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Monday, September 23, 2013

And on Monday we saw...

Today's walk started out with a strong whiff of skunk as we went through gap#2 in the fence row into the soccer fields.  Just seconds later, Scrappy turns around and goes the other way, and I said, "You're going the wrong way."  Little did we know that not ten feet away, a doe napped in the fence row- until I scared her (and she us), and anyone watching out their apartment's back window probably got a good show.  Just then, far ahead, I saw this...

Without a doubt, the biggest ground hog I ever saw- about the size of a badger!  This dude was 425 feet away from us!

Moments later, Scrappy found that SOMEBODY had had a meadowlark for a midnight snack in the soccer goal...

The woods was quiet and peaceful, and even a squirrel stopped to pose...

This little nut's timing pretty much sucks...

Here we are at the ravine, listening to falling acorns and hickory nuts....  Scrappy, ready to go?


Then we honest-to-God ran into a field full of people sweeping the field with nets!  An entymology class, I was told.  I tried passing Scrappy off as "a big, four-legged bug,"  But had one girl call him "a love bug."  I answered, "He is that..."

And there they go!  I guess we "bugged" them... ba-dum-DUM!

This was truly a picture perfect afternoon...

Scrappy adds a squished snake to his "dead reptile" collection...

Nature's still-life of fireworks.


  1. Love bug, that's cute.

    When I lived in Louisiana, I smelled skunk all the time! Whew! So not pleasant.

  2. Great pictures. That is one huge ground hog is right! Wow. Lots of great Scrappy finds on this walk!

    1. Yeah, "the blind hog" found plenty of "acorns" that round.

  3. Love the pics, we've been so lazy, ahem, busy lately that I haven't been out at all. Stupid ticks get me whenever I leave the house anyway! Hope all is well your way :)

    1. Hah, where we went today even ticks fear to tread...