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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Scrappy's first contact

No, not with an alien.  Follow us on a Friday walk and see.

First off, you can see they fixed all the washouts.  I think they've got some kind of cross-country meet today.

See who was peeking at us!

 I had just been debating about the fact that we hadn't seen any turtles in the swamp since that cold snap.  Then, on the river landing...

This was Scrappy jumping back after the turtle pulled his head the rest of the way in the shell.

Whimper, whimper, whine, whine...

So then we go down by the swamp.  He can hear the frogs croaking, but they jump away before we can get up to them.  So he's looking at croaks, looking at splashes, sniffing the water...

...when the IPFW clock chimed 9 AM, and he about crapped his metaphorical drawers!

Later, he's intently weaving through the tall grass on the feeder bank looking for ground hogs...

...when way up in the distance I spot a little bitty varmint.  I literally had to pull Scrappy out of the weeds to try and point the little bugger out.  Just then, the 'hog ran back across the trail, and I (making the mistaken assumption that Scrappy was actually paying attention) shouted, "Get 'im!"

And Scrappy promptly ran back into the weeds.

The mushroom kingdom.

"Oh. no!  Godzilla!!! RUN!!!"


  1. Another fun walk.. thanks for posting. Scrappy gets more handsome every day.

    1. Yeah, but how come I didn't hear anything when I put up a picture of me the other day?

  2. That is a good size turtle you saw. I do love your walks with Scrappy, and I am giggling jut a little at him getting a surprise when the clock chimed

    1. That was one of those, "I wish my eyes were cameras" moments, it was way too funny.

  3. Oh i love these Scrappy walks. You see a deer almost every time.

    1. Yep. wait'll I post up the one we saw a few minutes ago!

  4. CWM:
    Scrappy meets (not so) Snappy...LMAO!
    Those toad stools are kinda a nice way, too.

    Great travelogue, as always.

    Stya safe up there.

    1. Ha HA! Actually, I'm just glad it really wasn't a "snappy"; The whine, whine bit wouldn't have been near so funny if Scrappy HAD something to whine about...