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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Here we go again...

Since tomorrow it's supposed to start getting covered in 2-8 inches of that stupid white stuff, me 'n' Scrappy decided to go take advantage of things.

First, I learned through several twists, turns, whines, and jerks, that Scrappy was going to be more "kick" than "side" today.  Then, in the distance, I saw two animals playing.  Running, jumping, the whole nine yards.  Imagine my surprise when I downloaded the pictures and saw...

...yup, a groundhog and a squirrel!!

He'll be ever so happy he woke up from hibernation when he gets socked in tomorrow night!
 If you consult The Map (see above), you'll see that the first fenced field on the north side is just a backstop to keep soccer balls from going into the swamp.  Usually we have to go the long way around the fence row that hugs the west side of the field, but we thought today we might try to force a passage through the relatively open swamp.

You can pretty much see why we don't usually make the attempt.

And while I assayed the options...

...Scrappy found ways to entertain himself.
 Eventually, I thought better of the attempt, and we circumnavigated the fence row and moved on.

I walked with Scrap today, oh boy...
Four thousand holes along the St. Joe Trail;
And though the holes were rather small,
he had to sniff them all;
Now he know the scent of ev'ry hole that sat in Albert's Hall...
I'd love to tu-r-r-r-r-nn
In other news, I got out of working today because that stupid Gerber machine died the true death.  After an afternoon which featured a 10- panel stretch in which it successfully cut one, the Gerber guy showed up after I got off, fiddled with a few things, and it gave up the ghost.  Which led to a somewhat amusing happenstance.  I missed Wednesday with sinuses of death, and texted My boss to let him know I wouldn't be in.  I texted my temp company at the same time but it didn't go through.  Fading by the second, I gave Laurie the temp business card and had her leave a message; then I thought, in my stupor, I better have her call the job too, in case the other one didn't go through either.  She reached the number the sewing super had gave me (for her phone at home), and if I hadn't had her do this, I wouldn't have known about the gerber till I pulled in for no reason Saturday- unknown to us all, the company had never asked me for my phone number!  So the super checked the number from Wednesday and called Laurie's phone.
KC comes over today and told me how he set a new world record at work last night.  Seems my son the neophyte forklift driver had not one, not two, but three accidents on the lift in one night- two of which weren't TRULY his fault.  Nevertheless, there are certain rules involved, and thus KC became what I believe has to be the only person in history to have to take three urine tests in ONE SHIFT!
And we just went out and got a new TV!  Our last one- an LG that we inherited from her dear departed dad- had a capacitor going out that meant it would periodically pop and go black when the room temp around it changed (e.g. the furnace kicks in, the door opens, and so on).  Then it learned that doing that scared Scrappy into fleeing the living room.  So Wednesday night as I tried to recover from the aforementioned Sinuses, it decided to pop every time- and only when- Scrappy showed his fearful head in the room.  Enuff is enuff, I cried, and moments later it was dealing with the temperature change from the living room to the dumpster down the street.  An old Apex warrior filled in for a few days, until this afternoon when we brought home our new Samsung.  On which I am now going to finish watching the Nationwide race to see if Elliot Sadler might at last blunder into some good luck.


  1. Yeah, snow tomorrow. Don't that suck?
    On a related issue, I'm glad that cardinal was able to get back from Rome before the weather turned bad.

    1. Yeah, I did that bit on the one I got a pic of last week.

  2. About time you gus got a break and some spring weather. It is a ll a bit crazy with us getting the equvilent of a summer day tomorrow.
    Cool photos of cute critters

    1. 5 inches of snow on the car this morning. 50's by the weekend. Go figure.

  3. CWM:
    Had a feeling we'd hear about that gerber machine giving up the ghost REAL soon, by the sound of things.
    That's really odd about the TV...never used to have problems with those older CRT sets...did we?
    And tube sets were too simple to fix...change the bad tube out.

    Nowadays, the stores offer all these "warranty" programs...makes me feel even THEY don't have that much confidence in what they build and sell.

    We might get a flat screen...someday, but STILL hang onto the CRT sets...just in case.

    And I love the Scrappy journals travelogue...
    You guys are fortunate to have that kind of backdrop to where you live..
    We just have WILD animals around us...LMAO!
    (and most drive and have EBT cards)

    Stay safe, warm, and dry up there

  4. Gerber- yeah, me too.
    CRTs- but they were a LOT heavier.
    Warranty- thanks for the reminder of something I have to tell next post.
    Travelogue- don't we know it!