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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hmmm... what to write about...

Okay, well I can start with Lokomotiv lost a third straight this morning, to Ak Bars at home 3-2.  Emil Galimov got #5 to put us up once, and Artym Anisimov got #8 to put us up again, but Kazan outshot us 14-8 in the third , and struggling Canuck goalie Curtis Sanford gave up a pair of bookends- one aminute and a half into the third, and one with a minute and a half left.  The first was a power play because it took just a half-minute of the third for us to manage to have too many players on the ice.  Curtis has comparable stats to Vitaly Kolesnik, but got chased from the last game he started, and lost this one at the end.

Next up, how about some flummoxery at our local TV channel.  If you pay better attention than they do, you'll see what's wrong with this picture:

Or maybe not, since a whiz at screenshots I ain't, but if you look carefully at the third line, you'll see that everybody is excited about "hopes of winning the $500 jackpot."  Apparently it took them 2 hours to figure out you can use either the "000,000" or the "million" or the "M" to indicate $500,000,000, but you must use ONE of them!  However, with the discovery, they tossed the whole article about 40 minutes ago and replaced it with the update that it is now "$550 M".  However, if you search the articles' headline, you can still see this:

FORT WAYNE, iND. (Wane) As Powerball mania continues to build, people showed up early Wednesday morning to get a free ticket in hopes of winning the $500 jackpot. That jackpot increased to $550 million later in the day.
I hadn't noticed before that they also capitalized everything but the "i" in "iND".  But wow, imagine the lottery going up $549,999,500 in just 2 hours!
Third, if you only occasionally visit my cap blog (link in the upper right corner!), you might not have seen there are two new posts! Soon to be a third because, as Mynx so correctly pointed out, she also sent me a couple of caps to add to the collection.  I'll do that as soon as I wrap this and take a urinary go to the little boys room.
Finally, today is over-the-hump-day!  Five of my eight straight working days done, three to go!  I wonder what I'll do with my day off...



  1. CWM:
    I've also noticed that they must have a lot of (yet-to-be-properly-trained)INTERNS there doing the scrolls and tags at the screen bottom.
    (can't spell worth a lick, imho)

    And I'm NOT the EDUCATOR of the family here...LOL.

    As for everything else?
    Well, I'm NOT buying in to this lotto a better chance of:
    1) Getting assaulted on MY street.
    2) Having MY house shot at.
    3) Getting hit by LIGHTNING.
    4) having PCH come to MY door with a check for a million bucks.
    5) Catching a flesh-eating disease (Yeah, I watch FRINGE).
    6) Buying a used Aston Martin.
    7) Seeing a drug buy on my street.
    8) Watching a fight break out on my lawn at 2AM.
    9) Becoming the NEXT Avenger.
    10) Watching ALL the other neighbors move away.

    And that's just the short list...LOL.

    Hey, it's life in (or is that ON?) Bizarro World.

    Stay safe (and lottery-free) up there.

    1. Actually, I've had Laurie buy 4 picks the last two drawings. Hey, at that amount, I figure you're taking a bigger risk not playing. Saturday Laurie got one number out of four tickets. Tonight she got 3. If she keeps doing better, we might have some $ in a month or so!