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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Lotsa Little Bits vol. 10

ITEM:  I've been for the last two days a blog post looking for a subject to write about.  So today you get mishmash so I can gratify myself.

ITEM:  Laurie is now employed, having gotten a job at that great anti-union corporate monolith with all the customers whose pictures make up a funny if disgusting website.  She starts tomorrow, and hopefully will take over the company in time for me to retire next week.  In other news, Scrappy has been leafing through "solitaire for dogs" again.

ITEM:  Checked my junk e-mail file, and found nothing worth making fun of.    Outside of a major propensity for a blogging lady I know (whose posts mostly involve taking care of her grandchildren) to get spam comments from those who want to hawk "portable vaginas" for hard up guys.  Who says target marketing is dead?

ITEM:  Quick hockey update:  In Denmark, the regular season champion (and rival of my team SonderjyskE), Herning Blue Fox, got owned in the quarters by the 7th place Rodovore Mighty Bulls!  Gotta laugh at that one!  They move on to face Frederickshavn, who were first for most of the season before fading.  SYU topped the Russian Snow Leopards 4-3 in OT yesterday to knot their series at 3 games each.  The Meteor Guys await the winner, while St. Pete will face Dynamo.  And Grizzly Adams Wolfsburg posted a 5-3 win and a 2-1 series victory over Nurnberg in the German playoffs.  GAW moves on to play Adler Mannheim, who won the regular season with a 30-16-6 mark.

ITEM:  Our local university, IPFW (I Personally Favor Women... er, Indiana U- Purdue U, Ft Wayne), announced that they would be laying off some employees.  From the News15 report:

Chancellor Vicky L. Carwein sent an email to the IPFW community on Thursday afternoon announcing the elimination of 15.5 jobs. 24.5 unfilled positions will also be eliminated. These reductions are expected to save IPFW $2.2 million.

Fifteen point five?  Twenty-four point five?  Damn it, I just got canned from my half a job at IPFW!  Where will I find another campus that offers half-jobs?  My half-life is ruined!

ITEM:  Bobby Smith, the voice of the Spinners, died today.  Which brings up that I am currently researching how many acts that have hit #1 have moved on to the great turntable in the sky.  I'm only about halfway, so it's debatable whether I will have it on this week's Time Machine or next week.  Or what form it will take, or whether anyone will care but me.

ITEM:  I have been absolutely astounded  mildly surprised by how many of my peers here in blogland have described the traditional Irish fare they consumed for St. Patty's Day.  Of them all, I'd have to say the shepherd's pie and the cake that doubled as a bottle of Bailey's by Nain at View from down here was my favorite.  Second place for cutest chef goes to Squirrel, Skippy's Daughter, over at I Make Soap.  Me?  The closest to anything Irish I consumed was when a co-worker bought some cupcakes for SPD at work.  They were a wonderful chocolate with an equal amount by weight dose of green icing on the top.  He joked, "I was up all night making them!"  I replied, "You could have left off about half the icing and got a couple hours sleep."  Still, I think I was the only one (besides him) that didn't throw half their icing away.

ITEM:  Darling Diane Feinstein's assault weapons ban got 86'ed by Harry Reid today.  Seems even with a Democrat senate, Harry and Di couldn't muster the support for it.  Think we'll get "Reid bows to NRA pressure" stories on the network news tonight?  Me either.  Of course, Harry broadly hinted she should try to jam it in as pork an amendment on the floor, which is no doubt just what will happen.  Still, it is amusing that Obama's mandate isn't as invincible as he likes to think.

ITEM: Speaking of amusing, I assume everyone here has heard that the Devil that appeared on the TV miniseries The Bible looked like a weathered Obama.  With those ears, a lot of radar installations resemble Obama, but you don't see us shutting them down- yet.  I did check out a bit of the repeats of the show Sunday whilst doing other things.  Perhaps I was too hard on it in the past- but what I saw resembled a lot of old Cecil B. DeMille storyboards.  And splitting the red sea was better on The Ten Commandments.  So were the commandments.  A fiery hand blasting commandments into a mountainside does a lot more for me than a couple seconds of shaking followed by a rock sliding away and TA-DA! Commandments.

ITEM:  One more thing on the sequester:  Obama says he'll "make it hurt".  So far, the closures have included: ending guided White House tours; no breakfast in Army mess halls overseas; and no more flyovers at sporting events.  What next?  No more toilet paper at VA Hospitals?  I don't know about his other "skills", but Obama has petty down to a T.

ITEM:  Boy, I guess I did have a few things to say!


  1. Congrats on Laurie getting a job. Please express my sympathies to her for her place of employment.

    Waylon finally got a job at our local USPS. At least the pay and benefits are much better than his previous job, which was at that great anti-union corporate monolith with all the customers whose pictures make up a funny, if disgusting website.

  2. Congrats on Laurie's employment! Like Alisa, I express my dearest sympathies regarding where she has to work.

    I haven't seen that new series The Bible yet. Figure I'll wait for the DVD version and skip all the commercials. What bits I have seen I would have to say that Ten Commandments was just better. Period. But someday I'm sure I'll see the series.

    1. They said that the idea for the series came from the producers kids thinking The Ten Commandments was too cartoony. Kids just ain't very smart these days.

  3. By gratifying yourself, do you mean.....?
    Gotta hand it to you.
    Although you've probably done that yourself. :-)

    1. All these women hanging out here and you're gonna say that...

  4. Oh, regarding Obama resembling the Devil brouhaha: I read that Lucifer has written a strongly worded letter to the History Channel vehemently protesting the implication that he looks like the Idiot-in-Chief.

    1. Well, he would have enough lawyers to sue...

  5. Congrats to Laurie for getting a job, that is great news.

  6. All good stuff, particularly interesting viewed from over here!

    1. Thank you, sir, always a pleasure to have you here!

  7. What's a cupcake without a disproportionate amount of icing?
    [My gawd, I just amazed myself by not getting a bad spelling squiggly red line under disproportionate. Wow. Meds must not have kicked in yet. Score one for me. hee]

    Speaking of baking for St. Pats - I was in the grocery store last night, baking aisle no less, and was restocking up on my extracts. I needed mint and they were out. I couldn't figure out why and Pooldad mentioned that perhaps everyone was making mint something or other for St. Pats day? Hmmmm. I guess with mint being green and all, but really? Then again I made key lime pie and I am preeetttty sure they don't have lime trees in Ireland.

    I am sorry we are missing out on the Bible miniseries. I think you should do a complete recap of the entire series for those of us that are cable station challenged. You are cracking me up [as usual] with your take on it. One thing Pooldad and I laugh at everytime we watch the original [and it's on in less than a week - YAY! Camp at it's finest] is Edward G. Robinson is in it. OMGawd. My favorite line is "Who's your Moses naaaooow?" Bwahahaha - the way he says in with a gangster's voice. He is 100's of years ahead of his time. hee

    It's the little things with me. But you know that.

    Have a great one my friend. Hugs!

    1. I've only seen little bits of it, really, so I'm no judge. I just know that EGR made excellent casting for the part, which is better than what I saw on the miniseries. And disproportionate is disproportionate, no matter how you spell it.

  8. Many congratulations on Laurie's new job - Go Laurie! I see a take-over right around the corner.

    Well, I watched the news...nope. Nothing much about the gun ban unless you watched Fox and even they didn't have all that much to say about it.

    I'm watching The Bible and once the seed has been planted that the devil and Obama look similar, it's hard not to see it. I'm not sure if I would have seen it unless it had already been suggested though since I've been DVRing it.

  9. I missed this Obama thing, see what happens when I stop watching tv... hahah... we were just talking about that today here in the office :)

  10. CWM:
    ROFL...that's some funny stuff going on...
    And CONGRATS to Laurie...prayers ARE answered .(today's blog post speaks to that)

    Obummer as the DEVIL?
    Nah...he's just a know-nothing privilieged Harvard grad who WE, the people paid to send there, that's all.

    The Bible IS a decent show...I like the anonymity of the actors, but NOBODY can part a Red Sea or bring down the Commandments like Chuck Heston...!

    And I'm perfectly "Fein" with the gun-control ban being given the CIRCULAR FILE...LOL.

    Great post.

    Stay safe up there in Scrappy Meadows.
    (teach him Canasta)