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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Hockey news

Well, it was too wet to walk, and other than the President thinking that the name of a football team is a "legitimate concern" (rather , of course, than talking to the leaders of the opposition party in Congress about, you know, serious stuff) there isn't much on the news.  KC has to work yet another weekend (because we all need doors that bad), so left with nothing better to do, I decided to find out who the scoring leaders were for the many teams I'm following.  I wasn't sure it could be done, but persistence and Google translate paid off, so here are those top scorers.

1.  Derek Ryan, Rekord VSV, Austria.  A native of Spokane, WA, he played on the UHL version of the Kalamzoo Wings back in 2006-7.  He has 8 goals and 8 assists for 16 points.

2.  John Hughes, also of Rekord VSV.  From Whitby, Ontario, he is a EBEL vet with several years in with Olympia Ljubliana before moving to Villach two years ago.  5-11-16.

3. Stefan Meyer, Sheffield Steelers, UK.  A Medicine Hatter, he saw action in 20 NHL games a few years back, totaling 2 assists.  6-6-12.

4.  Giulio Scandella, Val Pusteria, Italy.  From Montreal, Giulio is the nephew of former NHLer Sergio Momesso. 5-6-11.

5.  Cody Almond, Geneva Servette, Swiss NLA.  A Calgary native with 25 games and 2 goals with the NHL Minnesota Wild. 4-7-11.

6. Petr Sinagl, Sanok of Poland.  A Czech in his first season outside his homeland.  3-8-11.

7.  Martin Adamsky, Trinec, Czech Extraliga. A vet of almost 500 Czech league games and a couple cups of coffee in the ECHL. 7-3-10.

8.  Corey Quirk, SonderjyskE, Denmark.  From Brockton, MA, Corey is a vet of the AHL, as well as stints in the top leagues of Germany and Finland.  6-4-10. 

9 tie.  Robert Doud, Sheffield.  A home-grown UK player.  5-5-10.

9 tie.  Dan Kissel, Stavenger Oilers, Norway.  From Crestwood, IL, he played the college game at Notre Dame and spent a while in America's ECHL (aka the Ft Wayne Komets' current league).  5-5-10.

11 tie.  Matthew Dzieduszycki, Grizzly Adams Wolfsburg, Germany's DEL.  An 8-year DEL vet from Mississauga, Ontario.  4-6-10.

11 tie.  Jiri Polansky, Trinec.  Another vet with over 500 games for his team.  4-6-10.

11 tie.  Steffan Frank, SonderjyskE.  A career man in Volens.  4-6-10.

14.  Maxime LaCroix, Sheffield.  Son of former NHLer Pierre LaCroix, he recently broke an ankle and will be out till January.  7-2-9.

15.  Martin Vozdecky, Sanok.  Another Czech, though he has been around a bit.  5-4-9.

16 tie.  Dennis McCauley, Val Pusteria.  From Billerica, MA, he has a twin brother playing the college game.  3-6-9.

16 tie.  Goran Bezina, Geneva Servette.  From Split, Croatia, he had a 3 game stint with the Phoenix Coyotes years ago.  He is in his 9th campaign with Servette, six of them as team captain. 3-6-9.

18.  Jean-Michel Daoust, Stavenger.  From Valleyfield, Quebec, a vet of the AHL, DEL, and the Austrian EBEL.  2-7-9.

12 other players top out at 8 points.  Because of the difference in games played (as well as offensive struggles), leaders from my teams that didn't make the list include:

Ned Lukecevic, Tohoku, Asia League.  1-4-5.
Julien Derosiers, Rouen, France.  4-2-6.
Alexandr Karatkevich, Lida, Belarus.  4-4-8.
Andreas Johnson, Farjestads, Sweden.  5-3-8.
Ossi Louhivaara, JYP, Finland.  1-7-8.
Anton But, Lokomotiv, KHL.  2-4-6.
Jaroslav Markovic, Martin (Slovakia).  1-2-3.
In the NHL, my New York Islanders just opened last night, so the quick scoring leader is Michael Grabner at 2-1-3.

I'm sure I'll do this again in a few weeks.  If nothing else, to learn the backstories on some of these players.

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