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Monday, September 23, 2013

Johnny Appleseed Saturday

Okay, Bob, here's those pictures you wanted.  Now get over there and vote on Autumn Madness, for Pete's sake!

Forecasters said possible rain in the morning.  Guess again, guys, weather was perfect.

On the march to Appleseed.  Probably not entering the beauty contest.

Hey, look!  The new footbridge on the south end is getting a guardrail!

9:39 AM- Lafayette, we are here!

Opens at 10AM?  Yeah, right.

Magician laughing at Tom for still counting 1-2-3 even though he knew the magician had already slipped the ropes.

Getting some treats for Scrappy- yes, maple candy.  You shoulda seen him go nuts!

And now, the highlight of the day...


The annual visit to Johnny's grave

Meet up with friend Lorraine, and hubby Rex and daughter Abigail... now, where'd Lorraine go?

Oh, there she is... musta forgot to shave today.

Robert E. Lee discussing southern strategy.

Abigail demonstrating why you never say, "I can't believe you just did that" to a man who STILL has water in his bottle.

Ah, there's Lorraine!  A razor really works wonders...

While everyone watched the show, I watched the bug climb up this lady's back.

Then it got WINDY...

The battle of the bands.. two fife-n-drums and the Ft Wayne Scottishes.

And the first thing I did- raiding the antiques for new beer memorabilia!

And some pics Lorraine took... me 'n' Rex...

Me and 7/8ths of Abigail

Close up

My part in the water fight Lorraine started

And finally today, the latest update on the Great Shoaf Park connector...

At this end, the "idiot fence" is down, and the bridge across the canal is almost done!

Just needs planked.

In sad news, though, a shovel was hit and killed trying to cross Washington Center Road...

Looks like they are working the piles to the other-side bridge from the Shoaf side first...


  1. I LOVE all things maple! I'm jealous of Scrappys maple candy. Looks like a fun festival. I think its funny you got a pic of the bug on that ladies back. Did you brush it off her after you took picture? LOL

    1. Please, I was several rows away, giggling.