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Saturday, June 1, 2013

I knew it was raining hard but geez... pt. 2

First off, here's a little more background.  Laurie and I were at her sister's playing euchre when the deluge began (me 'n' sis rolled, natch), and we sat around about a half-hour waiting for a break in the monsoon before we left.  The break didn't last long; by the time we were about a mile from home, Washington Center at the Walgreens on Clinton was about a foot deep, and Laurie was vehemently suggesting to the half dozen drivers in front of us, "Don't stop."  Made it home okay, went to bed, turned on the weather radio.  One of the several times it woke me up there on, I looked outside (I believe this was during wave #3, around 3 AM) I saw a deer high-tailing it across the yard.  I thought they were smart enough to stay in the woods... but after we went through the woods, no longer so sure of my wisdom.

Near the ditch

Don't usually see the feeder that full.
Usually you can walk across here on dry land.

That tree is actually in the guy's yard.

As I figured, the footbridge got moved...

Ah! There it is!

It usually sits just on the far side of the high-tension tower... about 150 paces downstream.
Scrappy finds a victim- drowned baby skunk.

Tree down on path to Scrappy's Landing.  Scrappy:  WTH??

Where we usually cross- kind of a mess...

Oops! No game on this field today...

Tall grass laid flat by the current.
Now I finally see what the construction stuff at the south end of the Plex is for...

They're going to connect the trail south of California Road to the main trail by building a bridge across Stony Run!

Fungi, wet but still alive.
One of our alleged Purdue foresters finally moved that tree that fell in the creek.  It was too big to have been drug downstream...

...although the current was so strong, even the ducks stayed ashore.

Man down!  I mean, tree down!
Part of that big guy on an angle, he fell and hit the next tree.

Scrappy surveys water damage.  It rutted the trail a little, but didn't prepare us for what came next...

At the north end of the back trail, most of the road has washed into the adjoining culvert!
Deep enough Scrappy could have hid in it...

And above it, there was a no-fooling two inch deep stream across most of the trail, flowing through the woods and out into the field.

That's what took out the trail.

Another man down!

Anything that ever held water in that end of the woods is holding it now.

And again...

...and you still wanna be in the woods when this stuff is going down?
One more washout- about 4 inches wide...

...and big enough to lose a shoe in!


  1. Sunny', hot, and dry here. I actually heard someone say we could use some rain. After seeing these pictures, I say we're good.

    1. Until Friday night, we were sunny, hot, and dry too.

  2. That's A lot of rain! We had some bad storms a while back.. clear sign that summer's a comin'!

    1. But I wonder if it will get dry again this summer. You can see on the map how dry it was.

  3. Wow!! Glad your apartment didn't get washed away! We've missed most of the rain down in Nowheresville these past few days, or what we've had has been very brief. It's almost like a normal summer season.

    1. I remember when I was a kid, events like these were normal about once a season. The climate has changed so much since then.

  4. CWM:
    Dang, that was some serious rainfall you guys got UP NORTH!
    You should have sent some of these pics into nice to get them on the TV.

    That dead baby skunk was sad to see...but nature takes care of it's own, right?

    Stay safe (and dry) up there in (the ISLAND of?) Sambonia.

    1. Like any good kingdom, we are founded on the high ground.

  5. That is an insane amount of rain (yeah,yeah, I am a week late)
    Poor baby skunk

    1. Yeah, I felt bad for him, too... but better that than Scrappy finding a LIVE one.