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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

NHFFL Tuesday

We are down to one week before the playoffs, and as the Gold division becomes clearer, the Purple becomes more muddled.  The games this week sent the Purples into a 4 way tie for first.   The Beagles downed the Aguas 28-22, with Brandon Marshall's Monday night TD doing more good here than it did for Da Bears.  The KCAs beat the Angels 44-31 on 24 points from the dynamic duo of RGIII and Santana Moss.  And the Greenwoods joined the party with a 20-17 win over the now-eliminated Rangers.

  With the KCAs/Greenwoods playing next week, the Beagles have the advantage here with a 4-2 record against the other three.  The Greenwoods need help, because they are 2-4 against the group.  A Beagles/Aguas tie or Beagles/Aguas/KCAs or Greenwoods tie will go to the Aguas; A Beagles/KCAs tie goes to the Beagles.  A Beagles/Greenwood tie also goes to the Beagles, so basically the Beagles need to win and the Aguas to lose to claim a division title.  Either way, the Beagles and Aguas are in the playoffs, and the Greenwoods really need to beat the KCAs by 33 to make up for their 57-25 loss earlier to get in.

On the other side, the Porkchops keep rolling with a 43-33 win over the Clock BBQs courtesy of the 23 points the Colts gave the New England D (See! I knew the Colts were good for something...).  The Elks climbed over the B2s with a 43-30 win and a win next week puts them in the playoffs, and the B2s would climb over Buzz with a win in that event over the Clock BBQs.  If the Elks lose to Buzz, Buzz is in and the Elks would need the B2s to lose.  Buzz got put into that position with an upset loss to the Ducks, 31-21, behind the 2-TD swan song of Rob Gronkowski.

So next week it's Beagles/Rangers, the showdown between KCAs/Greenwoods, Angels/Aguas, B2s/Clock BBQs, the Buzz/Elks showdown, and Porkchops go for 10 wins against the Ducks.


  1. Okay, I'm trying to stop sobbing after reading J.Day's post about Tank, but I wanted to stop by and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!!! I hope you all have a wonderful one!

    What did you think of the whole Gordon/Bowyer fiasco, and Brad K. taking it all?

    1. As a responsible adult, I think Jeff should have done a better job containing himself. As a fan, I'd have been amused if Jeff woulda knocked the 5-hr-energy outta him. Thank you and May your Thanksgiving be blessed as well.

  2. What can I say about this........let me think.......ok
    nothing that is it nothing I know diddle squat about these

    1. Don't fib, I know you have a fiver on the Beagles...;)