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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Accreditation, exploration, and inebriation

First, let's hit the accreditation- my very own Punkin Head:

That is my daughter, Shennan.  Good job!!!!

Then, let's jump to "inebriation".  If you click on the cap collection blog, you'll see a post about the 20 new caps Stephen T. McCarthy shipped up from the remote wastelands of "Airheadzona", as he calls it.  And soon, you'll either be seeing a post, or part one of a post, I haven't decided, of yet another father/son beer tasting!  DON'T MISS IT!!

Now, on to the main body of the post.  They are finally making progress in connecting our trail set with Shoaff park- but it has been too darn hot to go check it out.  Sunday, my faithful Beagle companion and I checked it out.

Here we start with the extension they are building from the complex's front sidewalk to the trail!  This leads us to that tricky north end of the canal...

Which they have the pylons down to build across- thank God!

Once across that barrier, you have the starts of the walk that leads to the newly revamped St. Joe River bridge.

The sidewalk picks up again to the already-finished path under the bridge.

The view from our side...

Across to the north.

I saw this and thought, they're going to build a footbridge across the river up ahead.  Not quite...
Actually, the path turns back and winds back up to the main bridge, which has a specially-widened path for peds and bikes.

See, you suspected it, and now you know:  cable is dead...

The original bridge placard...

At the end of the bridge, the road falls away... what awaits over the edge?

The end of our trail... for now.  So we head back.

The new bridge placard...
So, we go back down the trail into more familiar territory...

Do you believe we have trees turning already?

And with a couple of shots of Mr. Indigo Bunting, we end our journey.  End it, you say?  Yes, because Mr. Beagle decided he'd had enough and without so much as a by-your-leave turned us down the north crossing and back into the complex.  Perhaps he was a might hung over from his part in the beer tasting... you'll have to go over to the caps blog to find out for sure.


  1. Wow, we don't even have trees turning yet. Looks good, think of all the new critters you'll meet when it's done! One of our Eagle scouts connected two existing woodland trusts via a 2 mile path last year. I have still yet to check it out...

    OH! And congrats to your pumpkin head! (For the record, she looks awful small to be pulling a tractor with her bare hands) :)

    1. If you think a tractor is tough, you should see her mom...

  2. Hey there CW! I loved your post. Your daughter is a cutie and love her name. The pictures are really great as they show all the changes being made. Loved the indigo bunting pics. I just love birds. Glad I stopped by!

  3. Inebriation? I thought you were talking about my Friday night. If that was the case...
    mission accomplished.

  4. The photos of the river are lovely. As your trees turn, our spring flowers are out and we are having a lovely warm start to the new season.

  5. Chris:
    Pretty cool stuff with the walkways...
    Looks really nice.
    (I hear Cable isn't really "dead"...he just went home - gratuitous MIB
    Love the indigo bunting pics...obviously they enjoy the habitat up there.
    And of course, Scrappy looks RIGHT at-home.
    Congrats to you daughter, too.
    We know where she gets her class from (Dad).

    Maybe those trees aren't changing yet...perhaps they're RUSTING?
    (just a thought).

    Good travelogue.

    Stay safe up there.

    1. I'd go along with you on the rusting if we were closer to the soccer fields and their "rusty well water" sprinklers.