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What is it about nice people that attract total idiots?Nice people are martyrs. Idiots are evangelists.


Monday, September 30, 2013

Some people would call this a Monday Mashup...

...but I don't want to copy.  Normally I would go back and find out what number I left off on doing "Bits and Pieces" or the latest catch all I used, but I'm being lazy.  So call it want you want, just don't call it late for dinner!  (Ba-dum-DUM!)

How about we start with some Saturday exploring from me and Scrappy?  We decided to look around the woods up against the river north of the soccer fields that day, and we found...

this cute little guy...

...along one of the several inlets into the woods.

There used to be just a couple of trails back here.  Now it is honeycombed with places kids are going to party.  Parents, see me after class for exact locations...

Here's another...

Yet another inlet...

Another of Scrappy's great choices of "ways to get out..."

We also discovered that they are prepping to put up a new fence where the ground is falling away...  since the old one fell away...

AND someone finally drug the foot bridge back to it's proper spot, after almost seven months of being about 100 yards downstream...

Because, why get it when it's easy, when you can drag it through 100 yards of THAT?

Okay, next on the list, Laurie improved on my pizza design a bit yesterday.  She put the biscuits on top of a cheese-stuffed meat loaf!  Sorry no pictures, it didn't last long enough.

Next, how many of you have been getting that annoying "Do you want to run analytics.js from" when you peruse the blogosphere?  From what I can learn, it is another heavy-handed attempt by Google to annoy me off of IE and onto Chrome.  Let me explain this to you again, Google, just like I had to explain to Windows about Bing.  I WILL NOT BE FORCED.  If you would have just given me an advertisement with "how easy it is to use" and "look at the benefits", maybe I would have switched.  But no, you're all, "This site won't run properly on "older browsers" ", or, "This video won't play on this browser", or the always lovely "you are using an outdated version of IE" (not true!)  Just like when they kept trying to change my default search engine to Bing.  I may switch to Bing, just to piss you off.  So keep it coming, you idiots.  I bet I can stay on IE longer than you can keep putting that box up.  Or you could be decent and treat me like a person instead of a sheep too stupid to go to the water trough.

On a similar subject, let's see what's in the old junk file (other than randomly selected replies BY ME to comments on MY OWN BLOG...

Here's contestant #1:

Ηі there, I disсoνered yοur blog
by the usе of Gоogle eѵen аѕ sеarсhіng for a similar matteг,
youг sіte got hеre up, it seemѕ gοod.
I have bookmarkеd itt in my google bookmаrκs.

Нi thеre, sіmply changed into alert to yοur ωeblog thru Gοogle, аnd loсateԁ that it's
truly іnformativе. Ӏ am going to be careful for
bгussels. I ωіll appreciate should yοu contіnuе this
in futurе. Νumerоus folkѕ саn
be benеfitеd οut of your writing. Cheerѕ!

Fеel free to visіt my ωeb sіtе
First, what font is that that gives you the little short "k"s and the backwards "s" for the random "r"?
Second, Is this two different (and nonsensical) comments joined together, or do you start every new paragraph with "Hi there"?
Third, are you going to be careful for "Brussels" the city, or "Brussels" the sprouts?

Because the sprouts are evil and I can well understand being careful for them.
Fourth, "simply changed into alert..."  Are you like a super hero?  The Mighty Alert?  Did you have to step into a phone booth?
Finally, I shan't be visiting your site, "loans".  If I want to be scalped (like to the tune of paying $900 over six months for $200 cash), I'll go to the Indians (i.e. Western Sky).  At least they have an excuse for wanting to scalp the white man.

What's that?  I should say "native American" rather than "Indian"?  Tough sh!t.  At least I capitalized.

Next contestant started with this headline:

New Message From Chase Online(SM) Bank Account Temporarily Suspended

Which would be a problem if we HAD an account with Chase...

Dear (they put in our e-mail here)

We have detected that a Bill Payment was sent from your Checking Account in the amount of $ 500.00 to Tron LLC. We suspect that you did not authorized this payment.
In order to confirm or cancel the payment, you need to access your Online Account and confirm some details.

To help speed up this process, please access the following link so we can complete the verification.

Confirm Account Details And Safeguard My Account

First, why would Chase send an e-mail message with the e-mail, no name, nothing.  Gotta be smart here, people.  Unless you use your e-mail address for your bank account user ID, in which case the rest of this won't make sense either.
Second, I suspect you are Tron LLC, hoping to get me to send you that $500.00.  Am I close?
Third, you or one of your close friends, perhaps among the Syrian refugees in Ghana, have sent this at least three times in a seven day span last week.  Perhaps you should get together and work on your timing.

Finally, and I know you've ALL been waiting for this, I never got back to my EuroHockey thing I was going to do, so I'm going to do this.  Every once in a while, I'll take my favorite teams in each league and put together a standings board.  Since they use several scoring systems, I decided to just go with a) an OT win or loss is a "tie";  b) a tie counts as half a win; and c) ranked by the resulting winning percentage.  And here is the first such ranking:

SonderjyskE (Denmark) and Val Pusteria (Italy), 3-0-0, 1.000.
Grizzly Adams Wolfsburg (Germany), 5-0-1, .917.
Sanok, Poland, 3-0-1, .875.
Rouen, France, 2-0-1, .833.
Valerenga, Norway, 3-1-1, .700.
Rekord VSV, Austria, 4-2-1, .643.
Sheffield, UK, 2-1-1, .625.
JYP Jyvaskyla, Finland, 3-2-1, .583.
Ocelari Trinec, Czech, 3-3-1, .500.
Farjestads, Sweden, 2-2-2, .500.
Geneva Servette, Switzerland, 2-3-2, .429.
Lida, Belarus, 3-5-1, .388.
Lokomotiv Yaroslavl, KHL, 2-5-3, .350 (OUCH!).
Martin, Slovakia, 2-4-0, .333.
Tohoku Free Blades, Asia League, 1-4-0, .200.

Which comes out to a lovely 43-32-16, which is a lot better than I thought it would be.


  1. May not be a huge fan of Brussel Sprouts, but at least they don't make your pee smell like asparagus. As far as I know. I don't stick my head that far down.

  2. I get so sick of all those annoying spam messages.

    I still don't get all that Analytics crap and technical things and I don't like to spend the time trying to figure it all out. Maybe I should though. There's a lot of things I probably should do but don't.

    Tossing It Out

    1. I don't try to figure it out... I just make fun of it. But today, I haven't seen it come back- perhaps they do read!

  3. CHris:
    --Love the Scrappy-Walkies...always a new adventure (for me,
    --BTW, I DO have an outdated browser (IE8) BUT...I also have CHROME, (oherwise, I wouldn't be able to BLOG.(because GOOGLE OWNS CHROME - surprise, surprise - ...AND BLOGER and decided to not support IE8 to compose..unless you LOVE doing the HTML gig - whatta clusterf$ck)!

    ROFL...where do you get these emails?
    (and no I don't want any of them)

    I thought living down here on the SE side would make me the numero uno IDIOT MAGNET, but you get the virtual ones too!
    -- Brussels...the SPROUTS...LOL!
    (sure glad I didn't have a mouth full of coffee there)
    Mini-cabbages with TWICE the farts...I hate 'em too,.

    I also get those "account" phishing spams...when I DON'T have a dang account, but I DO have the email addy for all those companies to REPORT such spam (and I use it as needed).

    I sure miss the days when we had NONE of this crap...was a lot easier to IGNORE the idiots, don'cha think?

    Great post.

    Stay safe up there.

    1. My idiot plan reads "virtuals only".

  4. Scrappy gets the best walks. It's a good thing they're putting a fence there. It looks pretty dangerous.

    I don't get those warnings because I use either Safari or Firefox.

    1. Dangerous? Only if you're drunk...