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Friday, January 18, 2013

Lotsa little bits Vol. 3.

ITEM:  If you were paying attention during your perusal of yet another wonderful episode of Time Machine, you caught that I am again part of the 7.8%- our assignment at VB ended 3 1/2 hours into Thursday night's shift.  Not terribly surprising, considering A) we were told in Septmber it would probably last till January sometime, and B) this week we were opted home at last break Sunday night, after first break Monday night, at shift start Tuesday ("We probably should have just called you," said one supervisor), called to stay home on Wednesday, and Thursday we managed to pack about a 45-minute workday into the 3 hours we actually worked before being sent en masse to the office to turn in our badges and box cutters.

I will miss the place somewhat, especially the paycheck.  Most of the people were pretty okay, if you didn't mind that the Burmese crew had a daily diet that made them all smell as if they'd escaped from a jerky smoker.  I'll definitely miss the idiot on I-69 on the way home who liked riding in everyone's blind spot, they daily checking of the powerball jackpot on one billboard, and the wait time at Lutheran Hospital ER on another.  (Usually between 2 and 8 minutes, though one day I was surprised to see it reading 42- it was either a misread on the flasher's part or a really bad day to be sick.)

ITEM:  Back to the job sites and  And likely chipping away at my 99 weeks.

ITEM: Also, I'll be joining former VB CFO Jeff Blade, who walked the plank last Friday and according to the Journal-Gazzette, was asked "Never darken our doors again."  Been trying to find out since then what exactly he did, but no one's talking so far.

ITEM:  An interesting story came my way this morning about attorney Thomas P. Lowe of Minnesota.  He was suspended from the bar for a minimum 15 months.  But not because he took on an old friend's divorce case; and not because he had an affair with said friend.  His butt got spanked for BILLING the woman for the time spent having sex, marked down as meetings, etc.  Not only did he bill for the bang, but then he dumped the woman- who wasn't exactly stable, and shortly thereafter tried to kill herself.  The doctors asked why she tried suicide, and that's how the story made its way to the Minnesota Bar.  Of course, they wouldn't have the problem in the first place if they would have permanently got rid of him in 1997 for coercing cocaine out of a client, for which he was also suspended.

I wonder if he at least gave her a free initial conjugation...
ITEM:  While I have no intention of making this a full-fledged scam e-mail post, I did get this one today, titled "$" and sent by "FBI":
have you lost any of your money to scammers,reply back to us now for your lost money back...

This had to have been sent by one of the laziest scammers of all time.  No glaring warning, no official sounding mumbo-jumbo, no list of info needed, no "Sincerely, FBI agent Dipshitski", not even a capital letter!  Good Lord, did you call your mom into the room to hit "send"?

ITEM:  Quick Loko post ASG update.  Tuesday brought a 3-2 win in Cherpovets against Severstal.  Mikelis Redlihs (his 3rd) and Daniil Apal'kov (#5) scored in the first (Daniil's goal was first given to Redlihs), they scored twice in the second, and Apal'Kov scored in the shootout to give us the OT win.  Friday, though, we got spanked by last place Spartak in Moscow, 5-2.  Vitaly Kolesnik got his first action since being sent down to give NHL lockouter Semyon Varlemov a roster spot, and he got pulled for Curtis Sanford after giving up 3 scores in the first 32 minutes.  Yegor Averin got both our goals, one at each end of the second period, to give him 10 for the year.  Next up for us is a trip to Donetsk for a tilt with Donbass on Sunday.

ITEM:  Another lovely news story: 50-year old Donna Lange smothered her boyfriend to death last Saturday.  The couple, who were joined in alcohol-and-pot- fueled reverie by a man and three women, got into a pair of altercations which ended in Donna smothering him  WITH HER BOOBS.   While the news reports do say she outweighed her somewhat unfortunate victim by almost 20 lbs, news sources declined to mention the bra size of the assault weapons.  But at 5'7" and 192 lbs, you can guestimate yourself.

Darn Blogger glitches!  THOSE aren't the boobs I asked for...
ITEM:  Speaking of updates, I just peaked in over at Blooger:Known Issues to see if there was any further update on the great photo upload fail that we've all been going through, since they were so kind as to inform us they were aware of the problem a full TWO WEEKS ago.  No there wasn't, but I did see an amusing line in their post about a subsequent problem:

"...We’re working to improve our communication of these issues in the future and apologize
if you were wondering what the heck was going on. Hopefully, this clears the

Blogger COMMUNICATING?  Since when?

ITEM: Look foreward to another Sunday "Overarching message" post- God's subject for the week, God's touching of our lives, and how we miss it.  I will endeavor to be less complicated than last Sunday's message.


  1. Smothered to death by a pair of boobs not named Obama or Biden. Probably worse ways to go, I suppose.

  2. Sorry to hear about the job. Fingers crossed you get another better one quickly.

    And thank you for the smiles from the spam and bob story.
    It is a crazy world we live in for sure