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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Yeah, well, it's Wednesday

And as such, I don't have a lot of game to bring.  Topping the news is what Mitt Romney had to say about Obama's support base being basically the chronically out of work.  Rather than go into a whole big deal about this, here's a picture to illustrate my feelings on the topic:

Moving on to more productive conversations, I thought I would note that I have been on Twitter.  Mainly just to get inside sports scoops fifteen minutes before everyone else, and mouthing off to various celebrities that ignore me anyway (BTW Johnathan Vilma, I'm still waiting to here how many of those nine signed affidavits saying you were a saint as a Saint still count after you take out family members and players in the same hot water as you.). But I thought I might take an idea from my friend and dissapointed hockey nut Jewels and mention a few of my blogs stating my political position on my Twitter feed.  Results?  Went from 9 followers two weeks ago to 4 this week.  Two of them were sites that were basically roaming avdertisements, maybe three, and the others were people I didn't know anyway, but isn;t it nifty how people aren't so "friendly" once they get to know you.

Yesterday I got the latest card from The Great Postcard Campaign.  I am puzzled as to who sent it, though, because it's signed "Rx" which tells me nada, and the only clue I have is that she says, "I'm not sure how long it'll take to get to you from N.I."  Now, the only N.I. I have on the address list is "Northern Ireland" but I've already got one from that person.  Add to that it had a big sticker overe the top of all the good stuff that basically said, "Hey, this person didn't put enough postage on it for air mail, so God only knows when you'll get it".  And coming from a place that apparently doesn't put the date on their postmarks, I have know idea how long it's been.  So, who ever it's from, thank you, and if anyone wants to claim it, let me know!

And since I've nothing better to do, let's see what's in the ol' spam box.  Our first contestant is a repeat offender from last time.  Remember I told you about the one that offered 2-3 hours a day, $2,300 a month + 8% commision to start, yada yada?  This time I see WHY I got it.  You see, being that I am currently looking for work (and thus counted as unemployed by Obama), I've been trying various job sites, one of them being the less-than-helpful  And what do I see smack in the middle of this?
"...Due to close cooperation with"

Ah.  Okay.  Now I begin to understand why I never use any of the "tips" that sends me.  I might point out to the sender, whether he be "legitimate" or scam, most people should be smart enough to suspect a "business" letter wherein the only way the sender is referenced- at both beginning and end- is "Mr. Kroff".  Also, if you want to tell me that your company is

"... a global leader in the field of IT, Legal and Accounting outsourcing with more than a few decades of success behind us and a promising future ahead, our company remains at the top of the industry, and is poised to push the bar even higher..."  it might well be smart to GIVE THE COMPANY'S NAME.  Just sayin'.

Next up is the standard (and far more professionally done) version of the "the FBI is working with the Federal Government of Nigeria" scam.  I found it interesting for this paragraph cribbed from the middle of the note:

"The U.S Treasury Department Office of Foreign Assets Control, in agreement with the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria have observed that the high rate of scam and money laundry activities cases perpetrated, has force untold extortion of valuables, people have been asked to pay outrageous amount of money by these impostors. During the verification exercise, you are among 301 innocent victims short-listed to receive their compensation. Therefore, for your own interest and benefit, you are warned to stop further communication or dealing you have with anybody/Banks regarding the claim of your funds."
Good thinking to put the bit about the 301 victim list in there.  However, since you told me not to talk to anyone about my funds (this time seven and a half million), I'm afraid I'll have to erase this letter.  Buh-bye!

Finally, I got this one with the following header:


Something that looks like this came from Qaddafi's loins?
And apparently she wasn't kidding about not disclosing now, because after "To: Recipients", there was nothing but a big blank page.  And actually, I didn't know anything past "DISCLOSE NOW" was even there until I started copying it to paste here.  Not to scammers: at least put something in the letter itself.  Even if it's the picture I used above ( and that would probably catch more idiots than anything they would write).

Well, that's it for now.  Hope you enjoyed!


  1. What are you on twitter? I am nk rey I will follow you and not desert you.. I promise to also retweet your posts.

  2. Yea so I always forget to log into Twitter but I'm on there, are we friends? In regards to the political stuff, one of the body techs just came in and said someone he knew was out last night taking Riot classes because if Obama doesn't win they're going to riot. I was like wtf?!?!? People so crazy!

    1. I'm going to look into the "riot classes" thing.

  3. I am on twitter but I do not know what it is, how it works, or what it is supposed to do...kind of like that long health care bill.

  4. CWM: the Romney picture, and yes, it pretty much captured the moment.
    (and nicely depicts all those "neighbors" we have acquired over the last decade down here).

    DON'T do twitter...or facebook...or cell phones.
    DO do firearms...bladed weaponry, and backgammon.

    As to the scams...why do YOu get the "good" ones (right, none of them are good, except when reported to the governemnt) while I get the f$ckbook invites and "canadian meds" (from RUSSIA, no less...helluva shiopping charge I'd wager)...
    Strike that, I DID get ione Nigerian bank scam last week...forwarded it to
    That seems to work out well.

    Excellent post.

    Stay safe (and Libyan-free) up there.

  5. I think I got most of the ones you get blocked. They have no choice but to send me good ones. Plus, I give them good tips on improving their craft.