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Friday, September 13, 2013

When there's nothing to blog about

Sometimes I feel guilty blogging.  I have a lot of friends going through different levels of stuff;  some are raising young children, others seeing children leave the nest.  Heartaches, health problems, spiritual concerns.  Me?  I take walks, cruise news sites for the latest way Putin called Obama stupid, spend 4 1/2 hours a week on a music post.  If I was going to have a pity party, even I wouldn't show up.  Life ain't bad.

Even got me some new shoes today.  The old ones are the best pair I ever had.  Sole never split, body never detached from the sole.  But that sole was getting paper thin, and there were enough holes in the tops that if I didn't wear socks I'd have gotten a toe tan.  The new guys have some, er, big shoes to fill.  Not sure yet whether to throw out the old ones or have them apply for social security.

And as we took a walk today, I thought of how the seasons are changing... and going flying past Scrappy and I.  A lady who stopped to say hi with her two dogs told him, "You're an old one, aren't you?"  So he is.  We take a walk this afternoon, he comes home limping ( due to all the pulling he does when he smells something he thinks has passed by in, say, the last three days).  We took a nap, gets up still gimpy.  Eats dinner, goes out, comes back in, wants to play.  Runs crazily around the room, enjoys having me try (and succeed, more often than not) hitting him with a pillow.  Now the leg is "just fine", let's go for a walk.

Every day me and him could probably have a good talk about where the latest new ache/pain is.  We have aged together the last two or three years, he and I. And the sad thing is knowing he will outpace me in that area very soon.  One thing I do know, though- he'll never really admit to it.  In his mind, he's a puppy- and in a way, I am too.  I hate time.  I hate change.

Shake head, lose melancholy, show some pictures.

After two weeks of steel-hot haziness, the cooler weather makes everything look like it's in HD.

This is a new trail deer have cut through the woods.

After the rain, the creek's a bit cleaner.

"Damnit, I know something was here... gimme a minute..."

If aliens landed in the woods right now, they'd think the planet's dominant life form was robins.

We went to Scrappy's landing tonight.  Since a fallen tree blocked the old path, some kids made a new one in order to party-by-the-river.  A wonder there's a woods left.

Fortunately, the original landing somewhat cut off now, is still "pristine".

Decided to check out a week's progress on the trail building.  About two hour's worth of leveling at this end.  For this we had lane restrictions?


At the other end, at least we have some progress- looking like we're going to get a high walkway coming off the bridge.

Scrappy peeks at the river.


  1. But we fellow bloggers ENJOY your blog! Reading about how life is good gives me something to look forward to. :)

  2. We're all going through something. That's just part of what makes life interesting.

    1. I agree. And I don't mind to hear them, I don't mind to pray for them. But it sure makes you feel small about whining over your life when there are so many "next guys" worse off.

  3. Chris:
    I hear you loud and clear when it comes to your observations...
    TIme waits for NO one...we already can attest to that.
    And change? Well, if it's just "change for change sake"...count me OUT.
    Time and Change need one imporant ingredient...PURPOSE!
    With that, neither are any good.

    Thing is, as we get older, the sense of purpose gets a might hazy...and we're also dealing witn SO much change that we're often distracted.

    The best we can hope for is strive to do what WE were meant to who WE were meant to be, and change ONLY if it truly benefits us.

    Good post.

    Stay safe up there.

  4. I think (not that you asked) that people like it both ways. They like to read and think their things aren't that bad, as well as escape when things are that bad.

    Do I think people want to read about my PT and cat needing to poop? Um, no. But it's the everyday that keeps us all connected. It's not all birthdays, babies, and catastrophe.

    1. I kinda think that my posting any post is asking everyone's opinion on it. But you are right. We all wanna know that everyone else is having the same days we are...Which is a really nebulous way, I guess to say we all enjoy being connected.