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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The other half's Christmas decorating

Laurie did her end of the Christmas decorating whilst I slaved away yesterday (a much better day, thank you), and I thought I'd share with you the results.

The creator of Christmas cheer, and her co-owner of the Firey Beagles.

My first clue that she had struck was the wreath on the door when I came in last night.

Christmas village "A".

The centerpiece is the mansion with the moving dancers in the ballroom.

Christmas village "B".

Christmas village "C", over the computer.

Come on, FFRF nut bags!  Dare ya to touch MY creche...

Of course, all this has led to congestion in certain "other areas..."

I noticed that SOMEBODY stopped following me yesterday.  Agents are being sent out now to interrogate this person.  I've noticed that some people get upset at such stuff.  Me, I have no idea whether it was someone I offended or someone who deleted there accounts, or even someone who just said, I haven't read his BS in a while, let me just do this little thing right...HERE! ZAP!  I'd have to write everyone down and compare list A to list B to figure it out, and who has time for that?

Which got me looking at other things.  This will be my 324th post of the year, just 7 away from breaking my record for posts in a year.  Last year I had 330, which means I entertained, encouraged, pissed off, or bored people 90.41% of the days of last year.  That will also put my at 908 posts, which means I've had 46.82 pageviews per post.  Which means I need abot 3,000 pageview of this post to get to 50 per, so call your friends!

I've also had 2262 comments, so that's a measely 2 1/2 per post.  I follow some people who rack up that many comments in under two months.  But they have to read them all, so I'm okay.

I got looking at my most popular posts, and here's how we stand:

1. The Day Of Judgement According To, from 12/4/10.  A fun look at the group who thought the Rapture was coming in May of 2011.  Judging by the fact that various forms of searches account for nearly 400 of the searches that have found my blog, I think that most of the 609 pageviews came from those on their way to the wecanknow site itself.

2. Step Into My Time Machine (volume one) Week 30, from 11/12/2010.  This was lifted to these heights by the infamous Silver Convention picture:

that accounts for another almost 300 of the searches that led to this blog.  Germans sure love Silver Convention!  476 view here.

3. The Hal David Time Machine special, from this September 6th.  The first one I think that got here on its own merits. 347 views.

4. Time Machine volume one week sixty six, from 7/29/2011.  This was lifted due to an enormous volume of people searching info on Beach Boy Carl Wilson's extended family, Including Billy Hinsche. 346 views.

5. What Government Is For, from 6/27/2010.  From what started as a response to a person's staement that government is there to put a minority on the same footing as the majority, it morphed into a 55-comment, 3 way battle over faith vs atheism that went on for 19 days. It was the first post I had that went into the hundreds of pageviews, and topped out at 290.

6. Rikuzen Takata, from March 12, 2011.  One I am most proud of, a look at one little corner of the devastation of the Japanese quake/tsunami that spawned many updates- and I'll have to do another one soon.  189 views.

7. Time Machine vol. one, week 19, from 9/3/2010.  This one's only claim to fame was the picture of Hamilton, Joe Frank, and Reynold's Falling In Love single, which became the object of innumerable google searches:

Yeah, I don't get it either, but it earned the post 185 views.

8. A Good Story, from September 14th.  My submission to a writing contest, that got a top ten in the voting!  Enough othe contestants came over to read it that it racked up 159 views.

9. New movie: The Muppets Take Washington, from 8/1/2011.  A pictoral parody on the budget battle so funny, I had to stop and look at it again!  Probably my second favorite post all time.  It got 155 views.

10. Stevie's Island- The Rest of the Story, from 11/3/2010.  Stevie's Island is a little place in the river that is close to the hearts of a LOT of people.  I had misidentified it on a walk post earlier, and  a man named Matt Jones from the Allen County Partnership for Water Quality contacted us by e-mail and set us straight.  The island was a favorite hangout for his friends back in the day, especially his brother Steve, who died too young at the age of 25.  His family got together and had it turned into a USGS site and had a marker put up.  Since this posted, it has been the most consistently searched out post I've ever had- in fact, there have been seven views just today!  I also took the time to ask the parks department to clear brush from the bank opposite the site, where the greenway trail runs, so that others may be able to see it.  I was referred to the "man" in Ft Wayne for such matters, Dan Wire of Friends of the Rivers, who thought it a worthy project and would see about getting it in the budget in the next couple years.  128 pageviews.

And there you go!  But if you want my favorite, just hit the stories page and and click on Once Upon A Time In The Forest...  That was my ultimate best, based on a true story.


  1. My most popular post continues to be the one about the day my son sat on a super ball in the bathtub and *Poof* it was gone. :) Second most popular is his Basketball poem from this year.

    Seems my peeps like the kid stuff. Who knew. :)

    1. I remember the poem... you'll have to send me a link to the superball. Sounds curious...


    3. OMG... Maybe if you fed him beans he could have shot it out...

  2. Don't you always just have to wonder what happened when you have that one less person following you? It's very intriguing!

    1. The only one I've lost I was confident I knew why was a young teacher who I believe became disenchanted when I excoriated our state Democratic legislators for abandoning the job and hiding out in another state during debate over a change in teacher-union laws.

  3. love your Christmas decorations.
    I always wonder why I lose followers...guess we can't please everyone!