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What is it about nice people that attract total idiots?Nice people are martyrs. Idiots are evangelists.


Friday, April 19, 2013

I don't understand them

The last thing I want to do, as I have said before, is to give any more fame to the two wasted young men who were taken down today after the five day manhunt.  What I mean by wasted will soon become apparent.  The thing is, one thing about Friday's events keeps playing in my head, the words of the one who now stands before God saying, "Does this mean I don't get my virgins?"

“I don’t have a single American friend, I don’t understand them.”
You don't understand them.  I said to myself, I wonder what it is that he didn't understand.

Is it that we love and value- and for the most part, enjoy- our lives?  I can see where people who place no value on life might be confused.

Is it where this country's people believe, despite what atheists might want to claim, that faith should not be forced at the edge of a sword?  Or that we have little interest in slavishly worshipping a "god" that commands such butchery?

Was it the willingness of this nation and its people, over and over, to shower the men and their family kindness- refuge from ethnic persecution, the best of our education, even to the point of helping pay for schooling in one of the nation's finest schools?  They probably thought us fools for helping them, but between the man that gives with an open hand and the man who spits in his face, which one is the fool?

Did they not understand about how we may look soft and easy to cow on the outside, but are strong and hard as steel when wounded?  They certainly learned that- from the runners who aided in triage, to the first responders who rushed in, to the fans who sang the national anthem in the Garden Wednesday night, I think they had ample opportunity to learn THAT lesson.

I don't think they ever really tried to understand.  Even when that first one fell, the other one swore vengeance for his death, never stopping to reason that perhaps if they hadn't killed so many, he would still be alive.

Before the followers of Allah come out saying, "True Islam is not like that,"  I say, "Fine.  But the variety of Islam they practiced is not what you are defending."  Atheists like to whine about Christians "infringing on their rights", but these people would put you to death for your beliefs.  They would kill you, and take your children and indoctrinate them as modern day Janissaries.  If you weren't so disingenuous in what you say you believe, you'd be worrying less about those praying for you and more about those plotting against you.  These are people who robotically follow an ideology- I wouldn't grant them the courtesy of actually having any kind of faith- and will kill you if you refuse.  The human race's version of "You will be assimilated".

And the most important thing they didn't understand is, we are Americans.  We won't be beaten by them.  Nothing they can ever think to do will defeat us.  In the end, we may well bring ourselves down.  But will defend to the death our right to destroy ourselves.

And their own cause?  We never even knew for sure what it was.  It may have been nothing other than mass murder for the sheer joy of it.  If they had a cause, they brought nothing to it.  Anyone who paid attention to 9-11 should have been able to figure out that this kind of thing only makes us stronger.  I mean, think about it.  Before 9-11 they had a filthy rich leader, several uncaring governments to hide under, and a complacent US of A to work around.  Afterwards, the filthy rich leader is fish food, the governments that shielded them have either been tromped on or are busy ducking drones, and the words "Let's Roll" make them run and hide.  Now, we have a new meaning attached to Patriots Day, a whole group of new heroes, and a reason to stop being so nice to their fellows if we so choose.  Good job.

Wasted?  Yes, wasted.  These were potentially brilliant young men, who could have made a true difference to their people, their faith, their world.  But in the end, all they had is hate, and hate just makes you stupid.


  1. Wasted? Yes, wasted. These were potentially brilliant young men, who could have made a true difference to their people, their faith, their world. But in the end, all they had is hate, and hate just makes you stupid.

    That's it right there. I kept looking at the picture and thinking "He's just a kid" The waste is in the potential. If you listen to people that knew the younger one said he was a really nice person... makes you wonder what happened in the last year to make him so sad that he would reach to groups of violence.

    As you know, I am open to WHATEVER someone wants to believe, so long as it is peaceful. Youngest and I just had a conversation during our 3 mile run tonight about religion, why we don't belong to an "official" church (we go on rare occasion to different christian based churches, but don't have a true affiliation to one religion, per say). Our beliefs are a PERSONAL thing, but when you use that belief to hurt and mame... NO CREATOR intends that. The crazies that hide behind religion just don't see that. It has nothing to do with virgins... and everything to do with hate.

    He was a political refugee. We welcomed him. We educated him. He had EVERY opportunity we all have, and he blew it. And now, he will also receive the full extent of our justice system.

    Okay. I'm done.

  2. Excellent post. Very well said.

    I simply don't understand a belief system that makes people fear their God, and that everyone else will rot in Hell for not believing in their God. I've never understood how haters can hide behind their God, their faith, to justify killing innocent people who have absolutely NOTHING to do anything. Innocent people running a marathon did not deserve to be bombed because you did not have a "single American friend." If you don't have one single friend in life, perhaps you ought to look at yourself and change that. Don't take it out on hundreds of innocent people.

    This is a nation that has been known to kick some serious ass when attacked. You'd think after all this time, they'd quit trying to piss us off.

    1. I'm glad that you both were able to sum up what I was getting at. I don't believe these Islamists have anything about faith in mind, only power. I believe in a true God, and one Way to get to Him. I do NOT believe that that God ever intended superficial "conversions" by swordpoint.

  3. You articulated your points very well and I am right there with you. It is very sad when a person is presented with so many opportunites and chooses to squander them.

    If he thinks "not having a single American friend" is justification for hurting and killing innocent people, then he is right, he doesn't understand Americans.

    Time to open up a big ole can of whoop-ass.

    1. I know I've heard it said, "What we don't understand, we destroy". And it always boils down to not trying to understand.

  4. CW-

    I've never gotten the athiest's problems with Christians.

    If your belief structure is at adds with a Christian's belief structure, they perform that horrible, unspeakable act of PRAYING FOR YOU.

    Wow, that's cold.

    And as for "not having a single American friend," I can sympathize. I lived in New England for two years and it was tough to make friends.

    But I also did not work hard at it. And friends do not knock on your apartment door.

    These two idiots needed to get out and assimilate a little if they wanted to make friends.

    Especially in a city like Boston, at a college, where new people show up every semester?

    How hard did they try.

    All you disenfranchised Islamic fundamentalists reading this, please listen to the words of Ozzy...

    Maybe it's not too late
    To learn how to love
    And forget how to hate

    -"Crazy Train"

    And to everyone else reading-yes, you can live in fear of the next asshole with a home built bomb, or you can live. For you, I recommend the words of Warren Zevon.

    Enjoy every sandwich
    -Warren Zevon, with inoperable cancer when asked by David Letterman if he had any words of wisdom to his viewers.

    Life is too short. Go out an live it.

    Love one another
    -Todd Rundgren, from "Love Is The Answer"

    1. I would agree it's hard to make friends here in NE. Especially in the city. I lived in Brookline for 4 years and the only person I knew in my whole building (about 60 units) was the woman across the hall, and only because we worked the same hours. I also, am not someone who seeks out friends.

      This boy had friends though, he had access to EVERYTHING we (as natural born citizens) do. He has been here since he was little, something much bigger is at work here. Maybe we will find out, maybe not.

      In the end, NO ONE kills another human being because of religion.... it's just the excuse they hide behind. People have been killing each other over "religion" you thousands of years, sadly very few people step up and said what it really is... not God, but men.

  5. I love what you said [to paraphrase] "There's is not the Islam you are defending." I wholeheartedly agree. I know too many friends here in VA that are appalled when it is invoked for others' acts of violence. They are not a violent, kill people for heavenly reward people. And it is sad for them.

    Still, not having watch the news today - are these terrorists of the Islamic faith? I never heard that and I pray to [our] God that they don't use their religion as a reason for what they did.

    And kudos for writing about what being an American IS. We never give up. Ever.

    Hugs to you my friend.

    1. To my understanding, Tamarlan's slide into radicalism coincided with his praying 5 times a day after years of living in what was described as a basically secular family. What there excuse/reason was we'll have to find out when "Jokar" comes out of it enough to talk- if he didn't blow out his vocal cords in his botched suicide attempt.

      Stick a gun in your mouth and miss your brain. And him in pre-med, go figure.

      Also, I heard the other night it's funny that his name is pronounced "Jokar" when "Boston Marathon" is an anagram for "Honors to Batman".

  6. I'm sorry. Cracking up over the batman thing. :)

    1. You hear crap like that on late night radio.

  7. CWM:
    Very well said, and your commenters also NAILED IT.
    Excellent observations all around.

    Stay safe up there.

    1. I have the most intelligent of followers.