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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Lotsa little bits vol. 8

ITEM: Okay, let's start with politics.  Am I wound about the sequester?  Not really.  Those who voted the way they did sentenced us to economic idiocy for the forseeable future.  I am curious to watch those who slit their own throats react to the bloodflow.  I already saw on facebook a tweet from some woman who was all excited over Obamacare back when it first passed, hashtagging something like "now we all have insurance" or somesuch- followed by one from a few weeks ago where she was wondering why her health insurance premium went up.  I believe the internet term here is "facepalm".

Actually, I was going to briefly muse about how former Obama aide Lanny Davis and liberal journalist/novelist/lickspittle Bob Woodward got threatened by the Administration for not towing the company line.  He's a Chicago politician, why are they surprised?  I can't wait until all the women who thought their uterus was the biggest issue, all the union workers who figured they better vote the way they were told, all the gays who are just so tickled with that pickled old crone they keep re-elcting in Frisco, and all those welfare mamas who apparently have the time to vote two, three, six times, get their turn to start figuring it out.

ITEM:  In another case of "why are you surprised", several prospective NFL draft picks are upset about the teams asking about sexual orientation.  Now to me, I think that those boys are big enough to work out their own problems in the locker room.  Frankly, I thought this was the don't ask-don't tell era.  I don't wanna know, and I sure hope that Joe Buck, et al, will not make it a topic of game broadcast conversation.  But think this- Miami's GM asked Dez Bryant about his mother being a hooker, so obviously sexual gossip and draft day go hand in hand around the league.

ITEM:  Tuesday the KHL east had their latest games.  Metallurg knocked off SYU 3-2, after SYU had built a 2-0 lead.  Cal O'Reilly, a canuck center who only tallied 3 goals all year, scored twice in the third period to tie it, and Mats Zuccarella scored with 4 seconds left to win.  That evens their series at 2 all, with next matches up tomorrow.

Nigel Dawes, who I shorted a goal a game or so ago (he had 4, not 3), helped the Kazakh Snow Leopards take a 2-0 lead on the Meteor guys, but Maxim Karpov's penalty shot goal tied things at two, and Yegor Dugin's score in the third gave the Meteor guys a 3-2 win, evening that series at 2.

Vanguard broke open a close game in the third, beating Siberia 5-2 and knotting that series at 2.

And Lauris Darzins scored 12 minutes into the second OT to give the Russian Snow Leopards a 3-2 win and 4 game sweep of the Petrochemists.

Today, it was the remaining two west series, and one of them was ended with a thud.  Tony Martensson had 2 goals and an assist, so did Mikhail Varnakov, as St. Pete outshot the Polar Bears 45-13 and outscored them 7-0.

And Mikhail Anisin scored twice in attempting to finish off Lokomotiv, but Staffan Kronwall scored with under 3 minutes left to give the good guys a 3-2 win and they stay alive, trailing 3-2 in the series.  Loko or the Steelers will face St. Pete in the next round, and Dyanmo will play crosstown rivals Red Army.

ITEM:  I have Time Machine to get ready later, and dinner coming up, so that's it for now!


  1. CWM:
    I have to mirror your take on the sequestration situation...
    At least none of Obummer's plans won't cost us ONE DIME, right...LOL.

    As for Woodward...he's got cred considering the Watergate gig, and you have to hand it to him for speaking the TRUTH here with what D.C. is doing these days.

    And, I'm afraid all those low-inmformation voters won't give a rip...until their gravy-train becomes derailed in some fashion...
    (then they'll start burning stuff down..typical)

    Sure glad those Star wars rebels weren't as ill-educated OR as apathetic when they took on the evil Empire.

    Maybe we CAN learn from Hollywood...?!?

    Good post.

    Stay safe up there.
    (and may the Farce be with you)

    1. You see the picture above the post, right? Guess how much cred Woodward has with me...

  2. I, too, am not worried about the sequester. In fact, I hope the whole frikkin' thing blows up in the faces of the dumbasses who voted for the Jug Eared dumbass.
    In school we're learning about the run up to the Civil War. Part of our discussions center around "Wow, didn't they see the inexorable slide toward unspeakable carnage?"
    Hindsight is amazing from the standpoint of 150 years.
    Wonder what history books will say in, oh, 2163?

    1. "Those who won't learn history are doomed to repeat its mistakes".

      Jug eared dumbass, LOLOLOL!!!

  3. But, you forgot to tell us what's for dinner?

    1. Fried up two cheesburgers- velveeta and mozzerella. Forgot the damn parmesan, I was so hungry!

    2. Yummy. We had homemade waffles. :)

  4. Uh, how to react and absorb? How about: WOW!

  5. "I am not a dictator."

    Hmmm. Why do I feel like he knew that congress wouldn't be able to come to an agreement. They're all too busy finger-pointing. Even Obama. All of it is an epic fail.

    1. You've been peeking at the end of the book, haven't you? Youre right, of course. The thing went down so Dems can blame reps for the "economic crisis" and reps can blame dems for higher taxes. Far be it from them to solve anything, just get those sound bytes.

  6. We had beef burgers for dinner tonight. With the lot.
    Big topic of discussion with our football codes at the moment is performance enhancing drugs.
    I expect that a lot of them would perfer to be answering questions about sex

    1. Yeah, PEDs are a big problem here, too. Lance Armstrong, though, might struggle with either topic.