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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

As he sat quietly in the corner...

Thankfully returning to work and running low on stuff to post about managed to pretty much intersect.... I would have been bummed having nothing to drone on about THEN...

Anyway, here are some things that grazed my mind briefly as they passed through...

The Missouri State Fair Rodeo clown that got banned from the state for wearing an Obama mask:  Since so many others have brought up the video to Genesis' Land of Confusion to point out the PC hypocrisy of this, I'll just add: I'll remind you all of this the next time a liberal tells me to be tolerant.

Speaking of tolerance, let's see how this one grabs you.  In Russia, a talk show host is under fire after saying that the nation's new anti-gay laws don't go far enough.  But, not content to stop there, he went on to say that homosexuals dying in car accidents, etc, should not be used as organ donors, as well as not being accepted as a normal practice for sperm or blood donations.  And then he went even farther in defending his remarks...

In his Sunday interview with Ekho Moskvy,(Dmitry) Kiselyov defended his remarks, stating that he simply wanted Russia to become more "civilized" by joining the U.S., EU, Japan and Arabic countries in banning homosexuals from donating blood and organs. He explained that homosexuals cannot "hide" what they are and that in the U.S. the Food and Drug Administration keeps a database of everyone in the U.S. who has had a same-sex sexual relation over the past twenty years, with the equivalent EU agency doing the same.
In most Western countries as a result of the AIDS crisis there are restrictions on men who identify themselves as having sex with men donating blood. The FDA, however, does not maintain a database of homosexuals.

And how could they?  As paranoid as you can get, that is still a stiff task to give an agency- especially some overburdened, ego driven, corruption laced Federal Agency.  Besides which, wouldn't this be more FEMA's job?

Puts me in mind that Bobby G.'s place had a list of NSA red-flag words.  Now I'm not going to repeat them (it takes up a full two scrolls plus a paragraph on my screen), but I will give you some highlights.  You might be flagged by the NSA if you blog about:

Pornstars, Playboy, Sex (I get the feeling they're just trolling for cheap thrills here)
Scully (But I did not find Mulder, as hard as I tried)
Veggie (but just to be fair, "beef" was also on the list)
Bubba, as well as Bubba the Love Sponge (insert Clinton jokes here)
Dictionary (but thesaurus and concordance are still okay)
pink noise (you got me there)
Elvis (really?)
Gamma (past and former writers of the Hulk, as well as Mark Ruffalo and Lou Ferrigno, look out).

On the subject of governments and computers, and the competency of one with the other, I give you the government of France.  A staffer from the Prime Minister's office sent out an official tweet this weekend, about a change in policy vis-a-vis al-Qaeda and terrorism.  It gave a link to what was supposed to be a memo explaining this policy, but when clicked, you got this...

Yes, that's right it took you to Forplay, an American lingerie catalogue.  After staying up most of the weekend, the tweet was finally deleted with apologies.  Boy these spies are a red-blooded lot, aren't they?

Another of those things I should weigh in on- a Tennessee judge was hearing a case between a mother (last name Martin, no relation) and a father (last name McCulloch) over which last name their baby would be getting.  But in the course of the hearing, the judge was shocked to learn that the baby's FIRST name was, Messiah.  The judge ruled that THAT name wasn't acceptable, and gave the child mom's last name as his first, and dad's last name as last, explaining that only one person had earned the name Messiah, and that was Jesus Christ.

First off, I have to say, since when does a judge have the right to make an arbitrary ruling  on an issue that is NOT part of the case he's hearing?  At best, he might remand that question to another court.

Second, where does he get off assigning a first name to the child, when it is only the last name in question?  Even if he had a good basis for the name change, it's the parents job to pick out choice #2, not his.

Third, why not Messiah?  On the Mayflower  you can find the names Love and Wrestling Brewer, Humility Cooper, and Resolved White; other Puritan names included Mercy, Silence, Temperance, Verity, Truth, Fear-Not, Much-Mercy, and Repentance- and there seems no requirement that those children, as babies, earned it.  Is this judge going to demand all the Latinos in his district named Jesus be changed, too?  This is SOOOO not an issue for Christians to make a stand on.  And, I suspect, it is a ruling that will go down to embarrassing overturn in appeals.

Just one more thing I thought I'd bring up in honor of the word-police in Seattle, who banned the words "Citizen" and "Brown bag" as being offensive.  I cut this from an article on the meaningless non-story about Oprah and the purse they wouldn't show her in Switzerland:

In recent interview with "Entertainment Tonight," Winfrey recalled a clerk at an upscale Zurich boutique refusing to show her a handbag. Winfrey said she was told she could not afford the $38,000 purse.

"I'm in a store and the person doesn't obviously know that I carry the black card and so they make an assessment based upon the way I look and who I am," said Winfrey, who earned $77 million in the year ending in June, according to Forbes magazine.

The "Black card"?  I knew she played it enough, but didn't know she carried one.  How insensitive you are!  What about us white folk who'd like a $30 G purse but can't afford one because we don't have "white cards"?


  1. Ok you pinched my Oprah story not to mind I will still use it sometime in the next few days but I will try and write it

    Next as far as I know a homosexuals blood looks just like anyone else's blood, who knew you could tell if a person was homosexual just by looking at their blood.........or is that Russian just a fool.........I am going with he is a fool........

    If judges could decide what someone could name their child then the courts must have to much spare

    1. Oprah's public domain, have at her!

      I think you have that Russian pretty well nailed.... I just like to point out there are whackjobs in every culture.

      Too much spare time... Ha HA!

  2. People are turning into real winners lately... WOW.

    In other unrelated news, I would like to officially invite you to view my private blog. I realized that I didn't actually have a way to contact you other than commenting on public blogs so.... yeah. Or you can find me on Facebook at The House of Hale and we'll go from there. :)

    1. Sent you a message on facebook (laurie has the acct, I just mooch on it).

  3. I interpreted the "black card" remark as the credit card with no limit, not that she's black. But that's my interpretation.

    The bigger question is, where has that employee been living that they have no idea who Oprah is?!?!

    1. Not to make you feel dopey, but I know what the black card is. I just found it funny that in our PC world a black person would use the term, rather than try to get it banned like Seattle did with "brown bag". IOW, I was being a smartass.

      And in that light: "She was living in Switzerland!"

    2. I wouldn't recognize her (Oprah). I saw a candid photo of her when the handbag story was news and I would never have recognized her anywhere but on TV with her name in the foreground.

      As for the handbag incident, I think a lot of it was lost in translation. It might not occur to Oprah or commercial media, but the entire world is not fluent in English, let alone the Ebonics garbage that comes out of many black mouths in the entertainment industry.

  4. Chris: took darn near all the stories that had me shouting at the boob tube...very well done!
    I never heard or saw SO many "WTF???" moments in one place before...astounding!
    --The rodeo clown should have NOT been "banned"...he's not a racial epithet.
    --Russia and gays..not even going there!
    (Pink is the "new Red"?)
    --The NSA "words"...couldn't believe out of ALL the names they could look for, BOB was on the dang list! (as was Janet).
    I made the font SMALLER...and it was STILL a long list (paragraph).
    I think I can get 40 words on the list in ONE sentence or email...LOL
    (and then the men in black show up...)
    --Oprah and the purse (sounds like a fractured fairy tale)..glad she got called out for acting as though she was set upon for being she apologizes and that's that...WRONG!
    She needs to take a long HARD look in the mirror if she wants to see racism.
    (I'm just sayin')
    The black card...don't leave the ghetto withouit it, right?

    Great post.

    Stay safe up there.

    1. I did send a copy of that part to Oprah's site, but I don't think it got past her moderators.

  5. You forgot to mention Oprah is out pimping her newest movie. That just might have something to do with her getting extra press. Just sayin

  6. I think you know my opinion on most of the above (lucky Facebook follower) so I won't repeat myself.
    But I do feel bad that "ass-less leather chaps" aren't on the NSA's list of buzzwords.
    Guess I'll have to try harder.

  7. Last time I got a blood transfusion it was from a gay Mexican man. Now I love men and I only eat things wrapped in foil. I wish I would have known beforehand.

    Also, my white card has a $1,000 limit and isn't accepted in most stores. I'm almost ashamed to have it.

    1. Can't help with your white card, but for the other- that picture is found by googling Forplay Catelogue. Let me know if it helps.

  8. It looked like an ugly bag from what I saw on the news

    1. So that means I had to look it up. At first the only bag I found on Google was Oprah herself. Then I found the stupid thing.

      Are you kidding me? For THAT? Was there a gold bar inside? Hell, they should have just given it to her!