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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Spoprts Tuesday

First off, I couldn't help but notice a story header on last night:

Obviously, the Mets need to check their fly  R.A. Dickey of the Mets is another of those names I would change if I were them.  Another, non-sports related one I ran across in Max Hastings' historical book Armageddon: The Battle For Germany 1944-45, where he discussed a sniper in the US Army named Peter Downward.  Of course the all time worst was a baseball player who played 3 years in the majors in the late 30s, then returned for the war years of 1944-5.  His birth name was Johannes Oscar Dicksus, but decided to Anglisize it to the even worse Johnny Dickshot.

Or Joe Smith.  Yeah, call me Joe Smith.
Apparently he was also known as the "ugliest player in baseball", which is funny because when I was little, it was accepted that that title belonged to Andy Etchebarren...

Anyway, the first round of the NHFFL playoffs concluded last night.

The Aguas advanced with a 47-27 romp over the KCAs.  Dez Bryant put up 2 more TDs and Jason Hanson added 17.  The Aguas will go on to face the Beagles next week.

The Elks beat Buzz for the second week in a row, 27-18, despite losing a player (Andre Brown) to a fractured leg.  They will advance to play the Porkchops next week.
And finally, we move on to Lokomotiv.  Curtis Sanford had a good outing for a change Sunday in a 3-1 win over Neftekhimik.  Artyom Anisimov led off the scoring with as pretty a shorthanded goal as you'll ever see in the first period, and that score held until the 4:40 mark of the third, when Staffon Kronwall put us up 2-0.  Less than three minutes later, Neftekhimik (the "Petrochemists") cut it to 2-1, but Sergei Plotnikov scored with under five minutes to go to make it a 2-goal lead once again.

Tomorrow is the thundering showdown in Moscow between the two best records in the league- Lokomotiv (16-8-8) and Dynamo (18-6-7).  Dynamo leads by three, and its being done on the back of Washington Cap's exile Alex Ovechkin.  In the last 8 games (5-2-1), Ovechkin has had at least one point, including the hat trick against Donbass and a 2-goal game against Severstal.  In those 8 games he has 6 goals and 7 assists for 13 points- more than all but five Loko players (Anisimov, Kronwall, Plotnikov, Alex Kalushny, and Emil Galimov) have scored ALL SEASON.  They have a 4 game unbeaten streak (3 regular win and an OT win), and they are 13-2-2 at home.  If we win THIS one...

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