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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dogs beat cats: Beagles take first Super Bowl

What? You expected anything else?
With yet another failure for the Jets for the fantasy teams that depended on them, the Fiery Beagles claim the Super Bowl XVI championship, beating the Flying Porkchops 33-27.  The cats' last chance was Shaun Greene last night, and he did not deliver.  The big blow came from the Houston D (against the Colts, natch) with 12 points including that blocked punt return.  Michael Turner and Brandon Marshall also scored, and Aaron Rodgers outscored Peyton Manning 9-6 in the best QB matchup in SB history.

Tony carried the weight for the Porkchops.  Tony who?  Richardson, who scored twice, and Gonzales, who scored once.  But it was a total NY meltdown as the Giants got shut out, leaving Lawrence Tynes with nothing to kick, so the big apple duo when 0-for-2.

As I said, it was the Beagles first championship.  Here's a little history on the story.

The league was founded as the Dupont Estates Football League (which is where I lived at the time).  The league I had been in for 4 years folded when the commisioner left his wife and since most of the league was her co-workers...  Anyway, it left the KCAs without a league, so I, 8-year-old KC and 4-year-old Shenan put together our own.  KC and I took turns naming teams (you can blame him for the Clock BBQs, Buzz Lightyears- originally Buzz AND the Lightyears, Fiery Dragons, and we both came up with NYC Athlethic Club).

The first era of the league was the 5 years that it was just me and the kids.  We started with ten teams, expanded to 12, and the T-Cubs won 3 straight titles, much to everyones' chagrin.  The second era began when Laurie joined, the teams were cut to 8 (with Buzz, Greenwoods, NYCAC, Angels and Aguas folding, Elks coming in, and Fiery Dragons becoming Fiery Beagles) and the schedule going to an unmanageable 15 games.  This lasted for three years, during which the KCAs won their first title in the best SB ever, and Shenan's SVA knocking off KC's Clock BBQs.  The third era began with a drop to a twelve game schedule (to avoid all the players getting rested by their teams at the end of the year), and an expansion to 12 teams.  The Angels and Buzz returned, the Ragin' Rhinos and State Ducks joined.  This era saw the T-Cubs take a 4th title, the Angels get one (after three losses to the T-Cubs), and lasted six seasons.  Finally, two years ago it was decided that it was time to end Shenan's (lack of) involvement, and the SVA, T-Cubs, and Rhinos were folded.  In their place, the Greenwoods and Aguas were reborn, and the Porkchops were started.

Here then are the Super Bowl champions:

I- Greenwoods (11-6) 31, KCAs 27
II- NYCAC (9-8) 29, Butthead's Wheel Runners (today's B2s) 25
III- T-Cubs (11-6) 57, Fiery Dragons 43
IV- T-Cubs (11-5) 45, Arden's Angels 31
V- T-Cubs (10-7) 62, Arden's Angels 53
VI- B2s (11-6) 52, Fiery Beagles 12
VII- KCAs (12-5) 31, Elks 30
VIII- SVA (9-8) 54, Clock BBQs 36
IX- T-Cubs (10-5) 34, Arden's Angels 16
X- Buzz Lightyears (10-4) 64, Arden's Angels 32
XI- Elks (10-5) 28, Fiery Beagles 24
XII- Arden's Angels (11-4) 27, State Ducks 24
XIII- SVA (11-4) 33, Buzz Lightyears 26
XIV- KCAs (10-5) 43, Ragin' Rhinos 15
XV- B2s (10-4) 53, Sunset Rangers 21
XVI- Fiery Beagles (10-4) 33, Flying Porkchops 27

Next week- the All Star Game, a five year tradition with the Gold and Purple tied at 2 wins apiece!

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