time to attend his daily security briefing for a week?
- especially given that he had intelligence of possible attacks coming in?
- especially given it was the week before 9/11?
- and still goes and misses the next day, because he was campaigning?
- How is it we have to apologize for a film that we ALL agree was hateful, and a US ambassador has to die, when we had nothing to do with it?
- How is it that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton can say, “How could this happen in a country we helped liberate, in a city we helped save from destruction?” when she knows that the entire area is crawling with the same groups that perpetuated 9/11 in the first place?

Frankly, I do not believe that even a President as "inexperienced," and "over his head" as Obama is this stupid.  I'm not saying, like some do, that he is running a secret campaign to discredit the US of A.  But he definately either had a "good reason" for leaving a US ambassador in enemy territory with virtually no protection at the absolute worst time, and thus avoided security briefings to make it appear he was surprised; or he was caught in the mother of all pants-downs, and is pushing the we-were-surprised theory to cover over absolute incompetance with partial, "acceptable" incompetance.

The purpose of this article is not to get you to hate Muslims.  Nor is it to bash Obama for an idiot.  What it is for is to get you to use your gray matter and say to yourself, "Is this the level of responsibility, intelligence, honesty, loyalty, and patriotism that I REALLY want in a president?"


  1. CWM:
    Somehow, for some strange reason, I figured we'd be viewing these things through a similar glass.
    And you aced them ALL!

    Missing ALL those sec. briefings is pretty much INEXCUSEABLE (imho).

    And the "reaction" by these radicals is also reprehensible.
    I got PO'ed when the crucifix/urine thing was called "art"...and Christ was portrayed as he was in TLTOC.

    But I, like you did not want to "behead all the infidels", and while that makes us more civilized in many ways, there comes a time when you simply cannot turn the other cheek any longer (we only have FOUR, at last count - 2 above, and 2

    One thing I will say, and that is the ONLY thing these radicals understand is FORCE, so mabye it's time we tried ABUNDANCE.
    Pull a Teddy Roosevelt on them...with a BIG stick.

    Good post.

    Stay safe (and infidel-free)up tthere.

    1. You know me, Bob- you've heard enough of my "If I were king" comments. So rather than calling down lighnting and thunder, I'm trying to appeal to common sense. I just wish more "pagans" would drop by when I'm preaching to the choir.

  2. ..... Yea I've got nothing for this one... I hate this political jazz we're into right now and I think if what you're saying is accurate then I've a lot to consider...A lot more i should say ;)

    1. I'll admit that I'm no democrat and have fought the good fight against Mondale, Dukakis, Clinton (twice) Gore, and the horse-faced boy from Massachusetts. But while some things of all these men have been covered up, and a few out and out lies have been told ("I did not have sex with that woman" and "I deserved my Purple Heart" come to mind), I am astounded at the sheer volume of lies and easily-proven distortions out of this President and his lieutenants. Some are ticky-tack (which story Obama told about his mother's death)and some are just aggravating (Joe the steelworker), but this one cost American lives and puts ALL our security at risk. If he is not of a mind to be dedicated to this nation and honest here, how can we possibly trust him on anything?

      I once swore I'd piss on Bill Clinton's grave someday. But I'd vote for him over Obama without a second thought.

  3. crazy crazy crazy..i cannot understand how educated people can come to the conclusions to vote the way they do...

    1. Some are honestly dedicated to liberal principles, and are willing to look the other way on some things to get others. Some are like my father, who thought if your dad voted for FDR, you should vote for Hubert Humphrey and your son should vote for Jimmy Carter. Some are just robots who can only think in sound bytes. And some have been fooled by the administration's race baiting and class division rhetoric. I wish we could find a way to keep those last three groups on both sides away from the voting booth and let those who pay attention to the world and think for themselves alone vote. But that's another "if I were king" story.

  4. Right on. And although I've never sworn I'd piss on Bill Clinton's grave, I, too, would vote for him before Obama.

  5. Netanyahu For President.
    Perhaps, we should recognize Israel as the true defender of the free world.
    Remember Entebbe!

    1. I'll go along with it, but doubt we'll get it past the DNC.