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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Laurie's deer adventure

First I need to add a couple of addendums to the latest Lotsa Little Bits post this morning.  First, VB DID give us that half-hour early.  Second, there was next to bupkis on the line when we got there, and not surprisingly we had an immediate Manpower sign-out sheet.  So, my workday was A) one hour of eating pizza, drinking pop, and watching other people win raffled gift cards to thank us for a successful holiday season, B) ten minutes of assembling in our area followed by 5 minutes of start-up meeting, C) sign out, clock out, go home.

Second, I had to share with you what I saw just after posting said post on WANE.Com.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) The Fort Wayne Police Department is looking for two suspects after an attempted bank robbery on Wednesday.

Police said they responded to called of a bank robbery around 10:43 a.m. at Freedom Financial Credit Union at 1802 Inwood Dr.

Employees told police that two men, one armed with a long gone, were seen outside near the bank.

The employees said they immediately activated security measures, including locking the bank's lobby doors. The suspects could not get into the bank and were seen leaving on foot into a residential area.

Police tracked a trail with K9 officers but lost the scent.

This is the fourth time Freedom Financial has been targeted by robbers in the last two years, according to police.

Police ask that anyone with information about the incident is asked to call police or Crime Stoppers at (260) 436-STOP (7867).

Did you catch it?  Here, let me point it out:

Employees told police that two men, one armed with a long gone, were seen outside near the bank.

This, despite the fact that the story was word for word what the Journal Gazzette had, except the "long gone" was "long gun"... and they had the CU having been hit five times rather than four.  Gotta love journalism in Ft Wayne.

Now, onto the reason for this post.  Having got home early, we decided to take Laurie on a deer-sighting expedition.

Marching off into the wild...
However, we both forgot that she was wearing slippers, so things got rapidly soggy...
Looks like she's having fun, huh?
Okay, since we have to rename Blogger "Booger" because picture posting is still buggered up, I can't separate the pictures without using captions.  Hey, no sweat, it's only been most of a week...
Anyway, we move on to just before we leave the woods, wet feet and all, and then what do we see?

The gang of four!  Not the same four me and Scrappy saw this AM...
Last time, they ran whenever I got in the clear.  Tonight, they just posed...
All bucks, but young ones with small racks.

Notice the one buck had just one antler.

After the posing session, I thanked them and walked away, while they continued to look back going "WTF?"  As we reached the area we usually see Boss Moss and his gang (but didn't on the way in), he and his gang finally showed up, but in deference to our wet-footed Mommy and the setting of the sun, we went on home.

1 comment:

  1. CWM:
    Thanks for the corrections to WANE (those damn interns muck everything up).
    I will amend my post accordingly.

    Great pictures, too, in spite of "BOOGER" (roflmao over that one) still being SO halpful to us all...NOT.
    Those deer sure know how to exploit a PHOTO-OP...!

    Gee, the way you held sway at work, you must be getting in line for a management position, because that was all OUR officers ever seemed to do...LOL.
    (pizza always has a soft spot in my heart, and my tummy)
    Now, I'm hungry...(thanks)

    Very good post.

    Stay safe up there, Boss!