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Sunday, April 7, 2013

As number 1,000 aproaches...

...I thought I would look back at what I did for my other "milestone posts."  Rather than clutter the upcoming anniversary post, I thought I'd share what I found beforehand.

#100- May, 2010- Step Into My Time Machine, (volume 1) week 5

I had actually written a post for number one hundred, combining a prayer for what I would say with a sermon I attended that Sunday.  Unfortunately, I wasn't attentive enough in my counting, and ended up posting it at #99.  The actual 100th post was the fifth-ever Time Machine installment, which was prefaced by a grumble about the massive OT onslaught at work.  The number one song that week in 1975 (where volume one started) was Ace's How Long.  And, as often the case back then when no one was listening, there were no comments.  In fact, if you subtract two comments from my son and one from a nephew (as well as a handful from my friend who thinks her entire internet connection will dissolve if she gets a google account so she can comment on the blog instead of e-mail), I didn't get a legit comment until post #103!

#200-October 2010- #200-Why God Allows Atheists

By this time, we had waged the epic three-way battle over atheism on the post "What Government Is For", as well as a few other confrontations.  So for a 200th episode (which I actually counted right this time) I came up with 9 very good reasons why atheists are allowed to exist on a planet created by a God they refuse to believe in.  They included:  for God to have mercy, it can't be for everyone; to shake believers from complacency; Force us to confront our doubts; challenge our Biblical knowledge, faith, ability to pray for all men, and our actions in dealing with them; to show that God does what He says (as in the blinding of the disobedient); and to force us to study science and nature with an OPEN mind (not the "free-thinking mind that tells us we MUST exclude God from the discussion).  In hindsight, I should have included the Parable of the wheat and the tares as well.  Again, no comments.

#300- February 2011- Finally The Snow's Gone! Let's Walk!

As you might guess, a picture post (with the old, not-so-good camera) featuring a trek from Scrappy's landing and down through the woods.

The story featured Scrappy falling through this section of ice moments later.  However, the joy of the day was short-lived, because two days later I posted this:

Two commenters appeared on this one- Amy from the Fourth Frog Blog, and the inimitable Bobby G., plus a reply to both.

#400- June 2011- Harrison Square, One More Time

One of my favorite things to bash local government with is the pyramid scheme known as the Harrison Square Project, from which by now we were to have a ballpark, luxury condos, a shopping center, and a re-vitalized downtown, each of which was magically supposed to pay for each other.  You can track the success of the masterminds of this boondoggle, Barry Real Estate, on google because we aren't the only community they screwed failed to deliver on their promises in, but I can tell you so far, of all that was promised, we have the ballpark and a ped bridge from the Embassy theatre to the Grand Wayne Center, along with a patch of unimproved city lots.  Bobby G. got the sole comment on this one.  He called it "Costaplenty Square".

#500- October 2011- Cassie

Cassie was my last dwarf hamster, who's entrance into our family was the second post of this blog's history.  The 500th marked her passing.  Losing her really broke my heart on DHs- not because of her death, but because she was one of the most devoted, friendly little animals I ever had, and I didn't spend near the time she deserved with her.  It was the closest I ever came to understanding how Christ must have felt, willing to die for a world that really couldn't have given a crap about Him.  I still miss her.  But I can't go back, not yet.  Bob had a comment and a reply, and Mynx gave her sympathy.

#600- January 2012- The Boys In Orsk

Many of you know the Lokomotiv story- how the Russian team I followed crashed with all hands aboard at the beginning of the 2011-12 season, and the team was rebuilt into a squad that played in the Russian high minors (VHL) the second half of that season.  This was the story of their first road trip- and the thunderous reception they got in a small minor league city.  Three comments, from Average Girl, Bragon Dorn, and Mynx- all mentioning that hockey wasn't their thing.  Shame on you, AG, you're Canadian!  By now though, most of you have figured out that this is just one of those things you have to put up with with me.

#700- May 2012- The Great Eighties Countdown, Week 3

The last of my three "great" countdowns was just getting started, featuring songs #260 (Rick Springfield's Don't Talk To Strangers) to #241 (Robbie Patton's Smiling Islands, featuring Stevie Nicks).  Jewels from According To Jewels and, of course, Bob had comments here.

#800- August 2012- Busy Morning At The Bell

A picture post at the bird feeder.

Which ended with this snarky comment:

Yeah, whatever.  Call me when the ground hog climbs up there.

A whopping 10 comments here- 3 were me replying, the others were Alisa, Ms NK Rey, Hey Monkey Butt, Galen Pearl, Al Penwasser, Living Life, and Mynx.

#900- December 2012- Spoprts Tuesday

Other than the headline misspell on my part, the notable part of this post was the headline I cropped from ESPN.Com that day-

Red Sox, 7 others eye Met's Dickey

Not surprising with a sports post, no comments.


And speaking of sports, here's today's hockey update.

In Germany, Kolner and Berlin pushed their semifinal series leads each to 3-0 after wins today, with Kolner downing Grizzly Adams Wolfsburg 4-2 after earlier 7-2 and 1-0 wins.

In the KHL, Dynamo outlasted Traktor 2-1 in game one of their final series.

In Denmark, former Kalamazoo Wing Peter Asselin scored shorthanded to tie the game, and SonderjyskE beats Frederikshavn 3-1 to tie their final series at a game each.

In the Slovak finals, Kamil Brabanec scored in the shootout to give Zvolen a 2-1 win over Kosice in game one.

And in the UK's Elite League championship game, Missouri-born Jordan Fox scored in OT to erase a furious third period comeback by Belfast and give Nottingham's Panthers their third straight playoff championship by a 3-2 score.  This is the fourth time the Panthers have won the playoffs in the current league's ten-year history, though it is the first time they also won the regular season title as well.  Yes, is the famous Nottingham, and Sherwood Forest lies about 23 miles to the north.


Finally, here's some Sunday walk pics- nothing amazing, I'm afraid.

First new green thing I've seen yet.


  1. I can't exactly recall when I became a loyal reader [it wasn't thanks to Blogger and it's inability to keep your blog updated, ::gnashing of teeth:: I can tell you that, but I hope the next time you do a run up to a milestone post in this fashion you can include many "And Skippy commented too"s - especially on the [baseball] posts. I don't know about anyone else, but I love whatever you post, as it is an great, electric mix and most of the time I click off at the end, deep in thoughts and smiles. . .which is exactly what a great blog should be, eh?

    I do have to say tho' - you are a nice baseball "rival" - you were so quiet on Friday. heehee We were stunned. Wow. That was not a good game [Understatement #12, 2013] Whew. Well, only 184 more to go before the Nats make everyone's predictions come true. Here's hoping the curse really isn't true.

    Hugs to you my friend. Can't wait for the 1000th. Have a great and blessed week.

    1. Well, it wouldn't be much fun being TOO mouthy with you since I'd just feel guilty afterwards. Plus I kinda like the Nats and also don't need to build up bad karma on my teams!

      I also hope to see your comments on the future milestone posts- as well as inspiring some, as you have in the past. I'm playing out 1,000 in my head already- and trying to find a way to NOT make it this coming Time Machine!

  2. Our snow's gone.
    I removed the snowthrower from the tractor this afternoon.
    I'm guessing a blizzard by the end of the week.

    1. Chrissakes, Al, shuddup about that!

  3. CWM:
    Wow...closing in on that Millenial early congrats to YOU.
    Did it take me "300" (!) posts to finally drop by your blog?
    I MUST be getting older!
    I DO remember that car...(still one) helluva park job! the Harrison/Pyramid scheme (I called it COSTAPLENTY SQUARE)

    I often Thank God for your blog, if not for the inspirational posts, then for the picture "travelogues"...and naturally, there's ALWAYS those lookbacks to music from better times.
    There days when I NEED some inspiration...or some good music.
    You provide both, my friend.

    Do stay safe up there in Scrappy-Hollow (the Kingdom of Sambonia)