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Thursday, November 15, 2012

My excuse...

I should be ready to get research done on Time Machine and do my usual fabulous job.  But if it doesn't meet the standard this week, here's my excuse:


-Within two miles of work, a self-esteem challenged individual decided to bolster himself by going just slow enough on the interstate to encourage me to pass, then speeds up so I couldn't just before the lane I'm in ends, and then increases his speed by about 20 MPH to speed away when I dropped back behind him (and made sure I couldn't pass on the other side by stradling lanes until he had a good lead).  Breaking news, buddy: Your girlfriend still thinks it's short.

-Find myself put in one of the busiest departments, by myself, for the first time.

-When they decide to give me help, it was only the best:  a girl who wanted to talk first work second, and a guy who spent WAY too much time messing with his iPhone.

-Guy promptly messes up two things- one my fault for not telling him, the other his for being stupid.  Guess who fixed both?

-At some undetermined point, cut two adjoining fingers.  Not sure which one bled all over.

-Seat of my pants ripped open.  Wore outer shirt over ass for just over half the night.

-In trying to bring them in more work, almost had to physically move phone boy out of the way, he was in the middle of some important text/playlist change.

-Moments later:
    Girl:  Do you want to ask for another person?
    Me:  Why?
    Girl: To do all these boxes... (that would be the boxes that he was making slowly due to his other activities, which she was supposedly putting bags in so I could take them where they were needed, but was way behind because she'd stood there talking for the last five minutes).
    Me: No, because we could get them done ourselves if everyone got off the phone, stopped standing around, and did what they were supposed to be doing!
Reported this to lead, who increased her own vigilance and reported she'd talk to the supervisor because they had been nothing but skin tags in the place she got them from as well.

-Got chewed by line loader #2 for the mistake #2, which was causing the line to jam.  She offered that if they kept it up, come to her and she'd read them the riot act.  Told her I already talked to lead.

-While blowing my nose, got a booger on my glasses.

-Lost my usual seat in the break room because of the ten million Burmese from our other plant who are training to help out during the Great Deluge which supposedly starts next week.  Sat out in the hallway last break.

-Frost on the windshield when going to leave.

Thankfully it was nothing abnormally loud music on the way home couldn't cure.  But if TM looks a little raggy tomorrow, you now know why.


  1. Dang that makes me thankful to be retired. I will reread this on the days I think I miss working. Here is a poor baby for you and I hope today is better.

    1. A "poor baby?" The one line loader gave me sweetarts...

  2. I'm laughing at the booger on the glasses. The rest of that sounds like one of my days here lately. Hang in there CW :)

    1. Yeah, that was the first point in the night I was able to laugh.

      Tonight, though, instead of making things work by bitching at God for sticking me in such a situation, I said, My attitude is the problem- not the lazy people, the ripped jeans, etc. Help me change my attitude.

      Soon later I had two Burmese assistants that worked their butts off. We got compliments from bosses that rarely ever speak to me! Tell me proper prayer doesn't work.

  3. -At some undetermined point, cut two adjoining fingers. Not sure which one bled all over.

    I can so relate.

    I get deep paper cuts this time of year. Thing is, they are so deep and so fast I don't even feel them anymore. The other day I didn't even notice until it was running down my hand and onto the floor of the fancy smancy high rise apartments I was delivering.


    I keep Band-aids in the out going mail slot now.

    1. Thankfully, mine weren't deep, but I sure didn't feel 'em. Didn't even know where or how many there were by the time I noticed, it was all dried.

      One reason I miss the old job- get a cut? A piece of scrap fabric, a tape gun, instant bandaid!

  4. >>...they had been nothing but skin tags in the place she got them from as well.

    Great line.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

    1. Yeah I've been using that for a couple of weeks now, generally at underperforming football players. It developed when we saw an ad for some crap to remove skin tags, and Laurie didn't know what they were talking about.

  5. Good grief. It can be so hard to find good help!

    1. Tell me about it. Kids these days... I saw one wearing a shirt that same night that read, "Hard work pays in the end/lazy pays now."

  6. Oh you poor thing. You know, loud music in the car on the way home works wonders for me too