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Friday, April 5, 2013

Scrappy vs the Squirrel

It got to be funny- the squirrel attacks the bird feeder, Scrappy goes after the squirrel, squirrel runs away, Scrappy walks away, squirrel comes back.  Here, see for yourself.


In other funny things, I see that now, once he's safely elected, worm  Senator Joe Donnely is now supporting gay marriage.  I wonder if that means he's re-owned the gay son he unofficially disowned during the election.  Speaking of worms, I hope all the alleged Republicans that voted against Richard Mourdock because he ousted their hero Richard Lugar are happy with what they let in.  Good jobs all around!
And we have our Fourth hockey champion.  KAC Klagenfurt fell behind 2-0 but tied the game on 2 goals by Canadian Tyler Scofield (who exactly matched his regular season point total of 7 goals and 14 points in half the games in the playoffs).  KAC went on from there to take a 5-3 win over first place Vienna to capture the Austrian title from a fifth-place finish.  Klagenfurt, a city of 90,000 near the Slovene border, is the Yankees of Austria with 30 titles now, including 11 straight from 1964-74, and last won in 2009.
Skelleftea won its way into the Swedish finals today, awaiting the winner of Farjestadt and Linkoping.  Yesterday Traktor (the Meteor guys) downed Ak Bars (the Russian Snow Leopards) for the second straight game to win that series and a date with Dynamo Moscow in the KHL finals.  Another bit of KHL news is the application of Medvescak (the Bears) of Zagreb, Croatia, to the league.  They'll be queuing up behind Milan, Italy, and Gdansk, Poland, as new teams for next year.
Finally, I'm beginning to lean towards the "Why I blog" topic for that 1,000th post, since I still have only three suggestions for that post.  C'mon, everybody!  Every idea will be considered- except the one you don't send me!


  1. Poor Scrappy! He was so anxious to visit with that squirrel. I thought for sure he'd get his chance. My dog's ears perked up when he started barking. It was funny.

  2. I actually like "Why I Blog." It's always good to hear why someone does it.

  3. Do I get a prize if you pick that topic? ::wink::

    I'd settle for you not pointing out how badly the Nats lost last night.


    Love the video. Scrap is so cute!

    1. Well, there goes Saturday's post! Your guys couldn't help it, facing the mighty Cincinatti Reds!

  4. That squirrel is huge. Are they all that big?
    Poor Scrappy, he so wants to chase him away properly

    1. Yeah, we can get some fat ones here in the land of obesity.