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Saturday, July 13, 2013

More Hernandez awards, more ground hogs... what a rut!

I could not believe the good fortune I had at finding more and more contestants for the Hernandez awards, thanks to Bobby G. now known as the Ah-Crap awards (Aaron Hernandez-Contestants for Really Ass-hatted People).


So let's go chronologically with this story that Nain's legal blog sent me.  The first thing that I found stupid about the story of 26-year old Alexander Pera was that they had him busted in 2009 in Florida for fraudulent use of credit cards.  Despite this, charges were dropped and in 2010 he got court ordered diversion for doing the same thing in Illinois.  But now, Pera has outdone himself.  This time he was busted in Lincolnshire, Illinois, for stealing ID's from customers and workers at the steak house he USED to manage- 50 of 'em- and using them to buy gift cards and prepaid cards, raising $50,000.  And what did the 26-year-old Pera use this money for?  Two take two Disney cruises and FIFTEEN trips to Disney World- in FIVE MONTHS TIME.   Childish much, Alex?

Next up, in Malaysia, businesswoman Kang Lee Chuin was tired of the run-around she was getting just to get a faulty battery in her Mercedes S300.  So how does she vent her displeasure at her repair shop?

That's right; she bashed in the windshield of her nearly-$200,000 car.  HER car, you ask?  Yes, her car.  And then had it towed to another shop for repairs.  Including, presumably, the battery.  I'll bet that really hurt the repair people.

Next up, meet Lenin Carballido.

Lenin was under investigation in Mexico three years ago on charges involving a gang rape. He escaped conviction when the family presented a death certificate, saying he had passed from complications of diabetes, and the case was dropped.  Three years later- apparently when the Mexican statute of limitations runs out for gang rape- he rises from the dead to run for Mayor of San Agustin Amatengo .   Advertising, posters, the whole works.  And he wins the election!  But the media, actually doing their job in SOME countries,  caught the fraud.  His party has voided his election, and prosecuters are looking at charging him with voting fraud, gang rape (again), and rising from the dead without proper authorization.

Next, A headline I had to chuckle at, from BBC...

And one more, which my Facebook friends have no doubt seen- a Bay Area TV station gets punked over the names of the crew of the plane that crashed one week ago...

They apologized later, claiming "an NTSB official" had confirmed the names.  Sometimes, you HAVE to open your OWN eyes, people.

Okay, now on to Scrappy and his Daddy's 3.6 mile round trip to Johnny Appleseed park.

Daddy saw grandpa ground hog again... about twice the size of the punks we saw last night!

I'm getting a lot better at spotting frogs...

Boatmen on the water...

Scrappy was more interested in this bigger one.

Crossing the Coliseum bridge

The dam

When the river is high, I've seen foot long catfish swimming where we're standing.  Today, we're busy dodging mole tunnels.

Scrappy's highlight- the boat landing

Right about here, I was looking down at what I thought was a stone- until it sprouted six legs ans scampered into the water.  Still don't know what it really was.

For you newbies, the coolest thing at Appleseed- the tank!

"and I'm walkin' to New Orleans..."

I saw this hawk in a tree, and when I went to take a pic, he flew off.  However, when he roosted on the high tension tower...

This red wing blackbird lit into him like a nagging mother-in-law.

He flew away screaming to another pole... and the blackbird went right with him.


  1. Hey, it is the happiest place on earth, right? :-)

    1. Wasn't when I was there... see reply to the next post...

    That Mickey-Moused Mug Shot of Alexander Pera was really funny!

    Hey, I got the address again (thanks) and I expect to have the caps mailed this coming Monday. My Bro and I have been sampling a bunch of different beers lately, just so I could score some more caps for you. (Well, that AND because we like beer.)

    But I have some questions to ask before sending these caps...

    I don't collect beer caps, but I have saved a few over the years. I'm going to send these few to you if you don't already have them. One I KNOW you don't have because it's from a Phoenix brewing company that no longer exists. (Actually, I think they exist, but all the brewing is now done in Mexico.)

    But, do you already have a Red Dog beer cap with the red bulldog on it? If not, I'll include it.

    More importantly... the last time I was in 'Total Wine & More' I went to buy a bottle of Dixie beer (brewed in New Orleans) just to score the cap for you. But I noticed Dixie now uses just a plain gold cap with no printing on it.

    In 1983, I took a road trip with my friend Eric, driving from New York City to L.A. by way of the Eastern seaboard and the deep South. I wrote a long blog bit about that road trip HERE. (Mainly because we got lost at night, on foot, in the Okefenokee Swamp and alligators were literally closing in on us.)

    While we were in the New Orleans area, we bought some Dixie beer. (That was at a time when regional beers could not be purchased all over the country because superstores like BevMo and Total Wine & More didn’t exist yet.) Because I’d never even heard of Dixie beer before that, I saved one of the caps. I’ve had it since that trip in ’83. If you don’t already have one of those caps, I’m going to send it to ya. The cap is gold and “DIXIE BEER” is printed on it in green.

    I don’t know when the Dixie Brewing Co. stopped printing their name on their caps, but if you don’t already have one of these, I’ll include it with the others I send. So please let me know, Bro.

    ~ Stephen

    1. Hmm... did you know you can't start a reply to a comment, then pause to read a link in that comment, and come back and have what you typed still there? Now you do...

      Anyway, I looked down the magic list and do NOT have Red Dog. I didn't need to look on Dixie- I KNEW I didn't have any of those. I remember the can from when we collected as kids, but never sniffed a cap.

      I really would have thought Lowenbrau would have been more effective against 'gators, but likely my survival instincts (as well as my desire for adventure) is far less developed than yours.

      My "Florida adventure" was really the kick off of my cap collection. Spring of freshman year, because Mom had already passed, went down with big brother and his family. Came home with about thirty new caps (more than doubling the nasceant collection at the time), most of the bearing the tax logo "FLORIDA" or a Georgia state seal. And there were a Lowenbrau of each in that bunch, as I recall.

      Much of the trip, as I recall, involved me and niece Raine peeling large parts of the back of our legs off after an hour's walk along Ormond Beach. Which is ironic to be mentioned on this post, as it made for a miserable (and my only) trip to Disney World. On the bright side, it made for Best Simulation of a hangover, pre-pubescent division.

    Well then, it looks like I've been holding this Dixie beer cap thirty years for ya. I'll include it with the others (and the Red Dog too, which came from the first bottle of it I ever had - purchased in the bar / restaurant located behind the windows of the building you see HERE).

    >>... I really would have thought Lowenbrau would have been more effective against 'gators, but likely my survival instincts (as well as my desire for adventure) is far less developed than yours.

    I'm sure a case of Lowenbrau would have been effective. 'Cause after a case of it, we simply wouldn't have cared what happened.

    How about Disneyland? Did you ever get there? I used to almost live at Disneyland - had annual passes. One would have to sell their wife and their firstborn to afford an annual pass today.

    ~ Stephen

    1. Yeah, we spent one day with me and my niece literally limping around, long pants in 80 degree temps to protect our legs, and every line was ten miles long. And I didn't even get a lousy t-shirt out of it!

  4. Love the little froggy and tanks in parks are always cool. The last photo of the Hawk is wonderful

    1. I was just hoping any of them turned out, with that damnable blackbird going off!

  5. CWM:
    Wifey was telling me about the Asianic flight names, and after she told me ONE of them I said:
    "was the other guy named _____?"
    And she said yeah.
    I had not seen the story at all...I just have a skewed sense of humor, and pursued logic.

    I can't believe the "dead" guy that ran for mayor, either.
    Maybe they could do that HERE?
    (I think they already have to some degree)

    GREAT hawk pictures, too!
    (I want a camera like YOURS, seriously)

    I have got to get me up there to get some pics of that M24 tank, too!
    (on my short list)

    That BBC story got me laughing, too.

    A very nice time had, for sure.

    Stay safe up there.
    (beware the humidity)

    1. Sony DSC-H90.

      BBC has been giving me a lot of material lately. Seems like all their good proofreaders have been nabbed in the every two-month sex scandals they're having, or something.

      Here in the US, we try to keep the political involvement of the dead to voting only...