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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Are you ready for round two?

Of stupid people?  No, though I do have some more contestants.  More on that in a minute.  No, the second round will be of unemployment, as I get another two week lay-off after tomorrow. I mentioned earlier- I think- that this week was going to be fairly busy followed by nothing as our big customer hits summer shutdown.  Let me put it another way- I did all of next week's orders- and all of the week after's orders- between 7:30 and 11:15 this morning.  And that was with 4 recuts, one set of 20 items that actually went with this Friday's orders, and a 2014 prototype thrown in on top.  Thus, you can expect me to post a lot of really important stuff next week- like unusual fungi:

like these red ones.  However, I don't know if I'll ever top the mammoth mushrooms a five second walk from our door:

I about crashed leaving for work this morning when I saw them.  Honestly, 6 or 7 inches across!

Anyway, I looked around for more contestants for the Aaron Hernandez award (I really need an acronym for this, because the A-H award is lacking in class, and I don't like "the Herny").  Perhaps none better than Hernandez itself, who apparently has been not only telling buddies that he did it, but apparently a little extra diligence has shown that an SUV allegedly involved in ANOTHER Boston double murder was rented at the time by... you guessed it.

Oh, excuse me, I gotta take care of something real quick.  BRB!

Okay, I'm back.  I had to find out about this:


Our records indicate your scheduled trial has been cancelled. You DO NOT NEED TO REPORT to the Allen Superior and Circuit Courts at this time. You may be summoned again one additional time during your current term of service.

Yep, Laurie will be glad to know she got outta that one.

Okay, back to the not too intelligent.  I was reading the article on FoxNews about the tragic train derailment and explosion in Quebec this weekend.  And I was hoping to give you proof that somebody messed up, vis-à-vis this headline:

But a link to the actual article that I FIRST looked at, about three hours ago, DID NOT lead off with:

The president and CEO of the company that owns the train that derailed and exploded in Quebec town on Saturday says an employee failed to set the brakes...
Nor did it contain:

He (Edward Burkhardt, president and CEO of the railway's parent company, Rail World, Inc.) said Wednesday that a train engineer has been suspended without pay.

"I think he did something wrong. It's hard to explain why someone didn't do something," Burkhardt said. "We think he applied some hand brakes but the question is did he apply enough of them. He said he applied 11 hand brakes we think that's not true. Initially we believed him but now we don't."

And note the bold print word that was not in this paragraph:

Flanked by reporters at Montreal's Trudeau airport Tuesday evening, Burkhardt also suggested firefighters who extinguished an earlier fire on the same train shared some of the blame.
"We have responsibility for this incident. We don't have total responsibility but we have partial responsibility," Burkhardt said in remarks broadcast on CTV.

I guess FoxNews gets some points; at least they figured out they dropped the parts that matched the headline.  So, when I read the article, it seemed the only ones getting blamed by Burkhardt were the local fire department.  I also noticed a comment about Burkhardt being afraid to come to Quebec without wearing a flack jacket- a pretty tasteless comment which now appears to have disappeared from the internet altogether- was replaced with:

Burkhardt, who arrived with a police escort, was heckled by angry residents said that he had stayed in Chicago to deal with the crisis in his office, where he was better able to communicate with insurers and officials in different places during what he described as 20-hour work days.

After searching all over the net, I finally found a CBS News article where it hadn't been purged.

Edward Burkhardt, president and CEO of the railway's parent company, Rail World Inc., was headed to Lac-Megantic Wednesday, his first visit to disaster site since the accident. In earlier media interviews, the Illinois-based Burkhardt had said he figured he'd have to wear a bullet-proof vest to the town.

According to blogger A League Of Ordinary Gentlemen, the Canadian branch of Burkhardt's company wrote the comment off to "it's just his way, he has a dark sense of humor."  Apparently the way the "joke" played in Quebec convinced FoxNews- and a lot of others- that it just wasn't funny.

Yeah, 60 people missing... 30 buildings destroyed... doesn't look funny to me.
However, I can give you a lighter example of stupidity, an attempted spam comment on my blog.  I would really like someone to explain the mechanics of how a post like this benefits anybody:

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BTW- Sticking your product into the middle of an already grammatically challenged paragraph a couple of times does NOT constitute subliminal advertising.  At least, not SUCCESSFUL subliminal advertising.

In a side note, I figured that what we basically have here is some random search engine pulling lines out of articles it finds on the web and stitches them together as only a moron that cannot form sentences could.  Thus the section, Since its inception in 1989, NCFL has provideԁ leadership to solve  actually was torn from an article about the National Center For Family Literacy on their website.  Thus, instead of "solving the mystery and the solving of it", they were actually helping people read... too bad the scam engine didn't avail itself of their service.


  1. Those mushrooms are huge! Is your rainfall higher than normal? We have already passed the total yearly average and it is only July.

    1. We are an inch ahead for the month and six for the year. Last year at this point we were probably 6 behind just for the month. So I'm figuring we're getting spores from last year right along with this year's crop.

  2. CWM:

    How about THIS acronym:
    The "AH-CRAP" (award) -
    Contestants for
    Just a thought.

    DAMN, that's some BIG "shrooms"...anyone try to SMOKE any of 'em yet?
    (got an idea to "weed" out the tokers in the crowd...bwahahahaha)

    Sorry to hear about the continuing layoffs. I want to believe they will be temporary in both nature and duration.
    (yeah, it's on the prayer list)

    --The Quebec train-wreck?
    Since it's NOW being treated as a CRIMINAL investigation, could there be some (dare I say it?) "terrorist activity" afoot in the Great White North?
    (pass the back bacon, eh?)
    Be easy enough to pull off if no one's expecting it. Train wrecks to hurt the economy (and people). A two-fer.
    I dislike believing it could happen, but it's a different world these days.

    Good post.
    Hang tough and stay safe up there.
    (and NO shrooms for you)

    1. The AH-CRAP award it is! You are hereby relieved of voting duty.

      I don't think those are the right kind of 'shrooms for that kind of flying, but the y were big enough to be the Great Gazoo's family visiting.

      I don't see terrorism in this one, because a) they've already fired an employee, and b) the railway has a bad safety record in their Canadian operations. I am surprised, though, that no one among the conservative talking heads are blaming Obama's crapping on the pipeline. After all, it IS because of the lack of pipeline availability it was going by rail...

  3. No kidding those are some huge 'shrooms. I half expect to see a hookah-smoking caterpillar or a mad hatter.