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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Oh, there he is...

Not that I haven't had things to say, but I've been kinda keeping them to myself.

First I should say we survived the Great March Snowstorm.  It took Me and Laurie 15 minutes to get me outta the parking lot this morning, but once on the streets, it wasn't terribly bad- not for just having 10 inches or so of snow.  (Although I think one could have done a better job clearing the intersection of Coldwater and Washington Ctr.)  HOWever, I was less than pleased to see that our street was FAR worse this afternoon at 3:30 than this morning- and that, despite the fact that I was the only one parked on our side of the lot, only a path INTO the lot had been cleared- not a hint of attempting to clear actual spots.  Laurie helped me back back into the spot I plowed out of this morning- and then told me that it was only two hours before that the complex had gotten to the sidewalks!

In the meantime, they put this up on Facebook:

Can you believe all of this snow?! Our maintenance staff got to work bright and early this morning to clear the paths and lots for everyone. We really appreciate their efforts! If you come across one of our maintenance staff out there plowing, shoveling or snowblowing, please let them know that you appreciate their efforts as well. They take great pride in their work and want to make you happy!


Needless to say, I wasn't very positive in my response.  Nor was I alone.

Another thing that weighed on my mind this week was the openning of The Bible series on the History Channel.  A lot of people were just glad to see such a show be produced by a big name and aired on a popular channel.  I guess I was a bit particular, though, and we bailed after just 17 minutes.  Why?

1. A leaky roof on the Ark.  Okay, so God can miraculously a) keep them safe while building the boat, despite the violence of the world of the day, b) get all those animals gathered together in seven days, c) despite no mention of food supplies, sanitary facilities, and one window- sealed- for ventilation, they survived on the boat for over a year, and d)God sealing the boat Himself-  all that, but He couldn't keep a roof from leaking for forty days? And some people think the Ark is still intact on Ararat.  Go figure.

2.  Abraham and Sarah sure didn't look 75 and 66 when they left Haran.  Oh well, Noah didn't look 400, either.

3.  Rushed dialogue, crappy acting, and the only character of the 5 I saw with actual parts in those 17 minutes that rang true to me was Lot's wife.

4. Lot was supposed to already be in Sodom when captured, not still on the way.  The friction between Abe and Lot seemed contrived (due to the compression factor) and when Laurie commented, "They're kinda making Abraham seem like a dumbass,"  I was done.

Everyone else, seems to be enjoying it, though.  Please, carry on.  I'm just nitpicky.

Another subject I'm avoiding is the late and far-from-great Hugo Chavez.  Trying to remember, his is a soul we need to pray for, too.

And of course, there is my job, which I appreciate greatly- or more specifically, the machine I work with.  Without giving you the boring details, I believe it is losing its little computer mind.  Each day it adds a new page to my "I've never seen it do that before" book.  And today, the paperwork printer decided to assume room temperature.  Because, after all, the label printer can't be the only thing to act up, can it?  IT got a new motherboard last week.  I guess the printer got jealous.

Finally, a hockey update.  The elite eight is set now.  Vanguard took out the Siberians with a 2-0 win at home, as Finnish goalie Karri Ranno made 26 saves.  SYU upset the Metallurgists in Magnitogorsk 2-0, as another Finnish goalie, Iiro Tarrki, only had to stop 17 shots, as the home team didn't put up a lot of fight.  And the Meteor Guys took out the Kazakh Snow Leopards 5-3, the second straight year that the cats took a 2-0 lead on the Meteor Guys and lost the series.

So, the second round features Dynamo vs Red Army and St. Pete vs the Steelers in the west, and Vanguard vs Meteor Guys and SYU vs the well-rested Russian Snow Leopards in the east.  Other playoff notes include:

- France goes to the second round, and the perrenial favorites, Rouen, could only split the first two games.

- In Poland, top-ranked Sanok got beat AGAIN, and now trail 2 games to 1.

- Vienna's Caps and KAG Klagenfurt have won through to round two of the Austrian league playoffs.

-And I have been interestedly watching the first round match in Norway between third place Lorenskog and fifth place Lillehammer.  After the favorites won a tight 3-2 opener, Lillehammer scored 6 times in the second period of game two en route to a 8-1 win.  And today?  Lorenskog wins in OT, 2-1.  Again, go figure.

Oh, and one last thing.  A lady blogger I know is getting hammered again by family because she chose to vent about something that was tearing her up.  Somebody else read it and went running to the family member in question, who chewed her out.  Excuse me, but IMHO, the family member does more than enough to CAUSE her tension, but that's okay, just don't try to blow off some steam on your blog!  For gosh sakes, if people read about the problem, they might PRAY for your family, or suggest ways to HELP!  What could you have been thinking?

I've never made a secret of who I am or that I blog.  If anyone in my family gave a rat's ass, they would have to read just what I write whether they liked it or not.  If the mirror came up darkly, perhaps instead of bitching, they should take a look into it at themselves.  One thing I do know, is that there is a lady out there that bends over backwards for a family that by and large is just there to use her.  And she's a better mother than they deserve.


  1. Sorry to hear about your snow issues. We are in the 70's, with high winds and drought conditions, which brings us under severe threats of fire.

  2. I have no idea what is like to drive in snow and to be honest I don't want to know how it

    1. I could take a little of that, too...

  3. My goodness you be safe out there! You dont even want to know how warm its been in Dallas.
    As far as the Bible movie, yep its pretty hokey but at same time cool that it was done in this time of fancy movie making. So you missed the bad ass ninja angel kicking butt in Sodom?! I'm gonna watch it simply because it helps me focus on God and Easter coming up.
    My blog is also a place i vent on and i know i risk my famaily reading it but i will take that risk. Like you said, it's so great to reach out for pray to all my virtual blogger friends.
    Hang in there!

    1. Ninja Angel? I can't wait until they get to Nebuchadnezzer's dream!

  4. *waves* I'm too tired to comment intelligently right now... lol It was there when I started typing, but nope. Now it's gone. I'll get back to you. lol

  5. With all that snow you dont want to know about the weather we have been having.
    As for our blogger friend, I think I know who you mean, and I completely agree.

  6. CWM:
    Nice facebook post by the apt complex mgmt...NOT.
    In some ways I wouldn't miss social media ONE dang bit, should it ever go away.
    I prefer telling people off face-to-face (when requied), especially when they think they're right, and I can prove otherwise.
    (like apartment complexes...LOL)

    I feel for the lady blogger friend, too.
    It's HER blog...let her do what SHE wants to, and family might be better off butting out.
    But that's just MY opinion.

    Good post.

    Saty safe (and melted by now) up thjere.