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Saturday, June 1, 2013

I knew it was raining hard, but geez...

I mentioned to Mynx that last night our area got like 4 inches of rain last night and early this morning.  Make that anywhere from 3.9 to 5.3 inches, according to trained spotters.  And it came close to affecting US.  How close?

You may have to click on this to get the full effect.  Our apartment is upper far left, the right side of the set-back building.  Far right center the pale line that angles down is the ditch that cuts across our apartments and flows into the feeder.  Directly above in far right upper you can see the cement pad the dumpster for those buildings at the ends of two carports.

Now that you have the layout, here's the scoop.  Check out  here and here to see what it looked like around 2 AM.  A lady was telling me they came about 1 and woke her up to move her car and self, and the water was up to her car door.  She said she was afraid it was in the car but it was not and she got out.  However, several other cars this morning wouldn't start.  She told me she came back and was up to her hips trying to alert others neighbors.  And that dumpster I mentioned?

There it is- looking at the map, if you follow the sidewalk to where it bends, that's where it ended up (after hitting several cars along the way, I'm told)- some 60 feet from where it started, and less than forty from going in the ditch and thence into the feeder. So the ditch flooded to the point it was deep enough to float a large dumpster from 60 feet away!

The ditch takes in all the water from the Papermill addition behind us, and they're up higher.  We are pretty high at our place too- everything flows away from us into the woods and back into the ditch.  But it drops where the ditch hits the feeder, and thus you have stalled cars and floating dumpsters.

The Zoo is flooded enough it knocked out their power and shut them down.  Lake between Reed and Maplecrest is WASHED OUT- which is something that, while it often gets flooded, I've never seen happen before.

Scrappy and I will check the more natural areas for damage once I post this.  If worthwhile, I'll post when we get back.


  1. CW<:
    Wow...floating DUMPSTERS?
    And I thought OUR area was known for weird
    Actually, that dumpster would be a GREAT entry in the TRF river race...LOL.
    (if you can get past the SMELL, AND find a way to get it to the river (other than waiting for the next flood))

    You caught a HUGE break there, my friend.
    Glad you suffered no ill effects from the storms.

    But you have to admit that it DID come close.
    (too damn close).

    Heard about the ZOO...AND Science Central closing, not to mention a few roads still closed as of Monmday, 3 June.

    Around here, it was just heavy sewer backups (amazing, given all the drugs and other things flushed down them
    Good pictures.

    Stay safe and dry up there.

    1. If flooding ever got to us, I imagine King Henry would be by to pick YOU up in HIS ark.

  2. Yep, you definitely win when it comes to rain.
    And you can keep it

    1. Thanks. Actually, I think we needed it because most has been absorbed into the ecology already.