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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Scrappy Weekend

And now, for your viewing pleasure, here's that world-famous Beagle, Scrappy Booogle, to tell you about his adventures this weekend. 

We have a lot of these trees in the neighborhood.  Daddy says they are Choke Cherries.  The deers ate a bunch of 'em our first winter here, but not so much since.

Daddy took us along the north bank of the creek Friday morning.  We don't go there a lot because the branches are low and Daddy has to duck a lot.

About halfway to the bridge, it opens up some.  But it's kinda steep next to the bank.

There is one good spot that Daddy lets me go "swimming" at.

See?  We weren't very far from the bridge, but it gets real tangly here, so I led us up a deer trail out of the woods.

The trees are turning really orange along North Bank.  Why do they do that?

Hey, that's me!

Then Daddy saw this contraption in the woods by the deer trail.  He thinks somebody made it to climb up and watch deers and stuff.  He says it better not be for hunting, because it's ILLEGAL in our woods.

Whatever it was, Daddy said it was built solid.  He said he would have climbed it, but his knees aren't so good no more.
Then we went on a walk Friday afternoon.  And boy did I get in trouble...

Daddy found a sparkly rock.

Hey, Frank Gray!  There's a robin.

Some squirrel made a hole in the trail to hide his nuts.  What?  What's so funny?

Damn, I'm a handsome cuss!

Remember when Daddy found the live tree that was wrapped around the dead one?  The dead one is starting to fall now...

We went down the ravine and along South Bank.

Daddy found a really neat spot and sat down.

I went swimming again.

The view from where Daddy was sitting.

This is me, soaking wet.

I jumped in here, but it was over my shoulders! I tried to swim to that branch in the water but Daddy pulled me back to shore.  Boy, was I scared!

Then we heard something in the swamp.  It was some BIG deers!

They ran away, so we went down to the river and back down the bunny field.  And guess what we saw there?

He was big- and Daddy let me chase him!  After he had went back in the woods, of course.

Then we went back out Saturday morning....

Crows and robins all over!

I found a new den by the rocks- but Daddy made us leave because it smelled like skunk.

We ran into a whole HERD of deers! Daddy said he counted six of them!

The were from out of town, because they snorted at us and hid from daddy's camera.

We chased 'em all through the woods, but then we got out on the trail, and look what we saw!

He acted like he was going to come after US for a minute...

  And then we saw the chickadees and a woody having a party along dead tree trail.  We had a LOT of fun.

That's it for now!  Hope you liked it.


  1. What a great walk! Thanks for taking us along.

  2. What a wonderful walk.. thanks for sharing.

  3. Such a lovely walk today I am feeling so much better after

    1. Then why are me and Daddy limping around today?

  4. What a wonderful walk Scrappy..but you missed telling us why you got into trouble. Was it for swimming in deep water and having to be rescued?

    1. Sure was! I thought I was gonna drown! Thank God Daddy never leaves me off my leash!

  5. Scrappy:
    You might have to get Daddy to read this to you...
    I really enjoyed your walk...seemed like a military "nature walk" (ususlly a 20 mile hike with full 3 in the morning, though)...LOL.
    I hope Daddy lets you DRY OFF completely before going back inside.
    And you tell Daddy he took some fantastic pictures while you two were out and about.
    Betcha your sniffer was going into overload with skunks, deer, other dogs and assorted animals, huh?
    Good walkies.

    You keep everyone SAFE up there.