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Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekend leftovers

First up, I would like to point out a comment on my Sunday message this week by one Brian Westley, who took exception to my line, "...when our President tells us Muslims kill Americans because Christians are evil...".  At least, I assume he took expeption with it, since his comment was, "What color is the sky in your world?"  And for a little bit, I was upset with myself for using a, "Well, that's essentially what he says," rather than a direct quote.  But seconds later, I saw where that paragon of virtue, David Letterman, called Mitt Romney "a felon" for not paying his income tax- which BTW we have proof now that he did.  David just hasn't had it confirmed on Current TV yet, I guess.  Anyway, after having read that statement, which is actionable slander IMHO and were Mitt a vindictive snot like me Letterman would find himself sued down to his last poop-stained pair of boxers, I decided how I put what I said wasn't so bad after all.  Thusly, my answer to Brian was, "Blue, sometimes gray during the day. Black with white spots at night. Yours?"

Next, I thought I'd share some pictures from a walk we took Saturday.  And then re-took, since I lost my darn phone along the way (fear not, Laurie managed to call it when I was standing virtually on top of it, so it's back where it belongs).

Fall colors finally coming out.

This deer lady stood about thirty feet from us.  No, it's not the same picture, she just stood THAT still.

Underneath the yellow-leafed bough is a mass of branches in the water.  As we approached the bridge, we saw an OTTER, of all things, slide into the water.
Later, we went to get some more feeder supplies, as the pigs (boh fuzzy and feathered) had wolfed down an entire seed bell in ONE WEEK!  So I went with the intentions of putting the bell on a stand-alone (to keep our rodent diners off) and put something new on the shed hook with Laurie's feeder.  And guess what we got an e-mail ad for, just after we came home With it...

Sure enough, an ad for the very thing we'd just bought!  But, does it work?

The bigger, whiter guy is a white-breatsed nuthatch, to go with the smaller red breasted one.  Birds confirm it, our house is a nut hatch!

Of course, the part I didn't tell you is that Mr. Woody had us up at 8:30 that morning, pounding on the wall to let us know the bell was about gone!  Anyway, the whole gang had a great time for about half an hour, then somebody musta yelled, "Party at Bill's!" and I haven't seen a one since.

Which reminds me of another story.  Last Sunday, Frank Gray's column in the Journal talked about how nobody was seeing birds anymore, and where had they gone?  He even had a quote from a member of the Indiana Audobon Society claiming Robins abondoned the area "six weeks" ago!  I wrote last week to Gray to let him know he was full of beans, and invited him to stop by any ol' morning to my back yard if he wanted to see birds.  And Saturday during walk round #2, I personally led Laurie to a spot in the woods wherein we observed at least two dozen robins, merrily picking up acorns and what-have you.  Now, who's yer bird watcher?

Finally, a Lokomotiv report.  We got dumped Saturday by Avangard 5-2.  They scored twice in the last minute and a half (one in an empty net) after we had cut a 3-0 deficit down to 3-2 on third period goals by Artur Amirov (in his first game after being called up from the VHL team) and Dmitri Maltsev (also his first of the season). It was NHLer Semyon Varlamov's second game in the nets, and so far he's had a bit of trouble adjusting.  Currently, we are as I type playing Barys Astana (the team from Kazakhstan), and we've scored three times in an 8-minute span of the second period to lead 3-0 just past halfway.  Alexei Kalyuzhny netted his 4th at 3:05 of the second, and a pair of defensemen netted their first:  Dmitry Kulikov, a 3-season NHLer with the Florida Panthers with 13 NHL goals, at 8:19; and Mark Flood, a Canuck with 39 games and three NHL goals under his belt with the Islanders and Winnepeg, at 11:27. At one point we had barraged them 11-1 in shots in the period, but it has evened up as we've managed to get whistled for 4 penalties (two of them roughings that sent an opponant of the ice as well) since the third goal- which also ended with Barys goalie being yanked in favor of his backup.  I'll let y'all know how it comes out on the Fantasy football post tomorrow.


  1. I'm still seeing cardinals here which is a good sign that winter's still a bit off. I was watching shark tank the other day and this guy had this key fob that you could sync with your phone that sends and alarm if you walk too far from it so it never gets lost. They didn't invest (I think it was more to do with the guys crazy accounting) but it was a brilliant idea.

    My sky is cloudy right now... with bursts of sun. Which are burning my heavily glazed, virus ridden eyes. :(

    1. Our redbirds split a few weeks ago. Hopefully your virus will join them.

      Oh, and I might not have lost it if I'd had the idea of taking a shot with the phone and sending it to Laurie BEFORE I was 50 yards down the trail.

  2. Those are gorgeous pictures!!! I love the deer just standing there.

    1. The does are pretty good at doing that. The bucks, only rarely.

  3. First up love the photo of deer very nice
    Next up that bird feeder looks intersting not sure if I would like it in my yard but I can tell you hubby would love it as he has always been a lover of birds.

    1. It can be entertaining, especially with the chipmunks and squirrels thrown in.

  4. My sky is raining buckets o' rain and it's awful.

    I don't know about anyone else, but I looked for the otter but didn't see it LOL

    If I were Mitt, I would wait until I were President and then sue. Then again, he'll have a bigger mess to clean up at that point in time and slander will be the least of his worries.

    1. The otter wasn't around for the pic. I was lucky just to be looking his way when he slid into the water.

  5. Love seeing the fall colors. We are experiencing a very late spring here :).

    We still have birds, lots of them. Normally by the end of September, the hummingbirds are gone but we have 2 who keeping eating at the feeder.

    We have had some robins and finches, that chose to stay for a bit and then the cool front hit and they headed on down the road. Temps are headed back to the 90's so it looks like the most of the birds will be staying around for awhile. The cardinals are getting quite plump these days.

  6. CWM: can't talk to them and you can't shoot 'em (unless they stand still) I just IGNORE them for the most part.
    And that type of ignorance IS BLISS!

    My God, those photos are spectacular...make a nice wall hanging (or framed picture).

    Lost your PHONE, huh?
    (glad Laurie helped you FIND it, too)

    I solved that problem before I even got to use mine (which I stuill have yet to do)
    I went on eBay and got me a cell phone HOLSTER with a magnetic flap and belt clip (plus belt loops)...that bugger ain't leaving me unless someone swipes my drawers...LOL!
    Best it FOR UNDER $5...!
    (all retailers wanted up and over $ tax)

    Great post...again, I love the photos...nice camera.

    Stay safe (and photo-filled) up there.