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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Marginally more important stuff, then the playoffs!

(Marginally of course is in the eye of the beholder.)

First of all, the mother of my blog friend Monkey Butt passed away this week after a painful battle with cancer.  I thank God her suffering is over and can't wait to meet her in Paradise.  As for the cancer- add it to the long list of things you will suffer for, Satan.


Second, soon (read: when I get it read) I will be doing a book review.  You see, with the magic of the internet, anybody with a talent can get a book published online.  One of those talents is my friend The Simple Dude, and if you hit the link above, you can get details on his book 101 Things To Do Before The Apocalypse.  He says it's pretty funny and I have no reason to doubt him, having already seen samples not only of this book but throughout his entertaining blog.  I hope to get a review done in the next couple of weeks, schedule allowing.  You see, we're in busy season and I work every day from the Friday after Thanksgiving till this Saturday, and start it all over again a day later.  And there's the blog, Scrappy, etc., etc., but it will get done in the next two weeks.  I think.


Thirdly, and speaking of reviews, remember the Art contest I won over at Mynx's blog ?  Well, my prize arrived yesterday:

I will be getting a proper frame for it soon (see last entry), but in the mean time it gets to hang in a singular spot of honour- with the sketch I did when we first got Scrappy and the shadow box memorial Laurie made for Fred.  It is truly lovely- THANK YOU!!!


Next, when you bash something as often as I do unions, it's nice to see one that actually tries to do it's proper function.  In particular, I am referring to the Sheet Metal Workers International Ass'n Local 237 at the Manitowoc Foodservice plant on Hadley road.  Manitowoc is moving the plant to Cleveland, and aren't being very nice about it.  I worked at a non-union plant that closed, and they gave us a week's severence for every year worked and our vacation and bonus.  For the Manitowoc workers who don't feel like paying their own way to Cleveland just to start back at the beginning of the pay and seniority scale (losing up to $5.50 an hour), the company is only offering "two weeks paid per person- if they meet aggressive production goals until the end of the year."  Local leader Mark Mettler is trying to get them more what we got.  Company officials wouldn't talk to the media.  Maniwotoc in Ft. Wayne made restaurant conveyor ovens, so there's little profit in screaming, "Boycott!" unless you have a client list. But keep the SMWIA and the soon to be former employees- and Mark Mettler- in your thoughts and prayers.  Because if there's no need for the BCGTM to have been ass nuggets, there's no need for Maniwotoc Foodservice to be, either.


And now, on to the final week of the NHFFL season!  The Beagles, Aguas, and KCAs won their games, forcing a three-way tie at the top of the Purple division.  The Beagles beat the Rangers 30-20 when the Rangers offense could only manage a Calvin Johnson TD.   The Aguas drilled the Angels 51-22 behind two Arian Foster TDs and 15 points from Dez Bryant (hooray for Texas!).  The KCAs swamped the Greenwoods in the battle for the last playoff spot 61-20 with RGIII netting 18 Thanksgiving Day.  A three way tie gives the division championship (and a first round bye) to the Beagles, by virtue of their 3-1 record head-to-head with the other two.  Aguas get second by an 87-83 margin in the two games with the KCAs, and these two will play their rubber match this week.

In the Gold division, the Porkchops ended the season with a 5-game winning streak courtesy of a 57-29 win over the Ducks, which dropped them back into last place, because the Clock BBQs won!  That's right, they broke a 7-game losing streak with a 39-32 win over the B2s.    Defenses were the big thing in both games; the Porkchops got 19 from New England against the bumbling Jets, and the Clock BBQs got 23 from San Fran.  And in the battle for second, with Buzz needing a win to hold the spot... they didn't get it.  The Elks blasted them 56-17 behind 21 by Tom Brady (boy, the Jets helped everybody win except themselves!), and play them again next week in the first round game while the Porkchops watch and wait.

So next week it's KCAs/Aguas and Elks/Buzz!  Plus I'll announce the teams for the all-star game!


  1. CWM:
    -- My prayers for your blog friend's family, that through such trouble, they will all find a calming strength through Christ.
    (been through that scenario)

    -- Like the title fo that book - might have to give it a read and see HOW MANY things I (still) need to do.

    -- VERY nice prize (artwork), and yes, a proper frame for a proper award.
    Congrats again.

    -- As for the union situation - there are SOME companies that have NO shame (and I hope they get NO sleep at night) for what they do to all the employees that have busted their butts FOR THEM.
    To disrespect those that kept that company alive (enough to move elsewhere, in fact), they SHOULD be compensated in a manner mirroring their job and time in.
    Fair is STILL fair (last time I checked a few hours ago).

    Good post.

    Stay safe up there.

    1. I git up to #17 this afternoon, let you know how it comes out.
      Thanks for the prayer help. I know they'll appreciate.
      And yeah, I kind of think Manitowoc'd be a good target for the Bain Capital the Dems think exists.

  2. My heart goes out to Monkey Butt and the family. Cancer is such a wretched and awful thing!

    Good luck with your work schedule. It sounds brutal and congratulations on the artwork, I love where you hung it up. You did that sketch? It's really good!

    1. Nice thing is that busy is better than broom dancing like we were doing. The sketch was done when Mr. Boy was just a pup and still had what I called a "Woodrow Wilson face".

  3. It is such sad news about Mama Monkey Butt. Cancer really is such a horrible thing.
    So happy you got your art (and bottlecaps) It looks lovely on your wall

    1. I am glad you mentioned the bottlecaps as I got so excited by the art I forgot. Luckily for me I am slow removing trash from my "office" and they will soon be among their brethren!