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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

B is for Boofus

I'm kinda skeptical about this...
Okay, so this isn't an A to Z challenge post, but I thought it sounded pretty good.

Actually I only had a couple of assorted things to bring up.  First, we have three entries in the "what shall the 1,000th post be about" contest, and pretty good ones, I might add.  But Scrappy up there will choose by picking a random food item from a group of same to decide which post gets it, so he'd like a few more entries!

Second, our hero had a brief adventure this morning.  Warmer weather talked me into putting the one bird feeder back out, but when we went to let Boofus have his morning outdoors trip, Mr. Raccoon was sitting on the fence considering a raid, with a "Can't you all just go back to bed, please?" look.  Needless to say, our visitor hurriedly left, taking with him a lot of my desire to do the bird-feeding thing this year.

Third, fellow blogger Bobby G.  decided to pre-emptively declare war on North Korea.  I joined in quickly in the name of the Kingdom of Sambonia.  This was my childhood "nation", an empire back then, whose emperor was always the alpha pet (With a cat named Sambo being the first Emperor, hence the name).  In reply to my declaration, Bob replied thusly:

Now THAT'S what I'm talking about!
That's TWO of us...
(we could be on to something)
I'm dying to see your FLAG!

Well, yes, there was a Sambonian flag, and it looked something like this:

And there you have it, Robert!

Finally, a caller on Rush Limbaugh made an interesting observation on the growing partisan polarization:

" This isn't politics as usual.  It is a cold war, a cold civil war..."

Boy, that not only puts it in a nutshell, but puts in stark relief the need for everyone to back off from the abyss.  Unfortunately, from my POV, we have seen so much of not only lying from this President and his party mates, but the willingness to ignore, accept, or embrace the lie by those who voted for them- in order to protect their sacred cows- that it is hard for me to be the one to trust and step back first.  The problem is, we have obscured the issues that we should be "this far and no farther" on with all the so-called hot-button issues that no one will move on- but maybe shouldn't be a part of the debate at all.  The "experts" remain convinced that these issues are the way to gain support- but really, all they do is radicalize your base.  The caller thought that perhaps the way to break the cycle is for those in the middle- the independents- to stand up as a "fifth column" to move things forward.  Sounds like a plan to me, so get at it!  I'll be right here behind the barricades- hoping to see a parlay flag, but with weapon in hand for the first sign of a lie.


  1. A cold civil war.
    Let's hope we don;t see the 21st Century equivalent of Fort Sumter.
    I'm thinking that would be bad.

  2. I love Scrappy. He's a cutie.

    :) We need to see many more pictures of his lovely mug.
    Less talk about war. More Scrappy. ::grinning::

  3. CWM:
    Boofus and that raccoon...LOL.
    LOVE that flag, too...
    Now, all you need is a "national" anthem.
    "Hail, hail...Sambonia..."
    SO barked Secretary Boofus - at the department of "de fence"...(where that raccoon was)

    The partisan polarization is much like the polarization WE, the PEOPLE are suffering.
    Those who WANT something done to keep us FROM that abyss...and those that don't give a rip if we go over into it, because they're busy having their attention diverted.
    (long live reality shows - ?!?)

    D.C, is now the winter home for Barnum & Bailey's
    (talk about your CLOWN college)

    Good post.

    Stay safe up there.

  4. The amount of blame shifting and gas lighting that this current administration does is amazing! Their base eats it up because they want too. They are afraid to stand up when the truth is staring them in the face.

  5. And here I was thinking you were jumping on the train. :) We also have a new backyard visitor. A really big possum has appeared in our backyard this past week, which is odd since in ten years I've never seen one here. Anyway... I was trying to get a good pic of him, but seriously... he's brazen, won't pose for the camera, and kind of freaks me out.

    But if I do get him to cooperate, I'll post those pics in May.