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Monday, February 11, 2013

Greatness... or lack thereof

I was first shocked, then numbed, by the news that greeted me on my way home- that Pope Benedict was resigning.  After centuries of stepping down when unable to fulfill the role being anathema, The Pontiff made a decision based upon common sense and care for the Church he was entrusted with, rather than upholding "tradition".  While I think that it is sad to lose a learned and holy man such as Benedict from the leadership of a church that, at least locally, took a blow in the death of another humble and holy man- Bishop John D'arcy- it was by far a better thing to step down if he felt the Church better served by a healthier man.

I was looking up the last Pope who resigned, Gregory XII, in 1415.  Without going into details you could look up, Gregory's resignation (or abdication, as he was a temporal ruler as well) came as the light at the (or near the) end of a long, sordid tunnel.  In fact, it wasn't over even then, as an antipope on the other side of the political fence from Gregory, Clement VIII, resigned 15 years later.  But he didn't count, because of the line of popes that became recognized, and the numbering system for the papal names involved wasn't straightened out for another 400 years.  Given all that, it is a blessing that the next resignation was for the sake of the church, rather than for the sake of a man.

Steppin' down while I still got it.
On the other side of the fence, I give you someone who a lot of people thought was a great man- including some family members- former Presidential candidate and Congressman Ron Paul.  Now, I wouldn't bash him for just anything.  He has some genuinely good ideas buried under the half-eaten acorn shells, and he has that quirky Ross Perot-appeal to him.  But a person should remain true to themselves- especially someone as outspoken and controversial as he is.  But here's the deal.  A group of supporters own the rights to the domain name

He argues at length in his complaint that he should have the domain name -- as well as one for -- for free because he already has a common law trademark on his name. (FoxNews)
And so, he has gone on the warpath to free his name from his supporters- and he's turning to an old enemy to do it.

The Texas Republican and three-time presidential candidate filed the complaint Friday with the U.N.'s World Intellectual Property Organization...  Paul spokeswoman Megan Stiles said the WIPO was need to settle the dispute because the domain-name owners used a foreign registrar (Australian)  to get the domain name.  (FoxNews)
So let's get this straight.  Ron Paul sponsored the American Restoration of Sovereignty Act in 1997.  The bill was authored by Ron Paul to effect U.S. withdrawal from the United Nations. It would repeal various laws pertaining to the U.N., terminate authorization for funds to be spent on the U.N., terminate U.N. presence on U.S. property, and withdraw diplomatic immunity for U.N. employees. It would provide up to two years for the U.S. to withdraw. (Wikipedia)
Congressman Paul opposes US involvement in the United Nations and sees the entity as a threat to national sovereignty. He has stated that membership in the United Nations is fundamentally incompatible with American sovereignty and the Constitution. He has repeatedly called for the US to end it's membership in the organization, and has repeatedly introduced legislation to force this act. (

And this man is going TO this same organization he says he wants to dismantle to evict his own supporters from the website.  What do they think?

The owners of the domain names say they are disappointed by the complaint, considering how many of them -- particularly the young, energetic supporters -- kept Paul’s 2012 run energized through grassroots campaigning and fundraising.
“Like thousands of fellow Ron Paul supporters, we put our lives on hold and invested five years of hard work into Ron Paul, and Ron Paul 2012,” the owners, who are getting a lawyer and have 20 days to prepare a complaint response, said on their site. (FoxNews)

In addition, they say Paul is falsely claiming they offered to sell him the site- and its extensive mailing list- for $848,000. 

What does Chris think?  I think there's only one way to describe such a man;

I would hazard a guess that Paul won't be running for president again.  But then again, this nation elected Obama twice.  So just maybe...


  1. I think it's fine, actually admirable that the Pope step down. He has given his life to serving God and the Catholic people. If he'd like to spend his last days with a bit less stress and heavier heart, so be it.

    As for Ron Paul *sigh* I am so over politics.... how bout we talk about the weather... no wait, I'm over that too. :)

  2. CWM:
    You get a gold star for you work on the "history lesson" regarding the Pope (and the lineage of the vatican seat of power).

    As to Ron Paul?
    Thank God his SON isn't following suit.
    I really LIKE the ideas that RAND puts forth.
    His father...not so much.

    Nice pic of the crapper-in-chief...LOL.

    Stay safe up there.

    1. I'll have to turn the star down, as I just grazed the topic. More research on the Paul thing, actually.

  3. I'm so confused about what's next for the Pope's position. I suppose if I were motivated, I could look it up, but I'm not. That's why I'm Catholic Light - Protestant. I just wish the current Pope well.

    Ron Paul needs to be grateful to the people who supported him and move on but not on to move on. org.

    1. Word is the leading candidates are two Africans and a Canadian. And the Moveon thing? Brilliant!

  4. It was a very unselfish move for the Pope. I was so surprised but pray for peace to him in the rest of his days.