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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Time Machine might be delayed this week...

When we wake up in the morning, Scrappy usually walks up, throws one arm on my chest and flops armpit to armpit on me, staring into my eyes as his paw starts kneading on the side of my head like a cat.However, about every fourth morning or so he chooses to plop butt-first so he can look outside while I rub his back.  I think that was what he was shooting for this morning... unfortunately, he turns like a drunken trucker and managed to step SQUARELY into my right eye.  Thirty pound of Booogle, straight down. And of course, into my stronger eye. 

It doesn't seem to be much damaged, but is sore as all hell.  And I might have to rest it a bit.  Thus, I won't be doing my usual perusal of the world's dumbbutts for fodder, and not sure when I'll get to TM research.  But I do have some pictures for you...

This is about all I saw on that walk two days ago.  However, I AM getting better at spotting frogs.

Last night, Scrappy swore there was something under the bridge.  By the time I got down there to take a picture of nothing, Scrappy was up the bank, looking at me as if, "What are you doing down there?"

Our first, not quite legal, crossing of the new bridge.
Scrappy thought he saw something at the base of the bridge.   Before he could get to it, I tripped on a board and scared him- and it.  All that was left was a cloud of mud...

Enjoying the walk...

We started running into similar clouds and ripples along the river...  then I saw the culprit at one... a foot-long carp...

I guess frog's eyes glow, too...

Scrappy wanted to show you that they have pulled up the temporary work bridge...

Just a shot of her before she split.

And thanks to Blogger for giving me fits getting this far!  See you tomorrow... sometime...


  1. Love the sunrise picture. Funny, Tony and I went on a date last night and I too took pics of the sunrise. So gorgeous!

    1. Hope it's still okay when I mention it was a sunset picture. I wasn't in any hurry to do the skunk thing again (though I did catch a glimpse of one, only briefly).

  2. Love the frog photos. so cute.
    Hope your eye is feeling better now

    1. Yeah, a night's sleep (along with ibuprofen in the morning, eye drops during the day, and Naproxen and vicks vapo-rub at beddy-bye) cleared it right up.

  3. CWM:
    Yeah, blogger is causing trouble AGAIN...
    Had one week w/o problems, then BAM...back into the mess.
    Changing stuff within Blogger/Google is like Obummer with a pen in his just KNOW that NO GOOD will come of that.

    ANd WHERE did you find that PIGEON?
    I thought I was back in philly for a second...LOL.

    I didn't know THOSE species even CAME to the Midwest.
    We only have the mourning doves...not the "city pigeons".
    They'll eat damn near anything too...might make a new friend.
    (or fifty when he tells his buddies)

    Great post and pics.

    Stay safe up there.
    And remember...
    "BLOGGER sucks, so YOU don't have to"

    1. Blogger: The problem that day was one I get every once and a while: I go back to fix a mis-type, and when I type the new letter, it erases the next one. Only thing to do is save, exit, and come back. Hard to catch it doing that with one eye.

      Pigeon: They actually are pretty common around the bridge and at IPFW.