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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Scrappy- Sentinel of the night

Here I was, Scrappy Beagle... AKA the Booogle.  I was guarding my Daddy.  It was 4 AM this morning.  Suddenly, I sensed movement.

There! By the choke cherry tree.  A dark, malevolent shape.  I began to growl a warning...

It kept to the shadows, slipping in and out of the darkness.  I could smell it was an evil deer terrorist.  I wakened my Daddy, and assured him there was nothing to fear.

Suddenly, it made its move.  I growled a warning, and it moved on into the darkness, deterred in its evil designs by my conspicuous bravery.

Now, MY side of the story.  About 3:45 I looked out and saw the deer- a big, out-of-towner doe- munching cherries.  I woke up Scrappy, who porceeded to look in every direction except the one the deer was at.  Finally, the deer made some movement that Scrappy actually saw.  He jerked his head and began to whimper.  I went down and got the camera, but the animal had left.  Soon later, though, she returned, standing up on her hind legs to pick cherries from the tree.

While Scrappy alternated between whining at the deer and leaning for cover on me, I experimented with camera settings until satisfied.  At this point the deer decided enough on the cherries and meandered across the yard, into the darkness.  At about 4 AM, it had disappeared, and I spent the next ten minutes comforting Scrappy, who always seems to go to pieces once the deer (or whatever animal he sees) goes away.  By 4:20, Daddy and Beagle were sound asleep once more.


  1. In Scrappy's head, he was your protector for sure - after all danger had passed, of course! Good job daddy!

  2. CWM:
    Always like to hear BOTH sides to the story...LOL.
    (yours WAS funnier)
    Good way to start off the week...with a smile.

    Stay safe up there in sentinel-land.