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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

it is what it is...

Last night I said my piece about the Obama election on Facebook.  I said it because all over the internet were head-in-sand people saying, "it doesnt matter, they're all the same"; feminists declaring, "the world is safe for vaginas again"; immigrants saying, "Romney is a racist."  Everywhere were Obama supporters and their spoon-fed facts spouting all the things they'd heard on TV:

-Romney is a crook because he's rich.
-Romney is a racist because he wants our borders protected.
-Romney is out to destroy women because he's pro life.
-LGBT couples can now proudly hold hands in the sun because Romney lost.

It is such a comfort to know that the right to come into this country undocumented, the right to practice perversion openly, the "business" of playing Robin Hood, and the right to have unprotected, unfettered sex without consequences is worth giving up on living without government intrusion, giving up making medical decisions, giving up on our own people trying to work for us overseas.

It is such a comfort to know that the only way to get a republican in the White House anymore would have to require at least one of the following:

-Removing all media bias (which would mean shutting down all news sources)
-Closing down Hollywood, entertainers like David Letterman and Barbra Streisand
-Getting the RNC to run a campaign as if they weren't still in the 1960's
-Triggering the San Andreas Fault and innundating both coasts (not advocating, just saying)

Because, let's face it- this election wasn't about abortion rights, racism, or even the economy.  This election was all about whether we would ever have an election by voters who used critical thinking again, or if we were now doomed to get our thoughts on politics from late night comedy hosts and The View from now on.  Guess what?  America chose Entertainment Tonight to guide their political destinies from now on.

You see, with critical thinking, Obama would have been held responsible for the trashed economy, his worthless efforts to fix it, and his lying about it by fudging the unemployment numbers.  Obama would have been held responsible for allowing what happened in Libya, making us a joke to our enemies and a detriment to our allies.  Obama would have been held responsible for his past, his defending of Chicago slumlords, revolutionaries like Dick Ayres, racist preachers like Jeremiah Wright.  Obama would have been held responsible for giving guns to drug lords with which our own Border Patrol agants were murdered.

But none of that matters. Why?  Because Whoopi Goldberg, Bruce Springsteen, and Jon Stewart says it doesn't.

I was going to copy the entire rant I posted on Facebook, but because I am calmer (and because the "malicious program" Mark Zuckerberg sent to shut me down mid-post hasn't found me here), I'm only going to put the last piece.

Y'know, Michelle Obama said at his first inauguration, "I've never been proud of this country until now." Today, I say, "I've never been ashamned of my country- until now." You can read what I wrote below to figure out why I say it. If you'd have tried to see why she said what she did, maybe things would be different tonight.

Good night, America. I'd say "and God bless, " But I'm really having a problem tonight figuring out just why He would bother.

Oh, and the title of the post? That is the comment put on two-thirds of that post by a good friend.  At first, it pissed me off- and truth to tell, it still does- but it is true.  And when people start complaining as this nation slides into worse crap over the next four years of an Obama not held back anymore by re-election, perhaps that will be my words of cold comfort to you all.  It is what it is.

Just know, America, that I tried to prevent it.  But you'd rather trust David Letterman than me.


  1. NOT true. You'll get a Republican in 2016. It IS the way it is. Honest.

    Bottom line, nothing will change in this country unless rules for Congress changes. As soon and THEY have to live by the same standard that we do, nothing will change for the middle class.

    1. I'm sorry, Juli, but I have no faith in that anymore. If people could look at these lies and swallow them just because they heard it on The Daily Show, Pat Sajak will probably be President next (and do a damn sight better job!).

      But you are right. Those that have the ability to achieve office have little or no conception of what the world is like beyond their own homes and offices.

      Thank you. At least you made an attempt at comfort, and even though we have some disagreements in ideology, it will NOT be forgotten.

    2. I had lunch with my Mom today. I offered my condolences to her as well. :)

  2. CWM:
    I have to hand it to have explained a lot more eloquently that which is on MY mind this morning.

    Yours is the "cooler head", my friend, and I hope I can emulate your demeanor.
    That's not to say you're NOT seething underneath (as I will be for some time)...
    You just deal with it better, thank God.

    Some of us are fated to be PETER...some of us are like JOHN, I suppose.

    And you NAILED it as to what the election was about...critical thinking!
    (of which 51% of the citizens have NO freaking idea what that is).
    Ditto for their common sense.
    (or the LACK of it, obviously)

    The good news is that we can tell THEM "I told you so"...NOW, and get it over with.

    Excellent post.

    DO stay safe up there.

    1. Not really sure I was the cooler head, I thought you did a fine job on your post. If you had seen my FB post you might have described me as "a peter" rather than "Peter". Stay tuned at 7 PM (Blogger willing) for the follow up.

  3. The American People chose free stuff over freedom. How sad for us all.

    1. Isn't it. All the things we have by choice and we choose to throw it all away.

  4. You're right! It is what it is. They're happier sitting at home, milking the system while the rest of us hope and pray our kids grow up with some kind of future. It is what it is!

  5. I'm Irish and our political system is very different than yours. I learned a great deal from watching the returns last night and then watching the response today. My husband is an American and I sincerely hope that things improve and do so as quickly as possible.

    Best Wishes

    1. Thanks, Anne. I know your system is vastly different. Your homeland has gone through so much worse, with oppresions that we only daydream about in your not so distant past. I thank you for your kind thoughts and putting up with we who don't apreciate what we have.

  6. Well said. I was definitely not a happy camper when the announcement was made. Actually our household was not happy - myself, my parents and my Granny. By the looks on our faces you would have thought they had just announced Armageddon with now way to save ourselves.

    I'm holding on to hope because hope is stronger than fear. Although the fear is not far behind.

    1. Thank you, JD. You have no idea hopw alone I felt when I wrote that.

  7. >>...But none of that matters. Why? Because Whoopi Goldberg, Bruce Springsteen, and Jon Stewart says it doesn't.

    Yeah, and sadly, Bob "Not Really A Christian After All" Dylan, too!

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'