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Monday, March 18, 2013

I'm about tired of winter...

Most of my friends have abandoned the woods for lack of food- and cover, as IPFW has been very active in clearing the "unnecessary brush" along California Road that afforded the south end of the woods a little privacy.   I always thought Purdue was big in forestry, but I guess that must just be from the "cutting down" side.  Anyway, if you want to know why there haven't been  many pics lately...

Not much to see but ducks.

Mr. Cardinal, fresh back from Rome, searching for food amongst the litter of the woods.

I liked this one- Cardinal working the log in one corner, robin across the diagonal.

Yeah, you wanna start something wit' us?

Ice, water, and mud- the woods in a nutshell.

Not sure what the guy standing up was up to, he never took off.

Noisy?  Must be a Blue Jay.

George, they're looking at us again...

Bunny field was full of robins- not sure what they were finding.

I dunno... looks cold...

Oh, BTW, kudos to blogger- the new photo upload is way cool and way faster!  Nice to have an improvement that improves something for a change.


  1. Nice walk.. thanks for sharing.

    1. No, it was two cold, windy walks. Not nice, but at least we two limpy warriors got to make it.

  2. Please tell me Scrappy didn't go in! That water looks frigid! We took our dogs to the beach last week and they got their paws wet in ocean and that was more than enough for them.

    1. Nope, that was as close as he got.

  3. Ice, water, mud...our yard in a nutshell, too. Ugh.

    And the geese and ducks are taking over, too. I can't wait for some sun!

  4. CWM:
    Those are some GREAT spite of the COLD.
    Love those Mallards, too.

    Was Scrappy "taste-testing" the water?
    Maybe he can get a position w/ the city...he'd probably do a MUCH BETTER job!

    Blogger has a "new" photo upload?
    Doesn't seem any NEWER to me...OR faster.
    (same old from where I'm at).

    Stay safe.