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Friday, January 4, 2013

Lotsa little bits episode 1

I decided to call "posts that are too scrambled to rate a title" this for the 2013 season after using such delightful former titles as "Bits and pisses" and "Flotsam and jetsom" in the past.  Welcome, and try not to make too much sense.

ITEM:  My daughter informed the Facebook world she is now a licensed driver.  I replied, "Good job.  I'll call the state police and warn them".

ITEM: My wonderful son nicked a deer last night.  Unlike me and Laurie when we totalled the T-Bird one one a few years back, all he got was a barely noticeable dent.  I assume that one more limping deer has been added to this year's growing list.  There's at least two among the out-of-towners.

ITEM: Speaking of my son, can anyone explain to me how it is that three out of his last four girlfriends have started texting him AFTER dumping him?  Once again, it's "I was stupid/made a mistake/hope we can still be friends."  Unfortunately, the last two of said girls weren't so talkative while they were in the process of dumping him.  Two of them went on to almost immediately post pics of new BFs on Facebook.  I'm not bragging on him, but what is it that makes girls want to sneak-dump a guy, cutting all communications until after he finds out he's been dumped, and then "want to be friends"?  He's too good a guy to send back "piss off" messages- I guess I would be to, the first time.  By now, though, I'd be sending back some form of "I hope you are treated with the honor that you deserve".

ITEM: Andy Reid is the new coach at Kansas City.  So doing the math, we have a guy who lost his last job after a) building a "dream team" that couldn't even get a winning record, b) standing behind a QB who was hurt more than he played, because c) he built them a crappy offensive line that d) whose coach he converted into a DEFENSIVE co-ordinator, whom he then had to fire, and e) underused an excellent running back after spending years trying to get his last one to make third and ones but never could, and this guy is being hired by a 2-14 team whose last coach's only addition to his resume in KC was "experience with suicidal players".  Yeah, THIS'LL work out well.

ITEM:  My fellow bloggie Kelli over at The House Of Hale posted this link to a site where you could paste a post and have it analyse what famous writer you write like.  I was highly honored to find that this week's Time Machine was compared to Douglas Adams, who wrote The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy!   I was somewhat less amused that the previous post was comparable to JD Salinger.  Sorry, but I thought Holden Caulfield was a loser dweeb.  So far, this one is compared to David Foster Wallace, who wrote an award winning book called infinite Jest.  Here's the wiki plot summary:

The plot partially revolves around the missing master copy of a film cartridge, titled Infinite Jest and referred to in the novel as "the Entertainment" or "the samizdat". The film is so entertaining to its viewers that they become lifeless, losing all interest in anything other than viewing the film. The video cartridge was the final work of film by James O. Incandenza before his microwave suicide, completed during a stint of sobriety that was requested by the lead actress, Joelle. Quebec separatists are interested in acquiring a master, redistributable copy of the work to aid in acts of terrorism against the United States. The United States Office of Unspecified Services (USOUS) is seeking to intercept the master copy of the film in order to prevent mass dissemination and the destabilization of the Organization of North American Nations. Joelle and later Hal seek treatment for substance abuse problems at The Ennet House Drug and Alcohol Recovery House, and Marathe visits the rehabilitation center to pursue a lead on the master copy of the Entertainment, tying the characters and plots together.

Apparently, in this world, each year is subsidized by a different sponsor, and the year most of the action happens in was called "the year of the Depend adult undergarment".  Folks, I CAN'T make this stuff up.

ITEM: I am still lining up delightful spam comments from various blogs to showcase on the new year's first "spam comment contest."  Al Penwasser's Made In Spain post continues to contribute prolifically, and I had five of them come through in just one day- 16 of them since the 5th of last month, mainly various foreign real estate sites (including one that wants you to go catfishing in the Ebro), and one which is a blog of travelling in Turkey.  Needless to say, I'm only saving the funny ones.

ITEM: Lokomotiv has gone through the long and short of it this week.  Sunday, we overcame a 3-1 first period deficit at Yugra by scoring 5 times in a 9:37 span of the second and won 6-4.  Emil Galimov got his sixth and seventh in the spurt, Artyom Anisimov nailed #12, and Niklaus Hagman got his 8th before the streak and #9 during it, as we totalled 20 of our 27 shots in the period.

That was the long.  The short came this morning witha 4-0 shutout loss to SKA.  Sergei Bobvroski made 26 saves to grab his 5th shutout and raise his record to 17-3-2. The loss drops us a tiebreaker behind CSKA in our division and tied for 7th overall, and propels SKA past Dynamo into first overall at 27-8-4.  We are 19-13-8 to Red Army's 19-11-8.  Next up is a home game with Vityaz (7-17-14) on Sunday.

ITEM: Time to get down to watching Oklahoma vs. Johnny Football, so have a good evening!


  1. My son has had the same issues as your son. He was nice "at first" and then that got old. He unfriended them on FB and moved on.

    1. Unfortunately, he works with the latest.

  2. I get that "Made in Spain" one all the time. I want to open it, but I'm afraid. Wasn't Charo made in Spain?
    As far as your son nicking a deer...what was he doing shaving wildlife?
    Maybe for the tips. If he got a buck.

    1. Wasn't his idea, he's just one of those people who always says, "Yes deer."

  3. That is a very cool link and I want to try it out! I must say, agree on your judgment of Holden Caulfield, although I did still enjoy the book.

  4. Ok just thought I'd come back to say that I tried out the link. Once I got Jane Austen! Once I got Chuck Palahniuk! And SEVERAL times I got Corey Doctorow, who I had never heard of. It is safe to say I probably tried it out too many times, but I did look up Corey Doctorow. I don't know how I feel about being, apparently, SO similar to this author because he is a SCIENCE FICTION writer and I hate science fiction! Ha ha. But then again, if he is a successful author I'll take it!

    1. Glad you liked the link. Have to say I had to look up the second guy as well. Catcher was one of two books I actually threw away when I was done- the other was Updike's Rabbit Is Rich. I actually only made it halfway through Rabbit.

  5. CWM:
    --"warn the stateys"...LOL...priceless!

    --Limping deer...should be easier to catch.
    (I'll pass on the vehicular damage)

    --Your son, GFs, and texting...(geez)...btw, what IS Facebook?
    (he said sarcastically)

    --Might have to check that link out and find out WHO I write like. (why am I thinking Studs Terkel?)

    --A world with yearly "spinsorships...might not be AS FAR OFF as we think.
    It's all about "marekting and trending" anyway, right?

    --I'd gladly send along some of MY spams for you to critique, but it appears you have PLENTY already.
    I get loans 365, and more loan offers, and still more loan offers (between the casino and canadian meds crap).
    And the harder you TRY to block them, the MORE you back-asswards is THAT?

    Great post.

    Stay safe up there.