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Monday, March 11, 2013

Chris' turn to bitch

You know it's a Monday when you hear on the radio, 1) "traffic is heavy already at Colisseum and Lima, things are moving slow, avoid the area"  (Untrue in the least somebody early-morning pranked Kayla on WOWO), and 2) "the chase ended when he crashed into a parked driveway" (I guess that second cup of coffe was a little late-acting, eh?).

I haven't really given any breakdowns on bad days at my new job, because I really do appreciate it, and even at its worst is better than most days at my old job.  HOWever...

I- First thing after changing the clock and greasing the gerber (my CNC cutter), the head wouldn't move.  Had to shut down and push it out into the middle, then turn it back on (because it would not budge while it was on).

II- Someone else worked Saturday, so my scissors ended up far from my machine, our markers (made of a flimsy melty chalk) were not in the freezer (where I keep them), so they were flimsy and melty, and of course we COULDN'T have possibly got me ahead on windshield patches, could we?

III- The scourge of this machine is that something called a galli card is going bad.  This means it likes to slam to a stop and request to be reset.  Or it clunks, and keeps on going.  Either way, lately there is a 50-50 chance that when it does, it will lose its "home", and the cut it makes at one end of the panel will not match up to the other.  We have a plethora of ways meant to alleviate the problem, NONE of which were working this morning.  I do not believe I cut one cover in the first three hours that at least one panel wasn't messed up.  Talking 3.3 yards of wasted fabric a pop most times.

IV- Somebody changed the cursor on the screen that shows what is cutting (which we call the marker).  Normally, everything that finishes cutting lights up when the part is fully cut.  With the "magnifying glass" cursor on, the part only lights up until the screen moves down- then it goes back to the way the rest of the screen is, so I couldn't tell what was being cut.  I only discovered the solution because the little magnifying glass was annoying me.

V- At least two rolls ended with a couple of small pieces to got before I was done with the color- thus meaning I had to put up a new 80-yard roll to cut six feet of fabric.  Also, several splices in the fabrics showed up at inconvenient times.  At least fabric defects seemed to contain themselves to places where the gerber had already FUBARed the panel in question.  Of course, it FUBARed so many, the odds were in favor.

VI- Last week, my printer died, so they gave me the boss' printer.  Today, they gave me a brand new one.  Of course, there was a half an hour of back and forth with a guy at the home office before it worked right.

VII- Shut the gerber completely off three times to get it to stop acting up.  Last time, there was a reset right afterwards- and despite jogging, homing, and RE-homing, the first panel it tried to cut missed its mark by a full inch.  Cut it out and showed it to the boss.  Of course, since the problem was that someone at corporate didn't get the right level service contract from Gerber and thus they won't rush right out and fix it, all that accomplished was annoying him.  Pretty much what I wanted.

VIII- Tried to get one last cover cut before end of the day, but not only was there a splice in the fabric before I could get the whole cover done, but the last piece I tried to get was 8 inches shy of what I needed.  Needless to say, I turned the damn thing off and went to leave.

IX- Usually I call or text Laurie I'm on my way.  Just as I put my coat on, my phone let me know it was out of juice.

X- And once home, Laurie had me locked out.  Go figure.

There.  I feel much better now.

OH, and again thank you to everyone who are responding to yesterday's prayer request.  I do have the BEST readers!


  1. Well. That's a sucky day. Clearly though, she let you back in. :)

    I had a really long day today... LOTS of mail, and my boss has FINALLY decided to cut the route smaller, which I was prepared for, but has now decided to cut me back 5 hours (not 3) a week. So yeah, not prepared for a 5 hour a week pay cut. *sigh* It will be fine, but it's gonna be a tough adjustment. I will be thankful though for it when the volume shoots up for holiday season, which starts actually in only 4 months.

  2. Sorry you had a bad day! I hate it when people mess with my stuff on my desk.

  3. I hate days like that.

    Glad Laurie let you back in. :o)

  4. Sounds like you, and people you know (based on your last post) are going through some challenging times. I hope tomorrow is a better day for everyone.

  5. CWM:
    As bad as those things seem, I would do you a huge disservice if I offered to swap YOUR angst for mine (especially after yesterday).

    And believe me, you DO NOT want my lower back today...
    I would only wish that on my worst enemy, and you're as far from that as East is from West.

    Take care and stay safe up there.
    (and always check your phone "bars"