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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sports Tuesday

Yes, when the schedule is Sunday-Thursday, Tuesday is hump day ( and if you ever want to see a bunch of dirty images, google "hump day").  And Tuesday is when you get to hear all about how things are in the NHFFL.

Scrappy's Fiery Beagles managed to end their winless streak, and then some.  24 points from Houston's D, 12 each from Aaron Rodgers and Jackie Battle, a 9-spot from Michael Turner- and that weren't all.  The dust finally settled on a 83-32 win over the luckless Angels, who with that pounding have given up 55 more points than anyone else ("It's not how you play, it's WHO you play"- CW Martin, last week).  The Rangers didn't have to work too hard this week, as they beat the KCAs on an off-week 33-17 to retake first in the Purple Division.  One game that was close to the end was the Aguas versus the surprising Greenwoods.  The Aguas collected 21 from the Bears D on Monday night- but they needed 22 to tie, and fell short 47-46.  The Elves featured 2 TDs from Jamaal Charles and that opening 9-point kickoff return by Percy Harvin.

In case #2 of the "it's not how you play..." rule, the winless State Ducks scored 42 but stayed winless, with the Clock BBQs prevailing 48-42.  The bottom end of the lineup- Matt Prater and the San Fran D- scored 30 for the CBBQs, overcoming 18 from the Duck WR corps.  Another of my teams, the B2s, joined the KCAs in not bringing it this week, losing to shorthanded Buzz 46-18.  Even with Reggie Wayne on the bye week, Buzz got 4 TDs from his RBs and WRs.  Finally, the Porkchops took over the points lead in the Gold Division's three way tie for first with a 41-39 win over the Elks.  The Elks New England connection (Tom Brady and Steven Gostowski) put up 25 points, but they didn't get much else.

Next week, it's the KCAs hoping the Beagles are done scoring for a couple of weeks; The Angels hoping to slow down the Greenwoods; and the Aguas hoping to get back into the race against the Rangers.  Also, Clock BBQs hoping to keep their streak going against Buzz; The Ducks try again for their first win against the Elks; and a first place matchup between the B2s and the Porkchops.


Speaking of first place, congrats to Skippy's Nats, who clinched their first NL East title last night with Pittsburgh's win over Atlanta.  Also to all you Tiger fans, as Detroit won their division last night (sucks to be you, Hawk Harrelson), St. Louis, who wrapped up an NL Wild Card, Baltimore who has at least a wild card now, and most especially to... Oakland A's who also clinched at least a wild card, and pulled to within one game of the Texas Rangers for the AL West lead!  Not bad for a team that gave away 41 pitching wins and 36 saves during the off season, along with three of their top 5 HR hitters.  So both of my top teams, the A's and the Reds, will enjoy postseason play.

And just in case you figured, here comes another Lokomotiv update-  as I type, they are just starting their game in Minsk, so you'll be spared that until later.

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  1. I'm in two leagues, haven't done anything in either of them and somehow I'm still hanging on. Next year someone is going to have to teach me how to play. I am a huge NFL fan but fantasy football - who knew it was so much work?