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Friday, October 18, 2013

Hey, I got more pictures!

But first, I was just over at another blog where the discussion veered from the topic of "blogger respect" onto the concept of comment-to-pageview ratio.  I thought, hmm, I wonder where I fit in here.  So I looked at my top ten all time posts- and through all that time, I didn't try and fish my comments and undeleted spam comments from before I started moderation.  How did it come out?  Well the first big post I ever did- the legendary fight that began with whether the government is there to promote the most good for the most people or protect the rights of the "lone voice" and ended with a three-way battle on atheism, What Government Is For- racked up 55 comments (the record on TAW) over 290 pageviews for a whopping 5.22 PPC (Pageview per comment).  The rest of the all time top ten?  A grand total of 41.7 PPC.  Time has gotten kinder, even with comment moderation.  With my own comments removed, the top ten over the last month was a grand total of 3.6 PPC.  So what does all that mean?  I shoulda developed comment moderation YEARS ago!  Then it might have meant something!

Anyway, today's walk featured some slight detours into areas we don't usually travel, where we found...

 A fallen tree doubling as a forest homeless shelter...

A squirrel urinal... 

"Help me, help me!  I gots too many vines..."

This tree fascinated me- so many branches apparently sawn off.  Had this been a yard at some point?

Stick found an old coke bottle.  Sure wish it hadn't been broken...

Another one of those things that fascinates me.  The isolated patch of grass in the middle of the woods.
About as rotten as you can get? Check!

A trail inside the woods paralleling the back trail outside.

Squirrel habaneros?  I crushed one, didn't smell like anything.  Green inside with a black seed.  Taste?  Don't ask me!

True story, as I took a rest.
Dad: "I suppose you're ready to go?"
Scrappy: "Hmmpf."

The beach is just down from the bend in the creek.

Once pretty uniform, it got deeper in this pool after this spring's flooding.

Scrappy spotted him from fifty feet away- but can't see a toy across the room.  Go figure.
Chipmunk shelving!  Convenient, and comes in white...

....and brown!

Now that the horse chestnuts are slowing down, the hickory nuts are dropping.

Scrappy smells him, but I see him.

Drat!  Foiled again!

Closed signs on the south bridge again?  No, Just patching up the road near it.

Our big puffball blew up, leaving but a lonely earthworm to mourn its demise.
Wooly Worm says mild winter- plenty of brown.  Scrappy tried to taste him...

...immediately thereafter eating grass to remove the taste.

 And a bright red chopper finishes the trip.


  1. Do you clock how many miles you walk in a week? Just curious. Love the shelving!

    1. Nah. We get about 2-3 miles a walk, 4-5 walks a week.

  2. Replies
    1. He sniffs his butt to reset his brain, you know...

  3. Another awesome walk. Is that true about the brown on the caterpillar? We get those woolly bears here too

  4. It usually works out about right, but I have no scientific data. Can't be any worse than the Old Farmers Almanac.

  5. Some interesting photos. And interesting stats. I'll be getting into stats on my blog come Wednesday unless something gets in the way.

    Tossing It Out