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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

sports Tuesday

This is that point every week where I direct those not interested in fantasy football to check out other stuff.  I highly recommend last night's post "Past And Future" for serious commentary on where this country may be going.

If you're still here, this was week ten of the NHFFL season, and the "big game" did not disappoint.  For the third time in 4 weeks, the Porkchops went to OT, without a doubt a new record both for one team and the league as a whole.  This time, as the first, things rolled the Porkchop way, as PC's bench outscored the Beagles' bench 16-8 and win the game 50-42.  The Chops have Andrew Luck's 12 points against Jacksonville Thursday night for the margin that snapped a 34-34 tie and gave Porkchop undisputed hold on the best record in the league- and with two wins already against Buzz, the Gold division title and the bye week for the playoffs!

Buzz loses out despite keeping pace- unfortunately, that pace is two games back- with a 37-30 over the Angels, which was the only other Gold win over the Purple this week.  Torey Smith's 2 TDs supplied the margin there. 

With only two weeks of cross-division play, the Purple ran up an 8-4 record this year.  The KCAs made short work of the Clock BBQs, 61-32, with backup QB Andy Dalton pitching in 15, the Denver D 17, and K Rob Bironas 14.  The Aguas take undisputed hold of 1st in the Purple with a 49-31 pasting of the B2s behind Fred Jackson's two scores.  The Greenwoods got just enough from Jamaal Charles and the Pittsburgh D, both on Monday night,  to edge the Ducks 36-35.  And the near-comatose Rangers woke up behind double-digit scores from Joe Flacco, Sidney Rice, and Adrian Peterson to whop the Elks 70-38.

So what does this all mean playoff-wise?  The Rangers are out of the division hunt, having lost twice to the Aguas.  The Aguas have also clinched tie breakers against the Greenwoods and KCAs, and they hold a 14 point advantage on the Beagles going into their game this week.  The Rangers cannot win a tie with the KCAs, but have to finish against the Beagles and Greenwoods, so they aren't out of it yet.  The Beagles win a three way tie with the KCAs and Greenwoods, and the KCAs and Greenwoods play the last game of the season to see who has an advantage there.  As I said, the OT win clinches the Gold div. for the Porkchops;  The Elks could still take second with a win or a close game (if the B2s lose) against Buzz on the last week.  If the Elks win against the B2s this week, the B2s would have to win against the Clock BBQs while the Elks lose to Buzz the last week to get in.

And if that was confusing, let's simplify.  Next week is Beagles/Aguas, KCAs/Angels, Greenwoods/Rangers, CBBQs/Porkchops, Buzz/Ducks, and Elks/B2s.

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