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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Stuff I missed yesterday

Hang on for a Scrappy video!  But first (see how I try to get you to read the other stuff?)

ITEM:  Yesterday, I found it sadly amusing when I first read that popular protests in Egypt had led to the burning of the Muslim Brotherhood HQ in Cairo.  Guess you guys weren't as popular as you thought, eh?  But hours later, I learn the Egyptian Army had given a 48-hour warning that all parties need to get their $#!t straight or they were taking over.  The deadline is, if I've figured this right, less than three hours away.  So basically, the scoreboard looks like this:  Egyptians overthrow Mubarek to clean out Army corruption (Mubarek, Sadat, and Nasser were all Army men); democracy can't keep a lid on things;  now the same people who kicked the Army man out are trying to get an Army man back in.  Grass is always greener, I guess...

ITEM:  Al Penwasser reminded me (accidentally) that I wanted to make fun of the Yankees falling into 4th place.  Indeed, the last time the Yankees were in 4th as late as July was September 14th, 2008, when they trailed Tampa by 10 games, Boston by 9, and Toronto by 1/2.  Of course, 4th in the AL East is not like 4th in some other division; back in 2008, their record of 79-70 would have led the NL West (just like their current record of 43-39 would now).  To a long-time hater like me, though, it's still amusing.

ITEM: The Vegans have actually started a website to "out" former Vegans!  You can submit a name and address of someone who formerly espoused the vegan ideal and they will post it- name, location, and snide remark about them.  I thought it amusing that the site actually has a page called "send hate mail", in which you are asked to send name, return e-mail, and "Your hateful message/how you're going to sue us/etc."  Well, I guess if you're going to be a douchebag, it's only polite to recognize you're a douchebag.  You can see the proof at exvegans (dot) com.

So, you ever get that look of impending joy over a salad?

ITEM:  A friend who shall remain nameless has a child (adult child, that is), who works as a paid intern in a university lab.  When that child was asked when she wanted to be picked up to join the family's fourth of July festivities, she replied, "I don't know if we get the 4th as a holiday,  BECAUSE WE HAVE PEOPLE FROM KRYGYZSTAN WHO WORK HERE."


Now political correctness is such that you can't have a national holiday IN YOUR OWN NATION because it might offend those here on a student visa?  Should we, then, let the Boston Marathon bomber off because he probably did it because he was offended by Patriot Day?

When I started this blog, I put "PC be hanged" on the banner rather than "PC be damned", oddly enough, because I didn't want to offend anyone right off.  If I weren't so darned lazy, it would be changed to Damned as we speak.  BTW, she did get the day off, her boss said, "if you want it."  And I know, lotsa people (Laurie included) will have to work the 4th, because we must have access to Wal-Mart, McDonalds, and the like.  Some, like the boys in blue, even have a good reason for having to work.  But having foreign-national co-workers is not a good reason NOT to have it off.

ITEM:  A handful of pics from last night's walk:

Lots of fun with fungi last night...

Peeking down the creek

Is it fungi or bagel?

Guarding the swamp

Scrappy oversees work on the new bridge

A bunch of groups like this

Last night, the whole east side of the fields were playing... Frisbee soccer!  Amazingly, this proved to be a very slow-paced game.

He'll brave any depth to sniff a hole...

Then there was this bunch...

Niagara Falls?  Nope, just the stream at the bottom of our canal crossing!
And now, for your viewing pleasure- and to disabuse you of the notion that Scrappy is a patient pooch...


  1. I think Spot is in LURVE. I played the video and she was all over me, my lap and my computer. Doggie nose prints are one thing in Ozcarz, and entirely different matter on my laptop. heee Scrappy is looking gooooooood!

    You are more then welcome to use my name about the 4th thing - Pooldad and I are still perplexed about the whole thing. Ah well, we got what we wanted, I guess?

    Since we no longer get a newspaper or watch TV [isn't living in BFE Fabulous?] I didn't know all that was going on in Egypt. I think I need to start reading a bit more than blogs, but thank you for the update. :)

    Hugs and much love xo

    1. Scrappy says, "Send name, breed, and measurements to: Scrappy Booogle, c/o CW Martin. A scratch and sniff of butt would also be nice".

      Since you claimed ownership of the "fourth thing," no need for me. Sadly, such things don't really perplex me anymore. Irritate, anger, insense (not "make me smell good"), but not perplex.

      Y'know, maybe there's my niche... "BFE News- everything you need to know when you've gotten away from everything"...has potential.

  2. Cute video of Scrappy. He's so excited to go exploring. Cant say that i blame him with the cool things you see everyday.

    1. That was calm, because it was his second walk of the day. Dial it up a couple notches for the morning walk (plat the 45 at 78, as we used to say).

  3. I'm forcing my kid to run in 84 degree heat on the fourth of July... I think he'd rather get a job and go to work. :)

    1. I would too! At 84 degrees, I'd lay down and let the bear eat me...

  4. Scrappy is not impatient, maybe his human is slow.. :)

    1. Drop by about 8:30 AM, grab his leash, and see if you still feel that way...

  5. CWM:
    LAMO..."fun with fungi"...guess you have the market cornered with penicillin then, hmm?
    Love the photos.
    And Scrappy makes one of THE BEST supervisors I've seen in YEARS!

    I think having the Muslim B'Hood HQ toasted is MARVELOUS!
    I also have to take exception (WTH???) w/ the whole celebrating OTHER peoples' holidays to the EXCLUSION OF OURS.
    last time I cehcekd, this was STILL...AMERICA (and not spelled with a damn "K")

    We have too many who think of OTHERS FIRST, and while, under some auspices, that IS a noble venture, it's totally UNWARRANTED when it comes to placing OUR nation first HERE.

    Let all of THEM get with OPUR program for a the way it USED to be.

    And while we're at it,. may-be we need to not have ALL these stores OPEN every damn day of the freaking year...we have grown WAY too dependent upon THEM, and a lot LESS dependent upon OURSELVES...and that proves the point all too well.
    (If you're going to McD's for your 4th of july burger-fest, you really DO need a life)

    Very good post.
    You stay safe up there.

    1. Not sayin' you're wrong... not sayin' I won't send Laurie to McDonalds...

  6. I think Scrappy is a pretty typical Beagle when it comes to walks by the look of that video.
    You do get some interesting fungi in your area

    1. You should see him, as I have said, when he REALLY wants to go. Last night, he was ready for a walk when he saw me accidently put my foot on top of a slipper, with no intent of putting it on...