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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Lotsa Little Bits vol. 19

ITEM:  Time for all of you to go over and check out some new members of the beer cap collection on the caps blog, along with the plug for the blogger who sent them.  Stephen T. McCarthy (you can get the link on the caps blog- another good reason to go) is intelligent and irreverent, well-versed but not perverse, and though you might not always agree with him, you'd better have your stuff together if you wanna challenge (or agree, for that matter) with him.  So go, check the caps out, check out his blog, and find out why his favorite beer sucks!

ITEM:  You'll also see that there is something else he sent me (and can't thank him enough for his generosity), which I am listening to as I type this.  You see, the whole thing got started when the name Walter Egan got brought up.  For the seventies-challenged among you, go Youtube his hit Magnet And Steel.  Well, before that- and after- he was involved in a surf band called the Malibooz.  In 1999, they reunited to do an lp called Living Water (The Surfer's Mass).  Basically it is Catholic mass done in surf music.  I'm on my second play, and still absorbing the entirety of it.  What I can tell you is what I've said before in many ways- worship is when you are so in tune with what you love, that the love becomes aimed at He who allowed what you love to exist.  Music, nature, surfing... I have a friend who finds it in fishing.  It is the purest form of praise, praise not needing the words.  The inexpressible groanings of the Spirit.  Eventually, I may have more to say on the subject, but for now let me close by adding that I think a new layer has just been added to my Christmas Vigil ritual.

ITEM:  As long as I'm pimping, you should all check out Bobby G.'s latest post.  I told him in all seriousness, it is one of his best.  Not surprising as he conjures the wisdom of his father to look at today's world.  Take a look, really.

ITEM:  Anybody out there see what happened to the Heat last night?  Hee Hee....

ITEM:  An upcoming Sunday message is going to talk about 2 Kings 4 ( which I thank Lorraine for bringing up via text message.  In the upcoming talk, I'm going to look at it in a slightly untraditional way... but I bring it up today because the conventional interpretation applies.  You see, this was the passage where Elisha has the widow borrow jars from the whole neighborhood, and then fill them up with the little bit of oil she had in her jar.  The resultant miracle paid her rent and gave her and her sons something to live on.

Last month's rent was made difficult by two rounds of tooth extractions and about 3 3-day weekends.  This week, I get even better news- due to lack of orders and other difficulties, this work week is Tuesday, 1/2 Wednesday, Friday, and whatever we end up working on Saturday.  Next week, Tuesday and Thursday, that's it.  So I'm borrowing jars- hoping to get them filled with some prayers that God will, indeed, see us through, giving us the wisdom to ride out this storm in His hands.  Anyone who can "lend a jar", it would be appreciated.  And since I have to pour something IN those jars, be sure to send along your prayer requests as well.  Thank you in advance.

ITEM:  Here's one for the baseball books:

A busted pipe under the infield at Rangers Ballpark created a sinkhole right behind the mound. On-field batting practice Tuesday for both the Texas Rangers and Cleveland Indians was canceled so the grounds crew could fix the problem.
Workers had to dig more than 3 feet deep to try to fix the pipe under the field that is used to water the infield. One of the workers could only been seen from the waist up after getting down into the hole.

Hold it... I think we've hit Dave Hostetler!
(And you'll have to dig to get THAT line!)

ITEM:  Looking over at the news, I see it's just posted that 10-year-old Sarah Murgnahan is getting her new lungs as we speak!  Thank you, Jesus, for letting common sense beat bureaucracy this once.  Now guide her surgeon's hands and heal her.

ITEM:   Also on the news, 72-year-old Jan Cooper of Anaheim was watching a burglar trying to break into her home.  It was up to her to defend herself and her wheelchair bound 85-year-old WWII vet husband.  She warned him off called 911, even had her Rottweiler barking at the burglar, but still he came.  So she fired her .357 mag S&W revolver at the idiot, one Brandon Alexander Perez, 31, a career burglar who was living in a nearby halfway house.  The bullet, police said, had to have missed his left cheek by inches.  His response?

The stunned intruder apologized to Cooper after she fired, she recalled, telling her, "I'm sorry, ma'am. I'm leaving. Please don't shoot."

See, my liberal friends?  Not only do guns prevent crime, they increase politeness!

ITEM:  Next, the strange case of  Edward Snowden, who says his conscience led him to blow the whistle on government eavesdropping.  He is currently hiding somewhere in Hong Kong, while "patriots" like John Boehner call him a traitor.  And today, not surprisingly, international skunk Julian Ass-ange called him a hero.

I cringe that I must agree this once with him.  But look at the facts.

Ass-ange's other hero Bradley Manning, leaked information not to the American people, but to a foreign website, Ass-ange's Wikileaks.  He leaked information that could have cost lives among the men he was serving with, men whose efforts to keep him safe in his support job were repaid by sticking their heads on the block.  Manning is a full blown traitor, a little leftist smartass who just wanted to stick it to "the Establishment".  Those that do that rarely care who get hurt along the way.

Snowden did not compromise lives here.  He pointed out that the Obutthole administration was playing Big Brother with our phones, our computers, even the news media.  Because every possible source of opposition MUST be snuffed out- that's Chicago politics, and that's why the IRS went after Mitt Romney, the Koch brothers, and the Tea Party.  He was, in his own words, not a traitor or a hero, but an American, who decided:

 'I don't want to live in a society that does these sort of things'.

So to Ass-ange, he's a hero for the same reasons that Bradley Manning is.  To me, he's a hero for that last quote.

ITEM:  With that in mind:  OBAMA!!! I'M RIGHT HERE!  I am not scared of anything you can do to me, because, I have a reward in heaven.  As the famous philosopher Van Zant once said, "Does your conscience bother you, tell me true..."


  1. CWM:
    --Being a (shouting) Methoduist, you naturally caught my attention with CATHOLIC MASS with SURF MUSIC!
    Now THAT is something I have NEVER heard of in 60+ years!
    Puts a whole NEW slant on the phrase "wipe-out".
    (betcha it's catchy, too)

    --As for my post...guess Dad did HIS job pretty darn well.
    Thanks (to you both).

    --The prayer jar gig sounds intriguing. I will have to see if it applies to Strawberry jelly (pray that I remember to GET a jar this weekend)
    ** And remember, when walking w/ God, there are no real impedimants - just unrealized opportunties.
    You've more people praying with you and for you.

    --The sinkhole thing was humorous, and the picture caption was REALLY funny!

    --Love the Jan Cooper/Cali story...
    In MY book "gun control" means using BOTH

    --The Snowden story has it's share of credibility behind it, and I would also not immediately label the man a "traitor" (we have plenty in D.C. already). He could be a patriot.
    Were I in his shoes, I might see things the same way. I left the IRS due to an acute bout of CONSCIENCE.
    The IRS doing underhanded stuff is nothing NEW, believe you me.

    --And agreed on the NEXT life...

    Very good wrap-up.

    Stay safe up there.

  2. I drop on in and you send me somewhere else........oh well I will go because that is how I roll..........and being nice and round I roll pretty good

    1. First of all, round is nice... second, you know I wouldn't send you to bad places...

  3. I'll send good thought your way for work. In the mean time, enjoy the time off. You may be busier than a one armed paper hanger soon enough and then you'll be wishing for it. :)

    1. Trying to, but it's hard to relax when "the buzzards are circling". Our car tonight refused to go into gear- the button on the gearshift handle was frozen- and had to be towed in. Now Laurie's missed a night of work, and another expense has been added on. Doesn't seem like we can ever go through this crap without the car wanting to throw something in.

  4. He's better than Pelosi, but methinks Boehner is an asshat.

    1. And sometimes I think the only difference between him and Pelosi is that his dementia hasn't set in yet...

  5. It's a shame Mrs. Cooper missed... but hopefully the burglar has seen the light and decided to change his ways.

    Also, stay safe with that nasty weather up your way!

    1. Thanks! We've dodged all but about two minutes of hard wind and 20 minutes of hard rain... but it ain't over yet.


    >>... Worship is when you are so in tune with what you love, that the love becomes aimed at He who allowed what you love to exist.

    Man, that was BEAUTIFULLY expressed. BINGO!

    >>... Edward Snowden ... is currently hiding somewhere in Hong Kong, while "patriots" like John Boehner call him a traitor.

    My friend, it comes back, time and time and time again, to what I have spent nearly 20 years trying to convey to genuinely patriotic Americans: Forget what the two primary political parties in the U.S. "claim" to support, care about, and represent. The bottom line is ALWAYS this:

    The Democrat and the Republican parties are two different sides of the EXACT SAME COIN. They are both controlled by and do the bidding of unseen puppeteers - namely, INTERNATIONAL BANKERS - and every bit of the so-called "fighting" between the two parties is meant solely for public consumption. The "endgame" is Divide And Conquer, and BOTH major political parties are IN ON IT.

    There is no real difference between the Limbaugh/Hannity/Coulter faction and the Matthews/Obama/Pelosi faction. It's all a matter of getting you to root for Punch or Judy, while BOTH puppets are being controlled by the SAME PUPPETEER. I don't care how it looks, I don't care how different the arguments seem, the end result is ALWAYS THE SAME. (Political History proves this.)

    When push comes to shove, the two political parties will always converge, rather than REALLY oppose each other. If one of the two parties GENUINELY represented limited, Constitutional government, then considering how often the two parties have traded positions of power in the government, we shouldn't have ALWAYS moved toward the Left! We should still be somewhere in the middle. However, in your lifetime and mine, there has been a constant move toward the Left, regardless of the party in power.

    Now, on a more positive, upbeat note...

    Have you discovered yet John Zambetti's webpage where he explains in detail THE STORY OF 'LIVING WATER'? If not, you will find it HERE [<-- Link]. It’s a fairly long article, but I think it’s worth reading if for no other reason than learning HOW the track ‘HOLY, HOLY’ got mixed. I have little to no doubt that God Himself really played a part in properly mixing that song for The Malibooz. I’m not big on coincidences to begin with, and that’s just TOO BIG a “coincidence” for me to believe in.

    Thanks for all the kind words, Brother Martin!

    ~ D-FensDogg
    ‘Loyal American Underground’

  7. It was very interesting, and especially that many of the concepts that struck me listening to it were concepts the article highlighted. The story of Holy, Holy doesn't surprise me a bit, nor does the long journey through collapsing record labels to finally get it recorded. God tests patience and commitment as well as concept.

  8. I don't have to tell you that I'm quite the fan of Mr. McCarthy, and I'm glad to have found his blog. He's helped open my eyes to a lot of things.

    Also, John Boehner is a real boner. The idea that "if you have nothing to hide, then you shouldn't have a problem with this," is probably the most ridiculous logic I've ever heard. My wife doesn't have anything to hide and would never cheat on me, but that doesn't make it cool to go through her cellphone every day, you know, just to "make sure."

    1. I've been growing steadily more disenchanted to our dear Speaker for a good while. He is the prime example of the crusty old politicos who need to go. But, as long as he brings home the bacon, his state will keep sending him. Even in Indiana, where we got rid of our "crusty old politico" in the Senate, we ended up with a Dem because his supporters were too whiny to support the guy who won the primary. The only real way to improve Congress is to sink it with all hands aboard.

  9. I am so sorry you are having such a crap time at the moment. Sending you hugs, smiles and lots of positive energy (along with a little bit of art)