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Saturday, April 20, 2013

A weekend walk

...but first, I have to say I am SICK of sneezing.  I don't know what's up, but since about 11 I've sneezed about three dozen times.  And I'm SICK of snow, which we woke up to see in the yard, this morning, though it was gone after about an hour of sunlight.  Both were absent from the walk, but we quickly saw the results of 3 inches of rain a couple days ago...

Before you question this picture, let me just say this is about the third time in four years that I've seen water in this ditch.

The Green Hole at about double usual capacity.

No river bank here- just woods and water!

So we moved on for a quick trip through the woods...
He started in giving us grief right off.

First flowers out, as usual- Dutchman's Britches.

My dad's family would be out with knives and buckets hunting dandelion greens.  Never got the taste for them myself.
 Truly, my dad would mix a mess of greens seared in vinegar, fried potatoes, and egg.  Looked like he was eating sea monster.

This is Scrappy being disappointed when I wouldn't let him tear through butt-deep mud to chase Mr. Fox, who we saw on the back trail again.  Sorry no pics- he moves so quick I couldn't have caught him if all I had to do was wiggle my nose.

See that nice rusty log?  Imagine it with pointy ears and a tail and it would look just like Mr. Fox.

More cute little flowers.


  1. I saw a BEAUTIFUL white tipped fox while on the mail route today. :) We are waiting for the dandelion "Puffs". The boys saw somewhere that when you light them on fire they burn multiple colors.

  2. Dandelions are starting to pop through my lawn. At this point, and after winter, I'm just glad to see ANYthing growing.

    1. God, that's what I've been saying for 3 weeks!

  3. CWM:
    You always find some cool stuff on those outings...wonderful flowers you have there.
    And I've already seen dandelions too...bugger!
    GOtta thank the neighbnors for never cutting them down or dealing with them for OURS...

    Still, some higher water than you're probably used to seeing, right?
    And make sure it stays well away from your place!
    Great pictures.

    Stay safe up there.

    1. It would have to do so much climbing to get to us, you'd be underwater before we would. Hey, that's a good idea to clean out your hood... always works for River Haven...

  4. Cant beleive you are still getting snow. I would have thought you guys would be getting some amazing weather by now.
    I know our days definately have a touch of winter in them now

    1. Allegedly we got some today (Monday) too. I just smile and think of God laughing at Al Gore...