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Friday, October 18, 2013

Time Machine week 90

It's October 18th, 1971- and boy, did I have to dig deep for a "what happened today"!  Today, President Nixon recomissioned and repurposed the former Army Biowarfare lab at Ft. Detrick, MD, as the Frederick Cancer Research Center.  Why is this even somewhat noteworthy?  Because here work was supposedly done that led to converting what had been a cancer virus in chimps into HIV.  Thus says  Alan Cantwell, Jr., MD, author, conspiracy theorist, and retired dermatologist.  I think I shall pass on trying to understand that one... if the government truly wished to eliminate the gay population, they've certainly done a bang-up job, and if the story is true, then the government truly can't do anything they propose right, and I'm not going to worry about this conspiracy anyway.

Welcome to a virus-free Time Machine.  This week, a six degrees that ends in ...MURDER!  Plus, the penultimate in Autumn Madness, a cameo by Bob and Doug McKenzie,  a slight detour in the stars of the states, and all sorts of other highjinks.  So, take off!

Hey, don't be using our line, hoser!
Starting with the world's #1s, a thick blanket of Mamy Blue has settled over much of Europe, with one of the few holdouts being the UK, where Rod Stewart has hit the top with Maggie May.  In the states, we find the Theme From Shaft at the top in Detroit- but with a newcomer snapping at it's heels, Dennis Coffey and the Detroit Guitar Band's instrumental Scorpio.  Minneapolis is divided between Maggie May and Superstar; as is Chicago, while LA and Pittsburgh have jumped on the Osmond bandwagon with Yo-Yo.  Superstar also tops the AC chart, while the Persuaders' Thin Line Between Love And Hate takes over on the R&B, and Lynne Anderson chalks up her third #1 on the country chart this year with How Do I Unlove You.

And that brings us back to our chart- the Cashbox hot 100- and this week's debuts.  Out of a whopping 17 debuts, I'm spotlighting 4- or five, if you will, because not only does the Pop Tops' version of Mamy Blue come in at #82, but James Darren's version breaks in at #96!  (Of course, in the US of A, it's Mammy with 3 Ms...)  Bread comes in at 77 with Baby I'm-A Want You; the Theme From Shaft which is currently ruling Detroit is now in our countdown at 67; and love it or hate it, John Lennon's Imagine comes in at #66 this week.

And that brings us to a pile of birthday songs- 18 (or 19, as it were) in fact!  Turning 30 this week, Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson's Say Say Say, John Mellencamp's (add the Cougar if you like) Crumblin' Down, Asia's The Smile Has Left Your Eyes, and Genesis' controversial Mama- controversial in that many thought it to be an abortion protest, which Phil Collins has debunked.  I say, it does the job whether it was meant to or not.

Turning 35, we have Andy Gibb's (Our Love) Don't Throw It All Away, Ace Frehley's New York Groove from the Kiss solo lps, Dan Hartman's dance hit Instant Replay, Eric Clapton's classic Promises, and a club hit called In The Bush by Musique, a studio group born of producer Patrick Adams.  I remembered this from playing on Dance Fever (there was nothing else on TV at the time, eh?), but what I didn't know was that it was banned on many pop stations for it's suggestive lyrics.  Me, I thought the only lyrics were "push, push, in the bush"... which now that you mention it...

Turning 40, we have- believe it or not- Mammy Blue again, this time by the Stories of Brother Louie fame.  Also- and better known- we have Steve Miller's The Joker, and a song called Painted Ladies by Canadian Ian Thomas, brother of "Doug McKenzie" Dave Thomas.

No, not me!!!!
Turning 45 (and setting aside a cheap joke about a Bobby Goldsboro debut called The Straight Life) we have the Supremes' Love Child, last week's 45 at 45 the Ohio Express's Chewy Chewy, the Classics IV with Stormy, and Dion's beautiful Abraham Martin And John.  Finally, turning 55 we have Rick Nelson's Lonesome Town- along with a song by the star from North Carolina!  So let's blow out the candles and get to the Stars of the fifty states!

Last week, pesky New Mexico cut in front of New Jersey!  But I didn't get a call from Chris Christie, so I guess we're okay.  Here's this week's five top charting stars of their respective states:

New Jersey- Sorry, Boss fans! The top act here, with 56 hot 100s and 13 top tens, is Dionne Warwick.

New York- How could it be anyone but Neil Diamond, with 55 hot 100s and 8 top tens?

North Carolina- That other song turning fifty was A Lover's Question by Clyde McPhatter, who tops out with 24 hot 100s and 2 top tens.

North Dakota- The pride and joy of ND is Bobby Vee, with 37 hot 100s and 6 top tens.

Ohio- The Isley Brothers, who logged 41 hot 100s and 4 top tens!

Our big mover this week is actually two, both moving up 20 spots.  One is the Grass Roots with Two Divided By Love which goes to 51; the other, the Five Man Electrical Band with Absolutely Right at 47.

The big dropper is a top 40, but I'll go ahead.  Mac and Katie Kissoon's Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep falls from 18 to 39 this week.  I was going to mention them in the Almost But Not Quite feature anyway, along with: The Guess Who's Rain Dance peaking at 15; Paul Stookey's The Wedding Song at 21 (falling to 26 this week), and The Poppy Family's Where Evil Grows at 50 ( falling to 55).

And Now, AUTUMN MADNESS!!! (I really gotta spring for that echo chamber, I guess...)

This week, we are at the final eight!  Next week, we'll do the last two round together and get a champion!  This week, the matches are so tight, I'm letting the voters call 'em!  (Of course, I forgot Laurie yet again, so it's a two man electorate.)

We've Only Just Begun vs Listen What The Man Said:  Voters say- We've Only Just Begun!

Wishing You Were Here vs Incense and Peppermints:  Voters say- Wishing You Were Here!

A Summer Place vs Angel Of The Morning: Voters say:  A Summer Place!

And, Strange Magic vs Summer Breeze: Voters SPLIT!  Thanks a bunch, guys!  In keeping with the theme of the project (see last week's comments for the scoop), I'll Take- Summer Breeze!

So this is the finals next week in Liverpool:  The battle of the s's (Summer Breeze vs A Summer Place) and the Battle of the w's (We've Only Just Begun vs Wishing You Were Here)- and then the championship!

And that brings us to the top 40 debuts for this week.  Coming in on the heels of a 9-spot jump to #40, Ten Years After with I'd Love To Change The World.  Up 6 to #38, Dawn's What Are You Doing Sunday.  Up 7 to #35, Marvin Gaye with the future R&B #1,  Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler).  And another 7 notch move to #34 for Freddie Hart with the recent country #1 Easy Loving.

The next crop of Martin HOFers will be coming up soon!  Take a gander at the MHOF page and see if there's someone you think should be there!  (God knows, I'll have to look it over, or I'll induct someone twice!)

"Hey, aren't we both in there twice?"
"Yeah, but the one is with the Beatles, chap!"

Three songs debut in the top ten this week, so three fall out.  The droppers are- Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey (9 to 13); Stick Up (8 to 17); and Woke Up In Love This Morning (10 to 23).

Al Green is Tired Of Being Alone- so he joined the top ten!  He moves from 12 to 10.

Stevie Wonder wonders If You Really Love Me, and moves it from 11 to 9.

And falling from 4 to 8, our Six Degrees.

Bill Withers' Ain't No Sunshine is known for the verse that repeats "I know" 26 times.  This was actually a fill in for lyrics he intended to write and add later, but the band talked him into letting it stay.  The lp was produced and arranged by Booker T. Jones of Booker T and the MGs fame.  One of the members of the MGs was one Al Jackson, Jr.- so good on the drums he was called the Human Timekeeper.  Jackson had been shot by his wife Brenda once in 1975, so it seemed kinda funny that months later she would go running into the street screaming he'd been shot by intruders into his home.  This time, he was killed; and  nine months after that the shooter was gunned down in a battle with police.  He turned out to be the boyfriend of Barbara's BFF- Denise La Salle, whose Trapped By A Thing Called Love is at #16 on this week's chart!

Canada's Stampeders stampede up from 13 to 7 with Sweet City Woman.

Joan Baez retreats a notch to 6 with The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down (get it?  A war song- retreats?  Oh, never mind).

Taking that notch is Lee Michaels with Do You Know What I Mean, climbing the spot to #5.

The toast of LA and Pittsburgh, Yo-Yo moves from 7 to 4 for the Osmonds.

Little brother Donnie holds them there by sitting at #3 with Go Away Little Girl.

Superstar hold the runner up spot with Superstar for a second week so that means the top dog this week is...

...Rod Stewart with Maggie May!!!!!

All right, another week's in the can!  See you next time.


  1. So Nixon did that?
    I better run out and pick up a card for Ft. Detrick.

  2. So this is the finals next week in Liverpool: The battle of the s's (Summer Breeze vs A Summer Place)


    and the Battle of the w's (We've Only Just Begun vs Wishing You Were Here)- and then the championship!


    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

    1. Oops! I screwed up in a massive way!

      My vote in the second match-up was meant to be 'WE'VE ONLY JUST BEGUN', not 'Wishing You Were Here'.

      And my champion?
      The Brother / Sister duo, of course!

      ~ D-FensDogg
      'Loyal American Underground'

    2. WHAAT?

      Elizabeth, I'm coming to join ya, honey!

      Fortunately, Stephen,, my cardiac incident upon seeing you vote AGAINST the Carpenters was mild, and I was able to pick myself up off of the floor and see your follow-up comment.


  3. No Debby Boone...please noooooo! Enough of her with the Lifestyle Lift infomercials. Great list of songs.

    1. See, I knew somebody would have to be up for it if I threatened Debby!

  4. CW-

    I was looking through your archives to see why you chose 1971 for your time machine posts-my assumption is that's the year you were born, but wanted to confirm.

    If I've read it before, I've forgotten (which should come as no surprise-I have a head like a sieve).


    1. Time Machine first started in 1975, because that was my big year for music. As 1977 approached, I had toyed with the idea of resetting to an earlier time. Then the Cashbox archive site crashed and left me high and dry for a couple weeks before Alaska Jim reactivated it from his cached files. When it came back up, I took advantage of the blip to restart in 1970- and that is why we are in 1971. I'm thinking thatI will start from my birth year (1962) when I hit where the first incarnation started in April of 1975. Which in actual time I won't hit until April of 2017. Barring the Rapture or Apocalypse, that is.

    2. Of course, if you were to relive the disco years, that would be a SIGN of the Apocalypse!

  5. CHris:
    Man, this stuff takes me WAY back...and fortunately, for all the RIGHT reasons.
    (wish I could get a buck for every sigh fromreading this post this week...I could pay off some of those darn hospital bills...LOL)

    Excellent ride this week...and I nailed all but ONE of the Semi-Finals.
    As Agent 86 would say: "...missed it by THAT much."

    Keep those hits comin' up there.!

  6. Oops...forgot my picks:
    (here goes nothing)

    --A Summer Place.
    --WIshing You Were Here.

    On to the CHAMPIONSHIP!

    Stsy safe.

  7. Okay...the championship - WIshing You were Here.

    But my FIRST choice would have been Pink Floyd's "Comfortably Numb"
    (or Meat Loaf's "For Crying Out Loud")